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Cargo Security Solution – Security Chain, Lock and Kit

The trucking industry is a prime target for theft, and you may not know how vulnerable your truck or cargo is until it’s been tampered with! The best way to protect your cargo is with the use of security solutions, such as heavy-duty chains and towing hitch locks! Specialized security chains and locks can be used on loads from motorcycles to larger vehicles such as boats and trailers. The use isn’t limited, so long as you get the appropriate chain width and length for your cargo! However, there are different benefits to pin locks and hitch locks, glad hand locks, and security kits. We’re here to help make your security solution search easy and give you well-deserved peace of mind!

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  1. Mytee Hardened Security Square Link Chain & Anti-Cut Lock Carrying Case with Cordura Cover
  2. PEWAG 7mm (9/32") ANTI-CUT Security Kit w/ Viro "Blocca Catena" #4228
  3. PEWAG 10mm (3/8") ANTI-CUT Security Kit w/ VIRO Panzer Lock
  4. PEWAG 12mm (1/2") ANTI-CUT Security Kit w/ VIRO Monolith Lock
  5. Heavy Duty Chrome 5th Wheel King Pin Lock
  6. Heavy Duty King Pin Lock For 5th Wheel Trailers
  7. Heavy-Duty Hidden Shackle Hockey Puck Padlock Set w/ Hasp
  8. Bolt-On Shipping Container Lock Box
  9. Container Welded Lock Box
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  10. Shipping Container Cargo Door lock
  11. Container Padlock for Shipping Containers - Stainless Steel 304
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Security Kits

Security kits provide everything you need to keep your cargo safe! The security kits available at Mytee Products include the Pewag security chain kit, which comes with custom security chains and high-quality Viro security locks.

The heavy-duty chain’s square link design doesn’t allow typical bolt cutters to get a proper bite on the links, making this chain virtually impossible to cut through! Additionally, the chain’s case-hardened exterior and galvanized finish provide maximum protection against natural elements, so extreme weather won’t weaken the chain links! The Viro security locks have a unique design that doesn’t allow for tools to get a good grip to cut or break open this padlock.

This kit provides the chain of your choice, the Viro armored padlock and two keys, a chafe sleeve, and a handy carrying bag to keep all your security solution tools in one place and portable!

Security Chains and Locks

  • Pewag security chains are considered to be the toughest security chains on the market. Their unique, squared-link design makes them nearly indestructible to standard bolt cutters.
  • The security locks available are uniquely designed to make standard tools difficult to cut or break the padlock.
  • Cut-resistant chains can also be used for industrial applications like lifting heavy equipment and tire protection or tire traction control.
  • The heavy-duty chain lock works specifically with the security chain and comes with top security profile nickel-plated brass keys so only you are able to unlock it.

Pin Locks

  • The pin lock attaches onto and secures the kingpin of a trailer. Once locked in place, it prevents unauthorized coupling and towing of the locked trailer.
  • Resistant to freezing, drilling, modified fifth wheels, and abrasion/impacts!
  • Lock cylinders are designed with rotating discs instead of traditional springs and pins, allowing for reliable function in extreme environments!
  • The side bolt locks with two keys only you should have on your person.
  • It comes with a bright, yellow warning tag on a 12-inch chain, and covers the entire kingpin!

Glad Hand Locks

  • Glad hand locks prevent unauthorized or unintentional movement of a truck trailer by sealing the air intake valve of the trailer’s emergency brake system!
  • Glad hand locks offer an increased level of theft deterrence when paired with pin locks and high-security padlocks!
  • Designed to completely cover the Glad mounting bolts to secure the trailer brake lines from unauthorized tampering!
  • Installs quickly, easily, and with a high-security push-button locking cylinder!

How to Prevent Cargo Fails

While security chains, towing hitch locks, and glad hand locks are designed to specifically help prevent and deter attempted cargo theft, they also help keep your trailer and cargo safe from accidents. Buying the right tools to prevent and deter theft isn’t the only thing you or your company can do, though. Knowing when, where, and how cargo thefts occur can help YOU stay aware of your surroundings and keep an eye for suspicious activity around your trailer or at trucking stops.

  • Hitch locks, specifically pin locks, help secure trailers when they’re not in use, and are an excellent extra security measure! They can also help indicate which trailers can be moved, by removing these locks from trailers that are ready!
  • Glad hand locks ensure truckers triple-check their trailers are properly secured after loading/unloading since the emergency brake will be triggered by a glad hand lock if anything is improperly secured.
  • 49% of cargo thefts occur between Friday and Sunday, 61% occurring at truck/rest stops. Attempts increase over holiday weekends!
  • Drivers shouldn’t leave a loaded trailer alone for a long period of time, should park in secure compounds whenever possible, never keep spare keys for locks inside the truck, and utilize devices like heavy-duty hitch pin locks, and GPS tracking units!

When it comes to security threats, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the best security solutions for your trailer and cargo. Millions of dollars worth of cargo are stolen each and every year in the trucking industry, so while it’s integral that truckers and trucking companies invest in the hitch locks and security solutions listed above, proper security training and being aware of one’s surroundings when leaving your cargo unattended is extremely beneficial!

If you have any questions or concerns about picking the best security solutions for your trailer and cargo, don’t wait! At Mytee Products, we can help get you the best cargo safety solutions at the best price, so you can haul safer and earn more!