Hotshot Trucking Equipment

Hotshot trucking separates itself from other industries such as flatbed trucking and auto-hauling in many ways - but the proper equipment isn’t one of them! Mytee Products offers a wide variety of hotshot trucking products to help secure your haul and protect your equipment, no matter whether you’re getting your company up and running or if you’ve been using hotshot trailers for years!

Hotshot Tie-Down Supplies

To ensure that your load won’t move, shift, or slide during transport you need reliable, heavy-duty hotshot trucking equipment. Items such as tarps, tie-down strapstrucking chainscorner protectors, and more are available at Mytee Products! 

Trucking Straps

Ratchet and winch straps are very common and popular tie-down strap options. At Mytee Products, we offer high-strength, lightweight, and durable trucking straps that every hot shot trucker needs to secure their load. If you need straps of different widths, lengths, and colors, look no further than Mytee Products!

Our ratchet straps come in several different widths, including one inch through four inches. Additionally, we have winch straps and winch accessories available for the hotshot trailers that are designed for weld-on winch or stake pocket winches.

Hotshot Trucking Tarps

Out on the road, you can’t predict what can happen with the weather, which is why you need a tarp to make sure your cargo stays dry and protected from the elements. Hot shot trucking can be a messy job, and requires you to go anywhere in the country. It’s important that you have the proper tarp for your cargo. At Mytee products, we offer a variety of tarps to fit your cargo needs. Whether its lumber or steel, look no further than our heavy-duty tarps

Additional Hotshot Accessories

If you have a hotshot trailer and can’t find specific equipment, check our list of additional hotshot accessories. Items like weld-on, bolted, and tie-down D-rings and accessories, wheel nets, safety equipment, and more can all be found on the Mytee Products website! Haul safe, and earn more with your flatbed trailer at Mytee Products.