One Way Lashing

One way lashing is a disposable method of cargo control designed to stabilize and secure pallets, goods and equipment packed inside shipping containers, on railcars, and on flatbeds.

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9 Items

  1. One Way Cargo Net 84" x 84"
    As low as $26.99
  2. One Way Sling (Many Sizes)
  3. Woven Poly Lashing
  4. Composite Lashing
  5. Wire Buckle Galvanized For Cord Strap Lashing
  6. Ladder Buckle for Lashing Straps
  7. Dunnage Bag, Poly Woven 2 Ply AAR Rating - Level 2
  8. Double Stacking Cone
  9. 1-1/2" Welded Ladder Buckle
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Meaning of One-Way Lashing

One way lashing is an incredibly cost effective securement method. Unlike ratchet straps, winch straps, or e-track-style systems, one way lashing doesn’t involve any complex metal parts. Instead, these systems consist of disposable straps or cords, simple one way lashing buckles, dunnage bags, cargo nets and a strapping tensioner that works like a load binder.

One way lashing is incredibly versitile in terms of the kinds of loads it can secure. It’s also much easier to unload cargo that’s secured using a one way lashing system than it is to unload cargo secured with winch straps or ratchet straps. Rather than taking the time to release the tension in a strap using a ratchet or lever binder, you can simply cut a one-way strap and throw them away. Cutting one-way straps is safe and easy.

Equipments Used with One-Way Lashing to Secure Cargo

Some combination of these items might be what you need.

  • Ladder Buckle: A polyester webbing lashing strap + ladder buckle, combined, make up a method of securing your heavier cargo. The webbing strap and ladder buckle have a working load limit range between 1100 - 1600 lbs.
  • Wire Buckle: A composite polyester yarn lashing cord + wire buckle, combined, make up a more cost-effective method of securing cargo. This combination has a lower WLL of 533 lbs.
  • Dunnage Bags: A dunnage bag is void filler that keeps cargo from jostling or tipping into empty spaces inside the shipping container. Dunnage bags inflate up to either 106 feet or 212 feet to take up empty space and keep your cargo snug.

1. Strapping Tensioner:

A strapping tensioner is the tool you’ll use instead of a winch or ratchet to tighten the lashing strap (or lashing cord.

2. Protect-a-Board:

Protect-a-Board is a disposable box edge protector made of recycled cardboard. It protects the corner and edges of stacked boxes.

3. Protect-A-Coil:

Protect-a-Coil is a disposable coil protector made of recycled cardboard.

4. One Way Lifting Slings:

One way lifting slings are used to lift and unload cargo. They’ve got a WLL of 1 - 2 tons and are single-use.

When is One-way Lashing the Best Cargo Securement Choice?

One way lashing is the best cargo securement choice when you need to be able to unload your cargo quickly and easily. They’re also the best choice if you want the most affordable securement system on the market, and if you don’t want to re-use your straps later.

Unlike winch straps and ratchet straps, one-way lashes are strictly disposable.

How to Use One-way Lashing?

Make sure you select the right combination of products to protect your specific cargo; make sure you don’t exceed any item’s WLL.

Use enough dunnage bags to fill all the empty spaces (voids) inside the box or shipping container the products are packed in.

Importance of One-way Lashing

Each piece of equipment plays an important role in keeping your product stable, no matter the weather or the number of transfers the shipping container goes through.

  • Dunnage bags act like airbags that cushion products against unexpected blows and distribute possible tension evenly across the product.
  • Straps/cords and buckles work like seatbelts and seat buckles.
  • Protect-a-coil and protect-a-board are post-recycled products that are made in the USA. They prevent sharp-edged pieces of cargo from inadvertently damaging the strap, dunnage bag, or other products it might come into contact with.

Quality of Mytee’s One-way Lashing Equipment

When products are disposable, affordability is truly important. At Mytee, we’re committed to selling high-quality products at a price you can afford, every single time.