Fenders are important part of the vehicle that provides protection to the tires. At Mytee Products, you would get various types of fenders like poly fenders, stainless steel fenders and other accessories.

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  1. Poly Fenders
  2. Poly, Plastic, Polymer TRUCK FENDERS & MOUNTING BRACKETS - fits 24.5" Wheels

    As low as $678.49

  3. Quarter Fender 24" x 24" w/ Hardware - Set of 2 pcs
  4. Poly Fender Mounting Kit - Black Powder Coated
    As low as $77.99
  5. Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Mud Flap (Sold in Pair)
  6. Spring Loaded 28" Mud Flap Hangers (Sold in Pair)
  7. 4" x 24" Universal Bottom Mud Flap Weights w/ Welded Studs
  8. Stainless Steel Spring-Loaded 2-1/2" Bolt Pattern Mud Flap Light Bar w/ LED Lights (Pair)
    As low as $134.99
  9. Trailer Document Holder
  10. ABS Plastic Chrome Push-On Lug Nut Cover & Steel Chrome Hub Cap Set, 33mm, 2" (H) Nut Covers
  11. Lug Nut Cover with Flange (Set of 10 Pcs)
  12. Loose Wheel Nut Indicators for 33 mm Lug Nuts - Pack of 100 Pcs
    As low as $31.99
  13. Aluminum Carrier Trash Can Mount
  14. Connor Towing Trailer Coupler, Trailer Tongue, Boat Trailer Coupler
  15. Numag Plus Balance Compound Bag
  16. Installation Kit for Poly Quarter Fender Bracket 24" x 24"
    As low as $17.99
  17. 24.5 x 8.25 10 HOLE Accuride Aluminum Machine Finish Hub Pilot Wheel
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What is a Fender?

A fender is a curved, protective shield that’s mounted over a truck’s tire. It prevents the tire from recklessly hurling debris like sand, rocks, mud, ice chips, and any debris on the road onto the air just from the force of rotation.

Fenders are sometimes called fender flares, splash guards, truck flares, wings, or quarter panels.

Why is it Important to Have Fenders?

A fender protects your truck, vehicles you pass, and any people nearby from damage or injury. Without a fender, it’s easy for a rugged truck tire to kick up all kinds of small debris on the road, including chunks of ice and rocks.

Fenders are particularly important for Class 7 and Class 8 tractors and trailers. The regulations around splash guards asserted by each state’s Department of Transportation are different, so it can be complicated to make sure you’re following the law everywhere.

Fortunately, our poly fenders and chrome fenders both meet or exceed the regulations in every state! For more state-specific regulations, check out this packet from the American Trucking Association.

What are The Remarkable Qualities of a Fender?

A fender is made of one of two materials:

Polyethylene is a hard, durable, lightweight plastic. These are called poly truck fenders.

Stainless steel is a heavier material than polyethylene. Chrome stainless steel truck fenders are also durable.

Beyond the materials themselves, polyethylene fenders come in different styles: smooth or ribbed. You can also choose between quarter fenders and full fenders.

All of our splash guards are designed to resist rust and dents.

What accessories can I use with fenders?

There are a lot of useful accessory options with fenders. Some of the most popular are:

Poly fender mounting kits - These kits contain all the tools you’ll need to mount, attach, or replace a polyethylene fender or quarter panel. The poly fender mounting kit also teaches you how to install a truck fender with a convenient installation guide.

Light bars - Our stainless steel spring-loaded light bars can be paired with your choice of three LED light colors, to give you extra light over the top of the back wheels of your truck.

Mud flap hangers - Our mud flap hangers are stainless steel, straight tapered, and spring loaded so you can attach your mud flaps easily. Mud flaps work along with splash guards to prevent dirt, mud, and ice from spraying.

Trailer couplers - Our towing trailer couplers are made to lock onto the tongue of your trailer and attach to the hitch ball of a boat or tow vehicle.

What Makes Mytee Fenders Unique?

At Mytee, we sell directly to you. Since we don’t waste money on a middleman, we can afford to have the most cost-effective fenders on the market without sacrificing quality. All of our fenders are durable, rust proof, and ideal for protecting your tires.