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Our Mission

Mytee Products innovates every day so you can haul safe and earn more.

Ever since we started out as a small team in Wooster, Ohio back in 2004, we made a commitment to do right by the trucking community. As we’ve grown, launching our website in 2007 and moving our headquarters to Aurora, Ohio in 2014, we have never, ever cut corners.

In fact, the aim of our expansion kept quality-control at the forefront, which is why our current facility has 80,000 square feet of warehousing and light manufacturing on site. Here, we can machine-test all of our 2000+ in-stock products immediately and in-person, making sure everything we sell meets the exacting standards of the heavy hauler.

See, at Mytee Products, we believe that truckers are the lifeblood of America. You run the supplies we need to live and thrive from the East coast to the West. You’re the cowboys of the modern era! Yet, like the work of the cowboys of legend, flatbed trucking can be dangerous. You take on the challenge of rigging and hauling serious loads.

At Mytee Products, we make the best products at the lowest prices so you can get the job done right. When we say “haul safe,” we mean we innovate in-house to make tarps lighter, binders easier to use, and straps easier to secure—developments created and tested to cut the risk of injury in half.

Hauling safe means we take full responsibility of the quality of our products. Mytee Products has the expertise you need: with over fifteen year’s experience, we know how to find the best— and we’ll replace any defective product within 90 days of purchase.

And when we say “earn more,” we mean that by cutting out the middle-man, you save money. And by choosing resilient, efficient products, you’ll find yourself buying replacements far less often—saving money and time!
But don’t take our word for it.

Mytee Means Quality

For so many customers—over 150,000 so far!—Mytee Products is synonymous with high quality and low prices. We’ve got the best value for your money by far.

Hauling safe and earning more aren’t just buzzwords for us. They’re the underlying principles that drive all of our decisions. When we look at different manufacturing, e-commerce, and customer service options, we ask ourselves: Will this make your work safer? Will this earn you more money?

If the answer is “no,” then we don’t do it.

Low Prices, Quality Products

But how do we keep our prices so low without sacrificing quality? And how can you make Mytee work for you?

Our One-Step Process

Some supply chains are riddled with intermediaries, and every middleman jacks the price up higher and higher.

Mytee Products doesn’t do that. Instead, we make, integrate, finance and house everything ourselves.

First, at Mytee Products, we invent some of our own products, like our durable, lightweight tarps made of unique, patent-pending materials.

Then, we house all our products in our own warehouse: 80,000 square feet storing over 2000 products!

Finally, we sell directly to you. You choose the products you want, and place your orders in the way that works best for you. No middle-men; no price-jacking. Just high-quality products you can afford.

Proud to Be Mytee

We’ve fulfilled orders for over 150,000 customers.
At Mytee Products, we’re especially honored that our customers trust us to meet their trucking product needs when it really counts. We’re proud to fulfill orders from United States Air Force, the United States Coastguard, cities and municipalities across the country, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

We hope that whoever you are, and whatever product you need, Mytee can empower you, too, to haul safe and earn more.

To Order Online:

Shop our virtual catalog at , or shoot us an email at [email protected]

To Order by Phone:

Feel free to call our toll free number, 1-888-705-8277, either to place an order or speak with a customer service representative to learn more about our catalog.

To Order in Person:

Our physical storefront and warehouse is located at
1335 S. Chillicothe Rd.
Aurora, OH, 44202

To Receive Our Catalog:

Request a catalog by email at [email protected] and include your mailing address. Or, simply download our catalog here.

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We have ample onsite parking for semi-trailers and semi-tractor trailers, and we have 24-hour lockboxes available for your convenience.

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