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Flatbed Truck Tarps and Trucking Supplies by Mytee Products

If you are a flatbed hauler, MyteeProducts is your one stop shop for everything flatbed. From truck tarps to bungees, edge protectors, chains, boomers and much more, Mytee Products carries a full line of trucking supplies and cargo control products for trucking professionals.

  • Lumber Tarps

    Lumber Tarps

    Various Sizes in Stock
    18Oz and Light Weight Fabrics
    3 Rows of D-Rings

  • Steel Tarps

    Steel Tarps

    Various Sizes in Stock
    Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl
    2 Rows of D-Rings on all 4 sides

  • Machinery Tarps

    Machinery Tarps

    Available in Drops from 2 - 11 ft
    Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl
    D-Ring Rows on all 4 sides

  • Bungee Straps

    Bungee Straps

    EPDM Tarp Straps
    Various Sizes in Stock
    Made in USA

  • Winch Straps

    Winch Straps

    Flatbed Trailer Winch Straps
    Color Options Available
    Flat Hook, Wire & Chain End Fitting
  • Ratchet Straps

    Ratchet Straps

    Flatbed Ratchet Straps
    2", 3" & 4" Straps
    Flat Hook, Wire and Chain End Fitting

  • G70 Chains & Binders

    G70 Chains & Binders

    Grade 70 Flatbed Transport Chains
    Available in 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 Inch
    Ask us for our Barrel Pricing

  • Corner & Edge Protectors

    Corner & Edge Protectors

    Plastic and Metal Protectors
    Veeboard Sizes available
    Protect your Tarp and Straps

  • Shipping Container Parts

    Shipping Container Parts, Accessories, Locking Pins & Hardware Parts

  • Mesh Tarps

    Mesh Tarps

    Mesh Tarps for Sun Shade, Roll-Off
    Containers, Gargbage Trucks etc
    Many Different Sizes in Stock

  • Hay Tarps

    Hay Tarps

    Heavy Duty 8oz Poly
    Webbing Loops on the sides
    Silver/Black in Color

  • Canvas Tarps

    Canvas Tarps

    Heavy Duty Polyester Canvas
    Grommets Every 2 Feet
    Tan or Green Color

  • Headache Racks

    Headache Racks

    High Strength 8-Ga Aluminum Alloy
    Custom Options Available
    Made in USA

  • Trailer Tool Boxes

    High Strength 8-Ga Aluminum Alloy
    Bright Diamond Plate Door
    Made in USA

  • Truck LED Lights


    Cargo Control and Trucking
    Supplies Products on Discount

  • Auto Hauling Straps

    Auto Hauling Straps

    Heavy Duty Webbing & Chains Various Sizes & Styles

  • DPF Filter

    DPF Filter

    Diesel Particulate Filter
    Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
    Selective Catalytic Reduction

  • Recovery Slings, Shackles

    Recovery Slings, Shackles

    Heavy Duty Recovery Slings, Shackles and Accessories

  • Towing Chains & Hooks

    Towing Chains & Hooks

    Heavy Duty Towing Chains, Hooks & Binders

  • Air Brake Hose, Coils

    Air Brake Hose, Coils

    Three-in-One ABS Hose, Air Brake Tubing, Glad-Hands, Pogo Sticks & Pin Locks

Flatbed Truck Tarp Supplies & Cargo Control Solutions

Cargo control is what we do here at Mytee Products. We focus all of our energies on making sure we are your go-to source for equipment and supplies related to loading, moving, and carrying cargo. It doesn't matter whether you are a truck driver or a rigging expert. Our lifting and rigging inventory includes everything from tie down straps to rigging slings.

Our specialty has long been the trucking industry. We cut our teeth on truck tarps and straps. As such, our inventory of flatbed trucking supplies is as completed as you'll find online. We will even do our best to hunt down the things you need. Just because you don't see something on our website doesn't mean we can't get it for you.

Mytee Products is your source for ratchet straps; winch accessories, chains & binders, chains, rubber rope, and all kind of heavy duty tarps you need as a truck driver. Our selection of corner and edge protectors covers just about every kind of load you will ever carry. Best of all, you can either stop by and pick up your order at our Ohio warehouse or let us ship it directly to your door.

More for Truckers and Motor Carriers

Straps and tarps are just the beginning at Mytee Products. Our inventory of products for the trucking industry includes cargo control supplies for both dry vans and dump trucks. Even intermodal transport is on our list. From locking mechanisms to automatic roll tarp kits and side kits tarps, we have what you need.

Looking for loading ramps? We have them too. How about toolboxes, headache racks, and grille guards? We have those trailer parts too. If you need it to move something on the back of a truck, we likely have it. And if not, challenge us to try to find it for you. Our fully trained and professional staffs have more than enough tricks up their sleeves.

Variety of Inventory

Mytee Products has expanded over the years to include a few other industries. While trucking is still a priority, we also carry a complete inventory of equipment and supplies for tow truck operators. From truck trailer tires to auto towing and hauling, we can stock your tow truck completely.

Even farmers turn to Mytee Products for convenient online shopping. We carry all the required farming supplies just as hay tarps, temporary storage buildings, tractor tires, electrified fencing materials, energizers, and moisture testers. Every one of our agricultural products is top quality and built to last – just like everything else in our inventory.

One-Stop Destination to Satisfy Cargo Control Needs

Whether you are a truck driver, tow truck operator or farmer, we want to be your one-stop online location for all of your cargo control needs. We invite you to spend some time looking around our website for the equipment and supplies you use most.

If you have questions or need something you do not see here, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 1-888-705-8277 . You can also contact us directly via email at: [email protected] or through our website. Just click the 'Contact Us ' link at the top of any page. Your browser will be directed to an online form you can submit in under a minute.

We invite you to put our products and service to the test. If you would like to help out others looking around our site, why not leave a review and tell them of your experience with Mytee Products? All of us would love to hear what you have to say!