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Flatbed Truck Tarps and Trucking Supplies by Mytee Products

If you are a flatbed hauler, MyteeProducts is your one stop shop for everything flatbed. From tarps for trucks to bungees, edge protectors, chains, boomers and much more, Mytee Products carries a full line of load protection and cargo control products for Trucking professionals.

  • Lumber Tarps

    Lumber Tarps

    Various Sizes in Stock
    18Oz and Light Weight Fabrics
    3 Rows of D-Rings

  • Steel Tarps

    Steel Tarps

    Various Sizes in Stock
    Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl
    2 Rows of D-Rings on all 4 sides

  • Machinery Tarps

    Machinery Tarps

    Available in Drops from 2 - 11 ft
    Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl
    D-Ring Rows on all 4 sides

  • Bungee Straps

    Bungee Straps

    EPDM Tarp Straps
    Various Sizes in Stock
    Made in USA

  • Winch Straps

    Winch Straps

    Flatbed Trailer Winch Straps
    Color Options Available
    Flat Hook, Wire & Chain End Fitting
  • Ratchet Straps

    Ratchet Straps

    Flatbed Ratchet Straps
    2", 3" & 4" Straps
    Flat Hook, Wire and Chain End Fitting

  • G70 Chains & Binders

    G70 Chains & Binders

    Grade 70 Flatbed Transport Chains
    Available in 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 Inch
    Ask us for our Barrel Pricing

  • Corner & Edge Protectors

    Corner & Edge Protectors

    Plastic and Metal Protectors
    Veeboard Sizes available
    Protect your Tarp and Straps

  • Truck & Trailer Tires

    Truck & Trailer Tires

    Drive, Steering and Trailer Tires
    Various Brands and Sizes
    Unbeatable Prices

  • Mesh Tarps

    Mesh Tarps

    Mesh Tarps for Sun Shade, Roll-Off
    Containers, Gargbage Trucks etc
    Many Different Sizes in Stock

  • Hay Tarps

    Hay Tarps

    Heavy Duty 8oz Poly
    Webbing Loops on the sides
    Silver/Black in Color

  • Canvas Tarps

    Canvas Tarps

    Heavy Duty Polyester Canvas
    Grommets Every 2 Feet
    Tan or Green Color

  • Headache Racks

    Headache Racks

    High Strength 8-Ga Aluminum Alloy
    Custom Options Available
    Made in USA

  • Trailer Tool Boxes

    High Strength 8-Ga Aluminum Alloy
    Bright Diamond Plate Door
    Made in USA

  • Truck LED Lights

    Truck LED Lights

    Various Sizes In Stock
    Made in USA
    Unbeatable Prices

  • Auto Hauling Straps

    Auto Hauling Straps

    Heavy Duty Webbing & Chains Various Sizes & Styles

Essential Truck Tarp & Cargo Control Solutions

America's flatbed truckers need and deserve the highest quality tools to get the job done. That includes everything from truck tarps to tires to load protection materials. That is what Mytee Products is all about. Our name has become universally recognized among flatbed haulers who have come to depend on the quality of our products, backed by unparalleled customer service. From independent contractors to nationwide trucking companies, the professionals who make trucking work depend on Mytee for quality products at great prices.

Let's be honest; not all truck tarps, ratchet straps, and cargo control supplies are the same. Some are constructed to a standard of quality that ensures long life and faithful service; other products are put together cheaply in an attempt to win the pricing wars. As far as we are concerned, truckers need high quality and fair pricing simultaneously. That is what you get when you shop with us.

Mytee Products is your source for all kinds of truck tarps including steel tarps, lumber tarps, smoke, machinery, and side kit tarps. Each of our tarps is manufactured with high-quality materials including heavy-duty vinyl, brass grommets, and reinforced D-rings. We also carry:

  • Winch and ratchet straps
  • Bungee cords and rope straps
  • Cargo protection materials
  • Flatbed truck tires
  • Tire chains
  • Hay and forage tarps
  • Mesh tarps for construction
  • Trailer parts and accessories
  • Complete tarping systems and parts
  • RV covers in the most popular sizes

Regardless of your tarping and load securement needs, Mytee Products has what you are looking for. We offer top quality along with competitive pricing in a customer-friendly atmosphere dedicated to your satisfaction. If there's something you need that we do not offer, don't hesitate to contact us right away. We will do our best to see how we can meet that need. At Mytee products, we want to be your one-stop shopping destination for all the tools and equipment you need to be a successful flatbed trucker.