Cab Racks

Cab Racks

How did the Cab rack gets its name? No one really knows for sure. What we do know is that the semi-truck cab rack is an indispensable tool for both exclusive flatbed truckers and those who carry flatbed loads from time to time. The cab rack offers extra storage capacity for chains, binders, straps, bungees, and tarps.

Mytee Product's inventory includes several different models of cab racks in assorted sizes and configurations. You can also order a cab installation kit from us as well. Our cab racks are made from tough, high-strength aluminum alloys for the best possible protection on the road. Rather than buying a used cab rack for sale on an online forum, buy one new – one you can trust – from Mytee Products.

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  1. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Doors Mirror Finish Doors (68" x 80" x 14" Depth)
    Regular Price $2,599.00 Special Price $2,499.00 As low as $2,299.00
  2. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Mirror Finish Doors 68" x 80" x 14" Depth and BAR WINDOW
    Regular Price $2,699.00 Special Price $2,599.00 As low as $2,499.00
  3. Cab Rack Install Kit
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What is a cab Rack?

A cab rack, sometimes called a headache rack, is a mounted grid or plate on the back of the tractor of a semi or flatbed truck, between the cab and the bed. It’s designed to protect passengers in the cab from the cargo.

Some cab racks from trailer parts are straightforward protective shields, while at Mytee, our headache racks simultaneously serve as storage vaults for gear and other tools. These storage units are easy to access, and because they’re part of your tractor, you don’t have to transfer all your gear every time you switch trailers.

[Note: Headache racks WILL NOT protect you in the case of a collision if you are carrying log poles. Log poles are heavy, highly dangerous cargo, and if they come loose they may break through the cab rack.]

Make sure ANY load you’re hauling is maximally secure, as per Department of Transportation regulations.

Benefits and Requirement of cab

As of 2004, flatbed headache racks are no longer mandatory under Department of Transportation regulations.

However, they still have some great benefits, including:

  • Additional, easy-to-access storage
  • Additional lighting options, including work lighting, beacons, and break lights
  • Resilient materials to protect stored gear from damage
  • Protection for passengers in the cab from loose cargo in the event of an accident

How to Install a Headache Rack and Headache Rack Lights?

Installing a headache rack on a semi cab can be a hassle, which is why we offer a professional Cab Rack Installation service.

If you have questions or want to schedule an installation appointment, call us at 1-888-705-8277

Mounting lights on your headache rack can help when you load and unload your stored gear in the dark.

Ideal Headache Rack

The right headache rack for you is whichever rack offers you the degree of protection and amount of storage space you need at the price and weight limit that works for you.

  • Our biggest, 5 doors 400-lb cab racks are made of premium aluminum alloys, have 5 diamond-plated doors for extra security, and offer 54 cubed feet of storage space.
  • Whereas our most affordable racks weigh in at only 218 lbs, offer 37 square feet of vertical and shelf storage, and 9 cubed feet of storage in the center mini-vault. This unit is made of aluminum alloy, and the door to the mini-vault is diamond-plated.
  • We also offer 3-door headache racks.

While there are many headache rack companies out there, few match the storage capacity, high-quality materials, and affordability of our Viking Cab Racks.

Are Headache Racks Transferrable?

You can transfer your headache rack from one truck cab to another so long as the tractors are both the same width. At Mytee, our headache racks are designed for Class 8 trucks.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you NEVER re-use mounting kits.