Cab Racks

Are you looking for a tool that can better protect you and your materials? Then it’s time to use Mytee Products’ Cab Rack. These protective frames keep all your hardware, cargo, and personal belongings safe. More importantly, our cab protector prevents your extreme materials such as lumber from crashing straight through your rear mirror and harming your passengers. Making your work life all the easier, the headache rack comes in a variety of styles and offers tons of advantages. Check out all the ways we can make trucking safer for you. We also offer a Cab Rack Installation Kit to give you a hassle-free experience. You can order them from us as well

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24 Items

  1. Viking Sleeper Cab Rack w/2 Chain Hanger & Full Tray ( 68" x 80" )
    As low as $1,149.00
  2. Viking Day Cab Rack (68" x 80") & BAR WINDOW w/2 Chain Hanger & Full Tray
    As low as $1,299.00
  3. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Doors Mirror Finish Doors (68" x 80" x 14" Depth)
    Regular Price $2,449.99
    Special Price $2,254.99
  4. 64" H x 80" x 14" Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Doors, 2 Small Toolboxes - Mirror Finish
    As low as $2,499.99
  5. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Mirror Finish Doors 68" x 80" x 14" Depth and BAR WINDOW
    As low as $2,499.00
  6. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 5 Doors - Mirror Finish Doors (84" x 80" x 14" Depth)
    As low as $2,899.00
  7. 84" H x 80" x 14" Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 5 Doors, 2 Small Toolboxes - Mirror Finish
    As low as $3,134.99
  8. Merritt Cab Rack w/2 Chain Hanger & Full Tray ( 68" x 80" )
  9. Top Mount Tarp Tray For Cab Racks 60"
    As low as $154.99
  10. Cab Rack Install Kit
    As low as $76.99
  11. Merritt Dyna Clamp 17" U-Bolts Cab Rack Install Kit
  12. 24" Chain Hanger for Headache Rack or Bulkheads - Bolt On
  14. 12"x12" Anti-Slip Self-Drainage Interlocking Mats
  15. Replacement Mini Vault Door for Viking Sleeper Cab Racks
  16. Replacement Left Door for Vaulted Cab Racks
  17. Replacement Right Door for Vaulted Cab Rack
  18. Replacement Gas Strut for Viking Vaulted Cab Racks
    As low as $11.99
  19. Replacement Roller for Viking Vaulted Cab Rack Door T-Locks
    As low as $1.99
  20. Dri-Dek 1'x1' Self-Draining Interlocking Tiles
  21. Replacement Piano Hinge for Viking Cab Rack Doors
    As low as $17.99
  22. Viking Cab Rack w/mini vault - Mirror Finish Door, 2 chain hangers, tray ( 68" x 80" )
    As low as $1,649.00
  23. Viking Vaulted Cab Rack w/ 3 Stainless Steel Doors - Black Powder Coated Body (68" x 80" x 14" Depth)
    As low as $2,484.99
  24. Merritt Cab Rack, 2 Chain Hanger & Full Tray w/ Bar Window (68" x 80")
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What is a Cab Rack?

A cab rack, sometimes called a headache rack, is a mounted grid or plate on the back of the tractor of a semi or flatbed truck, between the cab and the bed. It’s designed to protect passengers in the cab from the cargo.

Some cab racks from trailer parts are straightforward protective shields, while at Mytee, our headache racks simultaneously serve as storage vaults for gear and other tools. These storage units are easy to access, and because they’re part of your tractor, you don’t have to transfer all your gear every time you switch trailers.

[Note: Headache racks WILL NOT protect you in the case of a collision if you are carrying log poles. Log poles are heavy, hazardous cargo; if they come loose, they may break through the cab rack.]

Make sure ANY load you’re hauling is maximally secure, as per Department of Transportation regulations.

What A Cab Guard Can Do For You

You can’t go wrong when you buy from the large selection of headache racks for semi trucks we have for sale. We will ensure you have both enough storage space and protection of your persons during a long haul. Even better, you’ll be able to drive through low-visibility and off-road areas with no problems.

  • Storage - One of the biggest benefits of using a Cab Rack for a semi is that it keeps your hardware and tools protected. They especially provide great storage space and help organize your chains, bungee cords, and binders. 

  • Safety & Security - Additionally, they better protect you from any injuries that might occur whilst transporting your cargo. The metal fencing protects your truck’s windows from being damaged and prevents your passengers from getting hurt by your materials.

Another added benefit is the additional lighting. By installing a strobe or LED lights to the headache rack for semi trucks you can effectively communicate with other drivers on the road that you’re reversing or warning them of a potential road hazard. Additional lighting can especially come in handy during times when there’s low visibility or in off-road situations. You wouldn’t want to be stranded on a dark road while hauling valuable materials.

The Types Of Cab Racks We Offer

As previously mentioned, cab guards for semi trucks come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. They make the perfect addition to your truck cab by making it all the more compatible in hauling your materials. Check out the different Cab Racks we have in stock:

  1. Material: No matter what style our flatbed headache racks come in, they’re strong enough to protect you and your cargo from harm. In fact, they’re made entirely out of premium aluminum alloy with a high strength capacity. Clearly, they pack tons of strength and can support your cargo.  

  2. Style: We have various styles of Cab racks.

  • Vaulted Cab Rack With Doors: At Mytee Products, we sell both 3-door cab racks and 5-door headache racks that offer tons of security for your chains, binders, and other tools. Some of them even come with neat features such as a weather seal that prevents moisture buildup. 

  • Cab Guards With A Bar Window: Additionally, some styles of our cab racks for a semi-truck come with a window cutout to add more visibility. Their window frame is made with a thick aluminum plate and fortified with five bars to give added strength. This particular style is equipped with various features, such as 2-side chain bar windows, a bar window with a storage unit, or bar windows with a chain tray.

Here Are The Steps To Installing Your Cab Guards for Semi Trucks

  1. Park your truck on a level surface

  2. Check to make sure that your semi truck headache rack comes with the right components, such as the rack panel and both feet

  3. Afterward, install your feet into the headache rack panel using bolts, lock nuts, and washers. 

  4. Using a measuring tape and marker, map out the area on your truck bed where you want to install your headache rack for a flatbed truck

  5. Place your Mounting Brackets on the marked places of your truck bed. 

  6. Using a wrench, secure your brackets 

  7. Attach the headache rack on the flatbed to the mounting brackets and make sure all bolts are tightened. Everything must be nice and snug. 

  8. Make sure it is leveled and your fasteners are all tightened as well. 

  9. Test out your cab protector for semi trucks to make sure that it can handle the weight of your cargo. If not, make the necessary adjustments. 

  10. Throughout the use of your cab protector, regularly inspect it and your mounting hardware for any damages or signs of loosening. You may have to replace or tighten your assembly at some point, but you’ll be safer in the long run.

Questions & Answers

What Is A Cab Rack?

A Cab Rack for a semi truck is a protective frame with crossbars or metal fencing that protects the truck cab and your cargo. Equally important, it shields passengers from instances of having a piece of their cargo of injuring them.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

In general, semi-cab guards are made to handle and withstand the weight of your material. Depending on what cargo you’re hauling, ensure the item you buy has the right weight capacity to support your materials.

Are All Racks The Same?

Actually, some Cab Guards come with specific purposes, such as acting solely as a protective barrier. Luckily, Mytee Products Viking Cab Rack series can do more than just act as a protective barrier, they also help store all your bungee cords, chains, and binders.

What Is A Cab Rack For Semi Truck & How Does It Work?

It is designed for the more serious truckers who want to have optimal protection of their materials and themselves, as well as an increase in storage space for their tools. Simply install them right behind your truck’s cab and you’ll be able to protect yourself and your truck from pretty much everything.