Landing Gear and Trailer Stabilizer Stands

Your trailer is an essential part of your livelihood as an independent flatbed contractor. Even if you are employed by a flatbed company, the trailer you have been assigned is your lifeblood for getting loads. Make sure that the attached semi trailer landing gear is up to standards. If you need to replace the landing gear, we have exactly what you need at Mytee Products. Our semi trailer landing gear is designed to fit most trailers; it meets or exceeds all TTMA and AAR standards.

Mytee Products also carries heavy-duty trailer stabilizing stands and king pin locks as well. You should carry at least one set of stabilizing stands if you tend to carry larger and heavier loads that require complex loading and unloading. Stabilizing stands could mean the difference between safely operating your trailer and constantly having to worry about it. We offer both economy and heavy-duty options.

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13 Items

  1. Landing Gear Set 62,000 lbs Lift 2 Speed External Gearbox
    As low as $419.99
  2. Heavy Duty Semi Trailer Stabilizing Jack Stands
  3. Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack with Plastic Wheel for Trailers - 2000lbs Capacity
    As low as $24.99
  4. Top Wind A Frame Trailer Jack for Trailers - 2000 lbs Capacity
    As low as $23.49
  5. Heavy Duty King Pin Lock Kit - Made in USA

    As low as $89.99

  6. Universal Heavy Duty Trailer Coupler Lock - Red
  7. Heavy Duty King Pin Lock For 5th Wheel Trailers
  8. Heavy Duty Chrome 5th Wheel King Pin Lock
  9. Weld On Kingpin for 5th Wheel 0.38" Made in USA
  10. Sealed Air Brake Chamber
  11. Manual Slack Adjuster
  12. Relay Valve with Horizontal Delivery Ports R-12, Replaces Bendix 103009X
  13. Blaster High-Performance White Lithium Grease Part No. 16-LG, 11 oz. Aerosol Can
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What is the Meaning of Landing Gear?

Landing gear is a set of retractable “legs,” attached to the underside of a trailer on either side of the “fifth wheel.”

The fifth wheel is a horseshoe-shaped component on the back of a cab that locks onto the king pin, a vertical steel pin jutting from the bottom of the front of the semi-trailer. When locked, the fifth wheel keeps the tractor and trailer connected.

The landing gear on either side of the fifth wheel empowers a driver to unhitch the trailer from the tractor safely, stabilize a trailer on uneven ground, and lift a fully-loaded drop-frame trailer so the trailer lines up with the dock.

Landing gear can be automatic or manual. They legs are connected to each other with a connecting shaft, and they stand parallel to each other.

Landing gear has a crank and a gearbox that controls the legs’ height and the force the legs exert against the ground to raise or stabilize the trailer.

Landing Gear and Trailer Stabilizer Stands

Trailers come with trailer landing gear installed, but sometimes it needs to be replaced if it breaks or becomes damaged.

If you need replacement landing gear for your semi-trailer, we have what you need. Not sure if landing gear is what you’re looking for? Read on.

Qualities of Landing Gear?

  • Landing gear legs are often made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals.
  • Landing gear is standardized by the Truck and Trailer Manufacturer’s Association (TTMA) and the American Association of Railroads (AAR).
  • High-quality landing gear meets these standards, including those regarding working load limit and friction reduction.

How is Landing Gear Used?

  • Landing gear is used when hitching or unhitching a semi-trailer to a tractor to alleviate the tension that holds them together.
  • It’s also used to raise a full drop-frame trailer so it’s even with the dock and can be unloaded, and so the trailer can support the weight of a forklift being driven into it to unload cargo.
  • A trailer on uneven ground may also use landing gear to keep the trailer even and stable.
  • LTI Trucking Services created a cohesive guide for their drivers to successfully use landing gear safely.

What are the Accessory Options With Landing Gear?

We offer the following optional accessories with landing gear replacement:

Heavy-duty Semi-trailer Stabilizing Stands:

This heavy duty semi-trailer stabilizing stand gives you even more support for your trailer if it has to bear a lot of weight.

Snugger 12 volt Diesel Air Heater with Timer and Digital Controller:

The controller aspect of this device lets you preheat your cabin.

Heavy-Duty Chrome King Pin Lock:

This lock prevents thieves from hitching your unsupervised trailer to their tractor and driving off with it.

Sealed Air-Brake Chamber:

Sealed Air-Brake Chamber protects your brakes.

Wheel Chock with Eye Bolt:

Wheel chock along with the eye bolt improves traction by increasing the friction between the tire and the pavement.

Benefits of Landing Gear and Trailer Stabilizing Stands?

Landing gear is necessary for:

  • Hitching or unhitching a trailer from a tractor.
  • Reducing the risk that a trailer might tip, slip, or collapse during unhitching and unloading
  • Hauling tall loads. Drop-frame trailers are low to the ground, so a tall load can still pass under bridges. However, in order to unload the cargo at a dock, a driver must utilize landing gear to raise the drop-trailer to be dock-height.

Why to buy Landing Gear from Mytee Products?

  • Mytee Products never wastes money on a middleman, so we can pass our savings on to you!
  • Our landing gear and accessories are all high quality while staying affordably priced.
  • That’s how Mytee Products helps you haul safe and earn more.