Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are waterproof covers used to protect machinery, homes, hay etc. from water and dust exposure. Poly tarps are also ideal for covering building materials, firewood and as temporary roof covers and camping. Large size poly tarps can be used as covers on ice skating rinks, athletic fields and go-cart arenas. Poly tarps are plastic coated and impermeable to water. Blue polyethylene tarpaulins are the most popular kind. They are distinctive in appearance, easily recognizable and the most widely used. Finished poly tarps have their edges hemmed in with metallic grommets punched through. A ball bungee or rubber bungee can be run through the grommets to hold down the cover.

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What are Poly Tarps?

Poly Tarps are large, Polyethylene tarpaulin fabric covers. Very important part of heavy duty tarps.

Poly tarps are completely waterproof and heat-sealed. They have grommets that are evenly spaced, so you can secure them to differently-shaped goods with bungees or rope, eliminating gaps and preventing the tarp from flapping loose or blowing away in the wind.

Some poly tarps, like hay tarps, are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges that come with protecting a fragile or oddly-shaped product (like a hay crop).

Other poly tarps, like blue poly tarps (also called blue plastic tarps), are designed to have a wide range of possible applications when it comes to protecting goods.

How to Use Poly Tarps?

Poly tarps are used to cover and protect a variety of goods and commodities from water damage, weather damage, moisture damage (mildew), and damage from direct sunlight.

Heavy duty Poly tarps are typically used to cover anything stored outside or in a garage, barn, or shed, where there’s limited structural protection from weather.

Poly tarps can be used to cover:

  • Boats
  • Hay and other grass crops
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Outdoor resources like firewood
  • Landscaping tools
  • Ice rinks and athletic fields
  • People in temporary shelters (makeshift tents)

Key Advantages of Poly Tarps?

Poly tarps have 4 key advantages. They are described as below:


Heat-sealed polyethylene is completely impermeable to water.


Poly tarps can cover anything from ice-skating rinks to landscaping equipment to firewood.


Poly tarps can weight as little as 1.2 lbs, making them easy to fold and carry. Even heavy-duty poly tarps, typically hay tarps, are only 49 lbs, which is lighter than other comparable heavy-duty tarps.


Poly tarps can handle exposure to the elements without taking on damage.

Types of Poly Tarps

The two primary types of poly tarps are blue poly tarps and hay tarps.

Blue Poly Tarps

  • Blue poly tarps are the most popular kind of poly tarp.
  • They’re waterproof, and the edges are heat-sealed and reinforced with polypropylene rope.
  • These blue plastic tarps have aluminum grommets every three feet, so they can be tied down with precision.
  • Blue poly tarps can cover boats, outdoor equipment, and pallets.
  • Not just this but poly tarps are protecting the farm as well.

Hay Tarps

  • Hay tarps are specifically designed to protect hay crops.
  • Hay tarps can cover bales or stacks of hay and other grass crops, protecting them from insects, moisture damage, and weather damage.
  • Hay tarps are silver on top to deflect harmful UV rays.

What sets Mytee’s Poly Tarps Apart?

  • At Mytee Products, we never waste money on a middleman, so we can pass the savings on to you.
  • Our poly tarps are all high quality while remaining cost-effective. In fact, our affordable blue poly tarps start at just $1.92!
  • Poly tarps are not made for hauling flatbed loads, but they can be used to protect important loading equipment, like forklifts.
  • By keeping our tarps economically priced, we can help you haul safe and earn more.