2" Ratchet Straps

From enclosed dry vans to the back of a pickup trucks, 2-inch Ratchet Straps are one of the best and most common sizes of ratchet tie-down straps. At Mytee Products, all of our ratchet straps are made of high-quality and heavy-duty polyester webbing and come in a wide variety of lengths and colors. We also have straps that come with different end fittings from wire hooks to flat hooks, and different types of ratchet mechanisms as well.

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  1. 2" x 10' Auto Re-Tractable Ratchet Straps with Coated S hook
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2-Inch Ratchet Straps for Cargo Securement

In order to properly secure your cargo, you need to be sure you have enough 2-inch straps to do the job. Consider the working load limits of each strap and add accordingly, if there is too much tension, you risk damaging your cargo and your straps. Depending on your truck or trailer's hardware, you may need a specific strap to keep things properly in place. Once you’ve figured out what kind of end hardware you need, It’s time to get things in place.

Attach the hook on the strap to a specific tie-down point. Keeping the strap straight and flat, run it over or around your cargo to your other tie-down point. Attach the ratchet portion to the point, and make sure the ratchet is flat and that the mechanism opens up and away from you. Run the endless portion of the strap through the ratchet and pull all the slack through. Finally, ratchet the strap down until there's little to no resistance on the strap, and fold the excess strap into the ratchet handle.

Types of 2” Ratchet Strap

Depending on what you have whether it's a flatbed trailer or an enclosed trailer, you need the right end fitting that matches your tie-down hardware. We carry a great variety of straps with end fittings that fit your needs.

2-Inch Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook

A flat hook is made to latch onto the rub rails of your trailer. The hook itself can be latched from the top or bottom of the rub rail and goes over your cargo. Our flat hooks are coated black to prevent rust and corrosion.

2-Inch Ratchet Straps with Wire Hook

A wire hook is designed to latch onto any D-ring or O-ring anchor points. The wire hook is made to be strong and durable as well as being small enough to latch onto any anchor point regardless of its size.

2-Inch Ratchet Straps with Chain Anchor

Chain Anchor straps have a chain end fitting that can vary in length with an anchor at the end of the chain. These straps are the strongest given the intertwined use of both straps and chains, though they are limited in tie-down points.

2-Inch Ratchet Straps with S-Hooks

S-hooks are found on our auto retracting straps. These types of straps are best used for light loads as the S-hook is perfect for tie-downs on the back of pickup trucks and can latch onto D-rings and O-rings.

2-inch Endless Tie-Down Straps

Like the name suggests, this type of strap doesn’t have any end fittings. This strap can be looped back into itself and is great for keeping large quantities of loose items like pipes bundled together.

Working Load Limits

The working load limits on each strap can vary depending on its end hardware and the size of the strap. For 2-inch straps, the common working load limit for wire hooks and flat hooks is 3,333 lbs, while chain anchors can go up to 3,400 lbs. It’s important not to confuse working load limits with breaking strengths.

A working load limit is a measurement at which the strap works without issue, while the breaking strength is the point at which the strap fails. Continuing to operate above working load limits can increase the chance of equipment failure.

No matter what you need your strap for whether it’s a furniture move or a cross country haul, Mytee Products has what you need to get you on the road so you can haul safe and earn more.