Winch Bars

Applying a winch bar to tighten and release winch straps on the flatbed is important for cargo securement. There is a list of tools to use to ensure the safety and protection of their materials, such as winch bars. Primarily used to tighten your winch straps, this device just adds an extra layer of protection and securement for your cargo. A winch bar can work for any job, including car haulers. At Mytee Products, we offer a wide variety of tie down bars, including Ratchet and Ergo Winch Bars. We make sure truckers must have the proper equipment needed before hitting the road.

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  1. 39" Mini Winch Bar
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  3. Ratcheting Winch Bar, Chrome
  4. 34" Combination Winch Bar, Chrome - Ergo
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  5. Ergo Winch Bar
  6. Ratcheting Winch Bar Extra Pin
  7. Winch Bar with 1/2" Drive for Torque Winch™ and Standard Nozzle
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Using the Right Winch to Secure Your Cargo

A winch bar is a must-have tool for any flatbed job. Often made of high strength polished steel, the winch bar tightens and releases winch straps. Additionally, its knurled, non-slip design provides sufficient leverage and ensures that your winch straps are as tight as possible.

Flatbed Winch Bars at Mytee Products

Though flatbed truckers want to make sure that they’re using the right type of winch bar to meet their job demands. With over 11 different types of winch bars in stock, Mytee Products knows that choosing the right flatbed bar for your cargo means getting the best kind of leverage and a tighter hold. All in all, winch bars are a must-have for proper load hauling. Here are five winch bars that will ensure the protection of your cargo:

Standard Winch Bar

Our most popular product, the Standard Winch Bar, is best suited for web winches. This flatbed bar comes equipped with a nozzle on one end and an anti-slip grip on the other. Even better, truckers won’t have to worry about slippage.

Here at Mytee Products, our standard winch bars come in chrome or painted styles, whichever suits your fancy. All in all, the Standard Winch Bar’s design provides a comfortable and easy-to-use experience for flatbed truckers.

Combination Winch Bar

Similar to the first one on our list, the Combination Winch Bar has a nozzle on one end of the bar that’s designed for winches. The other side features a box end which truckers use to tighten lever binders. More importantly, a Combination Winch Bar will ensure cargo securement.

Ratcheting Winch Bar

The Ratchet Winch Bar features a nozzle on one end of the bar and a ratcheting mechanism on the other side. Additionally, this flatbed ratchet bar comes equipped with a steel pin. Truckers can insert the ratcheting end into the winch and lock it in place with the pin. You don’t even have to repeatedly remove the pin in order to tighten your straps.

Our customers will be happy to know that this type of flatbed bar comes in both standard and combination styles. The latter of the two features a box end on one side of the bar, making it just that much easier to secure your cargo straps and load.

Ergo Winch Bar

Next on our list comes the Ergo Winch Bar. These tie down bars not only make cargo securement easier but put less stress on your body. In most instances, the practice of winching and securing loads can often strain a person’s muscles, back, and arms. Fortunately, the Ergo Winch bar can assume any position at optimal leverage.

Torque Winch Bar

Last on our list comes Mytee Products' very own and newly designed flatbed bar, the Torque Winch Bar. Primarily made for torque winches, this combination flatbed bar features a nozzle and a 1/2-inch torque drive. The tie down bar is very versatile as it can be used on both standard and torque winches. Even better, this winch bar is made of 7 lbs of heavy-duty steel and can withstand 1,100 lbs of torque. When it comes to tightening straps, the Torque Winch Bar can save you a ton of time.

Accessories For Your Winch Bar

Selecting the proper winch bar for a particular job can make a flatbed trucker’s life easier. Though, sometimes they may need a few accessories to really get the job done.

Ratcheting Winch Bar Pin

The ratcheting winch bar comes with a ratcheting mechanism that can be inserted into the winch and locked in place with a pin. Fortunately, these flatbed winch bars come already equipped with steel pins. Additionally, we have extra ones available on hand in the instance that you lose yours.

Flatbed Winch Strap Winders

Flatbed Winch Strap Winders are perfect for rolling up your excessive winch straps in record time. Made out of heavy-duty steel construction, this tool can maintain 2”, 3” or 4” winch and ratchet straps with no problems. Additionally, it’s lightweight and can be latched onto the truck rub rail. Our Winch Strap Winders also comes standard with a screw that can be used to secure the winder on the rail.

Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap

This lubricating cap with a Grime Guard Weather-Tight Seal can handle your flatbed trailer like a champ. The Ancra’s Overdrive Ratcheting Cap can fit over any existing winch cap without removing the winch itself from the trailer. This tool can turn any winch into a ratcheting winch within minutes.

We Have the Winch Bars You Need

At Mytee Products, we offer flatbed trailer accessories the best that money can buy. Our winch bars are of the highest quality and come at the most affordable price. At our company, we take the stress and hassle out of buying high quality items. We believe our customers and their needs matter. As always, Mytee Products' motto is to “Haul Safe and Earn More.”