G80, G100 and G120 Transport Chains

Mytee Products offers higher-grade transport chains in G80, G100 and G120 to accommodate overhead lifting applications and carry cargo on flatbeds. All of our chains abide by all the specifications and regulations set by the NACM. All our products are tested, high quality and sold at the most competitive price. Flatbed essentials like G80, G100 and G120 transport chains especially make truckers' jobs easier when it comes to hauling and securing cargo easier. However, sometimes truckers need a tougher grade of chain for those extreme, heavy-lifting jobs.

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  1. G80 High Grade Transport Chain w/ Grab Hooks
  2. G100 High Grade Chains w/ Grab Hooks
  3. G100 and G120 High Grade Transport Chain w/ End Hooks
  4. G80 Transport Chain 3/8" x 200' - Uncut
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Higher Grade Chains (G80, G100 and G120) for Trucker

A higher grade of chain can come in handy when it comes to lifting a heavier load. Though, as a rule of thumb, truckers need to make sure that their chains have the correct markings, size and weight load limit for their cargo. Checking for these important details can help ensure the securement of your load. Even understanding the differences between grades 80, 100 and 120 can save time knowing which transport chain best suits your cargo.

Grade 80 Chains

Grade 80 Chain

For instance, G80 chains are becoming widely popular among flatbed truckers. Furthermore, the G80’s higher strength to weight ratio makes it better equipped to handle securing your cargo. Though, be sure to remember that the G80 can not be used for overhead lifting and instead is best suited for tie-downs. Additionally, the heat-treated and steel composition makes this chain strong enough to assist with the recovery, safety and towing of other chains. At Mytee Products, our G80 chains come equipped with Clevis Grab Hooks. Additionally, our company ensures that their transport chains contain the correct markings and coloring. All of our G80 chains come embossed with the numbers 8, 80 or 800 and are sold as black, alloy steel.

Grade 100 Chains

Grade 100

Another transport chain that’s making headway in the trucking industry, is the G100 chains. Many truckers are trading their G80s for this cargo chain because of its higher quality and 25% higher WLL. Even better, the G100’s added strength and portable size doesn’t at all affect the WLL. It can be used for lifting heavy-duty items such as barrels. Additionally, these chains come equipped with a clevis grab hook and can be sold in the colors gray to black. Truckers can identify their grade with the embossed numbers 10, 100 or 1000. All in all, G100 chains may cost a pretty penny but this alloy steel material is worth the money.

Grade 120 Chains

While the G100 chain is strong, the G120 takes the cake as the most high performing chain out of the three grades. Specifically, this chain has a 50% higher WLL than grade 80 and another 20% higher than grade 100. Its square link style allows for more contact between bearing surfaces on the links, which only takes the added pressure off the chain. Truckers can often use the G120 for extreme and demanding instances, such as transportation jobs. Furthermore, the G120’s distinct bright blue coloring was done purposefully to make it more recognizable amongst truckers. Similar to the other higher grades, the G120 is made out of heat-treated alloy steel. Additionally, it comes embossed with the numbers 12 or 120. Though the G120 is another expensive transport chain, it can accommodate almost any heavy load you have.

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In any case, chains can come in handy when truckers need to secure and transfer cargo onto their flatbeds. When customers buy our chains, they’ll know they’re getting the best quality possible at the most affordable price. Here at Mytee Products, our motto is to always “Haul Safe and Earn More.”