Drip Diverter / Leak Diverter Tarp

Water dripping from above can drive you absolutely crazy. It can also damage anything sensitive sitting below it. We have a solution: drip diverter tarps. Hanging one of these tarps underneath a minor water leak makes it possible to divert the water elsewhere. Items stored directly under the leak are kept safe and secure.

Drip diverters are purpose-built tarps made from vinyl-coated material with heavy-duty grommets installed in each corner. Hung underneath a leaky roof, they catch water so that it can be diverted away. We offer three sizes, each one being light enough to easily install in mere minutes. Our drip diverters are the perfect tool for controlling leaks until you get them repaired.

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What are Drip Diverters?

Drip diverters are an effective, easy, short-term solution to a water leak.

If water is leaking from the ceiling, a pipe, or a water-damaged wall or surface, the drips can damage anything delicate beneath it. Maybe this is something like wood flooring or carpeting, or maybe it’s something that could be truly dangerous if it gets wet, like exposed wiring during a construction project.

A drip diverter lets you easily catch the leaking water and shift its’ path, so it ends up somewhere safer like in a bucket, on a tarp, in a sewer, or outside, rather than directly onto something that will take damage or cause danger.

What Drip Diverter Qualities Need to Consider?

Consider the quality of the materials your drip diverter is made from. Also, consider the efficiency of the drip diverter’s design. Also check out the things to know about drip diverter tarp.

  • Waterproof Vinyl-Coated Fabric: Our drip diverter tarps are made of waterproof vinyl-coated fabric that will keep all the water inside them.
  • Reinforced Brass Grommets: These drip diverters have four reinforced brass grommets--one in each corner--so you can easily tie, pin, or hook the diverter to the wall or the ceiling around the leak to catch it.
  • Compatible with ¾” Garden Hoses: Our drip diverters are compatible with ¾ “garden hoses, the standard and most popular type of garden hose. Since it’s compatible with most hoses, you can choose a hose of any length you need, depending on how far you need to draw the leak away.

These material and design elements make our drip diverters a quality option when you’re trying to combat leaks.

How to Use Drip Diverters?

The complete guide of how to use drip diverters are described as below:

  1. Attach the drip diverter tarp to the pipe, metal grid on the ceiling, or the ceiling itself, in a position that catches the leak. This might threading twine or bungees through the grommets and tying the corners to four points on the grid or pipe. Or, it might mean installing temporary ceiling hooks if the ceiling doesn’t have a grid, in order to hook the grommets.
  2. Connect your hose to the attachment point in the center of the drip diverter. To do this, make sure the attachment point is clean and clear.  If it turns out your hose is a different size (say it’s ½” instead of ¾”) , you can get a drip lock adapter to secure your hose to the drip diverter successfully.
  3. Place the unattached end of your divert tarp hose wherever you want to divert the water from the leak.

Why Choose Mytee’s Drip Diverters?

We sell our diverters tarps directly to you. We don’t waste any money on a middleman, which means we can pass the savings on to you! Our drip diverters are affordably priced without sacrificing quality.