Demolition Tarps

Construction projects involving demolition always used to require renting a dumpster and keeping it on-site. That is no longer the case, thanks to the invention of the demolition tarp. A demolition tarp can reduce the amount of time associated with dumpster rental or, in some cases, eliminate the rental altogether.

Our demolition tarps come in four sizes, and each one is made of heavy-duty 18-oz vinyl. They are made with reinforced lifting points and heavy-duty polyester webbing capable of lifting thousands of pounds. Just throw your demolition debris in the center of the tarp. When you're done, lift the tarp into a dumpster or the back of a truck and haul it away. Nothing could be simpler.

Mytee Products demolition tarps are perfect for DIY home renovation projects, independent remodeling contractors, and even large construction firms that do not necessarily need to keep a dumpster on every job site. If you have any questions about these tarps, don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. Demolition / Snow Removal Tarps 26 oz Vinyl w/ Webbing Loop 10,000 lbs
  2. Demolition Tarp 12' x 20' - 26 oz Vinyl
    As low as $189.99
  3. 16' x 16' Demolition / Snow Removal Tarp - 26 oz Vinyl
    As low as $199.99
  4. Demolition Tarp 20' x 20' - 26 oz Vinyl
    As low as $224.99
  5. Demolition Tarp 8' x 8' - 26 oz Vinyl
    As low as $64.99
  6. Demolition Tarp 12' x 12' - 26 oz Vinyl
    As low as $124.99
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Meaning of Demolition Tarps?

Demolition tarps, also called snow tarps, are large, 18 oz - 26 oz vinyl sheets. They’ve got either four or eight lifting points--four heavy-duty nylon webbing loops at the corners, or eight reinforced O-rings at the corners and the middle of the edges of the tarp.

Demolition tarps are designed to collect and haul away heavy debris like concrete, metal scraps, roofing beams, or other extraneous construction site materials.

When and Where to Use Demolition Tarps?

Demolition tarps, also sometimes called construction tarps, are used at construction and demolition tarps. That can be a large scale municipal construction project, like tearing out and re-paving a road, or it can be a DIY home renovation project.

Demolition tarps are also sometimes called snow tarps because they can be used to protect a site exposed to the elements from snow, collecting snow to haul away so the construction can begin on a dry site.

Benefits of Demolition Tarps Over Other Types of Tarps?

1. Water Resistance

Demolition tarps are extremely heavy, strong, tear-resistant and waterproof. For example, the heaviest-duty lumber tarp is made of 18oz vinyl, while the most durable construction tarps are 26oz Vinyl.

2. Higher Weight Capacity

Demolition tarps have a much higher weight capacity (Working Load Limit) than other types of tarps because they’re made to collect, bundle, and haul debris, while other kinds of tarps are only meant to cover loads or equipment.

3. Easy to Use

Tarps like lumber tarps and parachute tarps are not made to lift cargo, while demolition tarps essentially act like a bag that folds around and lifts the debris you want to move.

4. Long-Lasting

Think of construction tarps as extremely strong, durable versions of the tarps you use to haul raked leaves to the front of your yard for pickup.

What are the Demolition Tarp Options?

  1. Demolition tarps come in four sizes: 8’ x 8’, 12’ x 12’, 12’ x 20’, and 20’ x 20’.
  2. There are also two lifting-point options: four nylon webbing loops or eight reinforced O-rings. The O-ring design lets you close the tarp “bundle” around your debris more precisely, so there’s less risk anything will spill out the top, which is useful if your debris includes a lot of dust or wood shavings.
  3. The loops are easier to manipulate, and they are easier to connect to a crane that uses hook end-fittings. Both the loops and the O-rings are equally strong and resilient.
  4. All demolition tarps are made from heavy-duty, waterproof, tear-resistant vinyl.

Equipment / Accessories Are Required To Use These Demolition Tarps

Construction tarps and snow tarps are typically lifted with a crane or forklift. If the debris or snow can’t be disposed of in an onsite dumpster, it’s good to be able to load the debris onto a trailer or into a dump truck.

Quality of Mytee’s Demolition Tarps

Our construction tarps are made of high-quality materials. The edges and corners of all our tarps are double-stitched and reinforced to be tear-resistant so the use of corner and edge protector for these high quality tarps can be avoided, and every demolition tarp has a maximum weight capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Our demolition and snow tarps are all affordably priced without sacrificing quality. It’s just another way we empower you to haul safe and earn more.