Trailer Parts

Mytee Products knows how important it is for the flatbed truck driver to have a broad range of accessories on hand when needed. We carry most of the accessories the average truck driver will need, along with the means to store and use them effectively. You will find these products in our Trailer Parts section. Do you need truck LED lights? We have them. Are you looking for trailer toolboxes or headache racks? We have those too. We carry a full range of flatbed trailer accessories and parts covering everything from loading ramps to bulkhead accessories to conspicuity tape. Mytee Products has everything you need in one place, with affordable prices and fast shipping.

What are trailer parts?

Trailer parts are all of the accessories a flatbed truck driver needs to have on hand in your trailer. Our trailer parts page gives you the means to solve--or prevent--almost any flatbed trucking problem.

If you want to try a new accessory or replace a vital component, find out if our trailer parts will work for you.

Why are trailer parts important?

Trailer parts are an important way to stay ready for anything the road might throw at you. Flatbed trucking might bring you surprising new opportunities, and you can grab them--as long as you have the accessories to get the job done.

On the flip side, you may find yourself sidelined mid-haul by a busted truck part, unexpected overnight road block, or an accident of some kind. Our aftermarket trailer parts let you tackle these challenges and mitigate the risk of damage, letting you get back on the road fast.

Various the categories of trailer parts

There are fifteen distinct categories of accessories you might want to have in your trailer. This is a quick breakdown, but you can click on any category to explore it more.

Headache racks:

Headache racks are storage units mounted on the back of a cab to save trailer space. These headache rack units can protect people in the cab from loose cargo in the event of an accident.

Trailer tool boxes:

Trailer tool boxes are storage units you can attach under your flatbed. They can carry any tools, securement supplies, or accessories you might need, and they don’t take up space in your cab.

Trailer loading ramps:

Trailer loading ramps are heavy-duty aluminum ramps used by step-bed drivers to easily transition cargo between the high and low platforms on their step-trailer. Trailer loading ramps can also be converted into load levelers by turning them on their side

Work lights:

Work lights are detachable, customizable LED lights that come in a range of brightness.

Safety apparel & accessories:

Safety apparel is any piece of clothing worn to “reduce road worker fatalities caused by motor vehicles,” according to the Department of Transportation (DOT). Safety accessories create barriers traffic won’t cross in order to clear a space on the road to work.

Ladders and steps:

Ladders and steps are portable equipment that let you access the trailer, cab, or second raised platform of your truck bed more readily.

Air brake hoses and coils:

Air brake hoses, also called air brake tubing, connect the different parts of the air brake systems on your tractor-trailer together, so the systems can function as a whole.

Landing gear and trail stabilizer stands:

Landing gear and stabilizers keep trailers steady when they’re being unhitched from the cab at the dock and during loading and unloading.

Beacon lights, alarms, and tape:

These devices alert other drivers to an urgent situation and warn them to move carefully.

Cab and trailer securement:

Cab and trailer securement parts are anti-theft tools to protect your truck when it’s unattended.

DPF filters:

DPF filters are tools that helps reduce air pollution from truck exhaust. DPFs mainly reduce nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. These filters have been mandatory for Class 7 and Class 8 tractors since 2007 under the regulations put forth by the environmental protection agency (EPA).


Fenders are curved, protective shields mounted over a truck’s tire. Fenders prevent the tire from recklessly hurling any debris on the road onto the air just from the force of rotation.

Grille guards:

Grille guards are metal grid-like shields installed over the grille and front bumper of your truck.

Shipping container parts:

Shipping containers are large, internationally standardized cargo units, designed to easily transition between modes of transportation. They’re used with locks, foundations, chains, bridge fittings, and other components.

Bunk and cab comfort:

Bunk and cab comfort products let you sleep well in your cab overnight.

What sets Mytee Products apart?

Because we sell directly to you, we never have to sacrifice quality to keep our products at a price you can afford. At Mytee, we’re committed to helping you haul safe and earn more.