Flag Holder for Truck

Flag holders are primarily used in the flatbed trucking industry, the flag pole holder is used to hold warning flags that make drivers aware you’re hauling an oversized load. A flag holder for your truck can keep you and other drivers on the road safe from harm's way. At Mytee Products we sell a wide variety of truck safety flags as well as their matching flag holders to meet all your trucking needs.

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  1. Magnetic Flag Holder
  2. Replacement Mounting Bracket w/ Bolts & Nuts for Jersey Mesh Safety Flag
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Flag Holder for Your Truck

Trucking can be a tough business, especially when hauling oversized loads. Luckily, tools like warning flags, flashing lights and wide load signs make extreme hauling a lot safer and easier to accomplish. Even the flag holders themselves play a vital role in protecting your cargo. Truckers can use a flag pole holder to place safety flags atop of their truck and essentially warn others that they’re transporting some extreme cargo. The warning flag holder can either be drilled or come equipped with a magnetic mechanism to keep it in place atop of your truck’s flatbed or trailer. 

Flag holders save trucker’s like you tons of money in the long run. They’re reusable and can help you avoid police fines. Though, if you prefer saving a little extra cash, invest in a magnetic flag holder. Given their simple application and removal process, they won’t do any permanent damage to your truck. Not only are you keeping you and your product safe, but also other drivers on the road.

Get To Know Our Heavy-Duty Magnetic Flag Holder

Speaking of a flag stand, our Heavy Duty Magnetic Flag Holder is certainly a good investment. In short, these types of flag holders can be attached to the metal surfaces of a truck or trailer, without needing to drill any unflattering holes. Their magnetized bottom is placed atop of your truck, flatbed or trailer, before inserting the pole of the warning flag.

Though, make sure the magnetic flag holder is strong enough to last throughout the duration of your transit. They must be securely attached to the metal surface to prevent them from falling off. Given that they’re so cost-effective, truckers definitely want to hold on to this flag stand.

Why wait? Buy Our Truck Flag Holder Today

Here at Mytee Products, we sell a wide variety of products to help with hauling your extreme loads. All our warning flag holders and warning safety flags are made of high quality and sold at affordable prices. Shop online now to buy our heavy-duty magnetic flag holder today.