Towing Lights

Emergency situations involving breakdowns and towing calls for different kinds of supplies that increase visibility. You will find some of those supplies in our Towing Light Bars inventory. For your own safety, make sure you are as visible as possible next time you find yourself in an emergency. Being visible could mean the difference in terms of your personal safety.

For light duty applications, we carry light bars and flare flashlights of various kinds. We also offer strobe bars with full, 360° coverage – which can be very important in bad weather conditions like heavy fog or snow. For your trailer, we carry an oversized load banner with wireless lighting. Feel free to browse our entire inventory of towing lights and supplies to find just what you need. Most of the towing light bars for trailers in this category can be purchased in bulk, saving you money while outfitting your entire fleet of trucks and trailers.

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6 Items

  1. Towlight for Light Duty Applications, 22 Inch
    As low as $210.00
  2. Oversize Load Banner, Wirelessly Lit 96" Wide (Towmate)
    As low as $756.99
  3. Strobe Bar 360 Degrees Amber Colored 16 Inch
    As low as $221.99
  4. 21" Heavy-Duty Towmate Wireless Tow Light Bar w/ Turn Signal Indicators
  6. 14.5" Rechargeable DOT Marker Light
    As low as $79.99
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