Flatbed Trailer Accessories

When you’re out on the road hauling important cargo on a flatbed trailer, you will face obstacles and situations unique to your trailer. Because of this, you need trucking equipment and tools that are just as unique! At Mytee Products, we take pride in knowing that our products are the best fit for your flatbed trailer. Find the flatbed equipment you need when you need it, all at affordable prices!

Flatbed Tie-Down Supplies

Trailer Winches

Flatbed winches are specifically designed tools that fit into the side or stake pocket of a flatbed trailer. Once fastened to your trailer, you can then use it to secure and tighten winch straps around your cargo for safe transportation. Winch attachments can be bolted, welded, or fitted into stake pockets on a flatbed trailer. Winches are specifically designed to secure and tighten winch straps over cargo, in conjunction with winch bars. They’re available in multiple sizes and colors, making them guaranteed to fit any job with your style!

Flatbed Straps

Along with winch straps, there are multiple options for flatbed tie-down equipment that will keep your cargo secure! Ratchet straps are very common and popular tie-down strap options. Mytee Products offers a variety of flatbed ratchet straps that come in different sizes and end-fittings, all made from flexible, long-lasting, and lightweight polyester webbing that provides little stretch and maximum strength!

Trucking Chains and Binders

If you’re in need of more heavy-duty tie-down securement for your flatbed trailer, consider the abundance of chains and binders available at Mytee Products! Our selection of Grade 70, 80, 100, and 120 tie-down trucker chains are guaranteed to help you get your hauling, lifting, and rigging jobs done safely! Once you’ve found the best chain for your cargo securement or lifting, we also have an arrangement of load binders available to ensure you get the chains tight. Choose from our ratchet, lever, or recoilless binders!

Flatbed Trailer Tarps

A must-have for all flatbed haulers, flatbed truck tarps are a key tool to ensuring your cargo remains safe, dry, and dent or scratch-free from pickup to drop off. We offer multiple types of tarps for all types of jobs - from lumber tarpsairbag tarps, and steel tarps to more unique tarps, such as coil tarps and bee-hauling tarps. The material all of our tarps are made out of is guaranteed to be durable, strong, and UV and abrasion-resistant. 

In need of a heavy-duty tarp that’s designed for a non-hauling job? We have those too! Check out our demolition tarpsdrip diverter tarpsvinyl tarps, and canvas tarps that are designed to get hyper-specific jobs done right! Still can’t find what you need? Give us a call at (888) 705-8277! We may have custom tarp options available to you!

More Flatbed Accessories

If you have a flatbed trailer and can’t find specific equipment, check our list of additional flatbed accessories. Items like E-track systems and accessories, weld-on and stake pocket D-ringscorner protectorsauto hauling strapscargo safety equipment, and more can all be found on the Mytee Products website! Haul safe, and earn more with your flatbed trailer at Mytee Products.