Heavy Duty Tarps

For tarping needs that do not necessarily require the same high performance that truckers need for protecting cargo at highway speeds, we offer a range of heavy duty tarps in various sizes, colors, and materials.

Industry-standard blue poly tarps are your all-purpose option for use at home and work. Our canvas tarps are perfect for a variety of projects, including covering marine equipment and wood piles. For a light-weight solution that allows contents to breathe while keeping off debris, take a look at one of our high-quality mesh tarps!

Rest assured that all our tarpaulins are manufactured to the same high standards our truck tarps are known for. We have you covered at Mytee Products!

What are Heavy Duty Tarps?

Our tarps for sale are lightweight coverings designed to protect equipment, small vehicles, supplies, and other resources that are stored outdoors, in barns, in sheds, or in garages. They are designed with grommets to allow for easy tie-down options. These waterproof tarps are flexible and can be applied in a variety of ways!

It’s important to remember that these large tarps are NOT designed to protect cargo. To protect flatbed cargo from the elements and damage during transport, you’ll need Flatbed Truck Tarps.

Heavy duty tarps are distinct from flatbed truck tarps due to their typical uses and materials.

Flatbed truck tarps tend to be made of:

  • Heavy duty vinyl (14 oz or higher)
  • Parachute fabric

In contrast, our heavy duty tarps are typically made of:

  • Polyethylene
  • Canvas
  • Lightweight 10 oz vinyl

When Heavy Duty Tarps are Used?

Heavy duty tarpaulin covers, like canvas tarps or mesh tarps, are typically used when you need to protect equipment, vehicles, supplies, or resources from weather, mildew, water damage, and pests.

Tarps like poly tarps generally cover things that are stored outdoors or in semi-outdoor spaces like garages, sheds, tents, and barns.

Heavy duty waterproof tarps can be used to cover:

  • Hay
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Firewood
  • Forklifts
  • Camping supplies

Our large tarps could also be used to collect lightweight debris, like fallen leaves that need to be ranked and moved.

To collect heavier debris, like the detritus in construction sites, see demolition tarps.

Which Tarps are Heavy Duty Tarps?

The following types of tarps are considered heavy duty non-trucking tarps:

Mesh Tarps:

These tarps incorporate woven polyethylene or PVC mesh to create a durable, breathable fabric. Mesh tarps let air circulate, which reduces the risk of mildew and is necessary to cover living things, like shrubs or tree saplings. They commonly come in colors of green, black, or our unique multicolored tarpaulin. Their sizes also come in a variety, with our smallest mesh tarps for sale are 7’ x 15’ PVC mesh tarp and our largest being our 50’ x 50’ black mesh shade tarp.

Poly Tarps:

Short for polyethylene tarps, these blue poly tarps are the most popular and recognizable outdoor tarp! Poly tarps are the perfect tarpaulin for all-purpose or everyday uses! Outdoor activities, like camping or covering a roof, are made easy with the use of these waterproof tarps! They come in two different types: the common, traditionally blue poly tarp and our durable, heavy-duty hay tarps. These large tarps are quality-made and will provide the necessary protection you need from the elements!

Canvas Tarps:

Made of 12 oz polyester heavy-duty canvas, these tarps are moisture resistant and great for covering outdoor supplies. Our canvas tarpaulin covers are typically used to cover outdoor equipment, such as lawnmowers or other large maintenance tools. They’re resistant to tears and are thus long-lasting, making these heavy duty tarps a great tool to protect your equipment! They come in two colors and a variety of sizes. Our olive green canvas tarps are medium in weight and our tan canvas tarps are affordable, durable heavy duty tarps. Both colors are available in all sizes! Our smallest canvas tarp starts at 6’ x 8’, with our largest going up to 20’ x 40’ of coverage! 

RV Trailer Covers:

These fitted, UV-proof covers protect parked RVs and trailers. We know how important it is to protect your RV’s and trailers - our clients take pride in showcasing their trucks, RV’s, and trailers as they should! So, we have invested in the creation of these specific tarps for sale! Protect your RV or trailer with our high quality, custom tarps! They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size, make, and model of your trailer or RV. These large tarps provide maximum protection from the sun, rain, and snow! They also come with grommets along the sides and elastic corners for fast and easy tie-down fitting! 

Drip Diverters:

Drip diverters are a useful solution to water leaks from the ceiling or an overhead pipe. Water damage is no easy situation to fix and can be the cause of destruction for many surfaces and equipment. If there is water leaking from a ceiling, pipe, or wall, it’s important you seal and fix it before serious damage can be done to anything delicate beneath it. Drip diverters are designed specifically for this purpose, and they’re made of waterproof vinyl-coated fabric. An easy and quick way to shift the leakage’s path to someplace safer like a bucket, tarp, or outside area, drip diverters can end up being a lifesaver for your home or equipment! While not a permanent solution, drip diverters are the best tool for controlling a leak until they are properly repaired.

Demolition Tarps:

Also called snow tarps, this heavy-duty vinyl are made to bundle and lift debris. Unlike other heavy duty tarps, demolition tarps have a 10,000 lb breaking strength. You’ll commonly see these tarpaulin covers at construction and demolition sites during the tearing or re-paving of roads or for collecting snow in the winter months in order to keep a construction site dry!

Vinyl Utility Tarps:

These vinyl tarps are made of lightweight, 10 oz vinyl and they only weigh 4 lbs. UV treated and 100% waterproof, and these tarps are great for covering hay, wagon loads, and agriculture machinery!

What Makes Our Heavy Duty Tarps So Useful?

These large waterproof tarps are so useful because most tarps, like blue poly tarps, can be used for multiple projects and can protect a wide variety of goods!

Tarpaulin covers are designed for specific purposes and are incredibly useful because you know they’ll do the job for the task at hand.

What Sets Mytee’s Heavy Duty Tarps Apart?

At Mytee Products, our waterproof tarps are cost-effective and high quality. We also offer many made-to-order options.

If you need a tarp for a specific project, or need to cover an oddly-shaped commodity, call us at 1-888-705-8277