Flatbed Tarps

Every flatbed truck driver needs to maintain a collection of flatbed truck tarps, kits, and accessories. Flatbed trailer tarps are an indispensable tool of the trade, and they’re essential for protecting cargo while on the haul from pickup to delivery. At Mytee Products, we offer customers a full range of flatbed trailer tarps in different sizes, shapes, and materials! For example, our steel tarps come in a variety of sizes; they are among our best sellers.

However, we also sell specific, unique, and incredibly important flatbed tarps like the Bee Hauling Tarp, for truckers transporting fragile or niche cargo! Our lightweight flatbed tarps inventory also includes lumber tarps, smoke tarps, coil tarps, and more, making it easy and simple to find the best flatbed trailer tarp for your needs! Each one is made using heavy-duty, high-strength materials and the finest craftsmanship. Our flatbed truck tarps are built tough and made to last.

Flatbed Truck Trailer Tarps

The 'one-size-fits-all' approach doesn't work with all flatbed truck tarps. We carry so many varieties because there is a different kind of flatbed trailer tarp for every job! Your key to success as a flatbed truck driver is choosing the right tarp for the load you are carrying.

Our two most popular flatbed tarps for sale are steel and lumber tarps. A steel tarp is an all-purpose lightweight flatbed tarp for general cargo. It has a low profile and four sides, making it ideal for steel loads. Use it to cover cables, sheets, and most other steel products. It works well for most pallet loads!

For the haulers that transport heavier-duty cargo, the lumber tarp is generally larger than a steel tarp and is meant to cover cargo such as lumber loads. It is a high-profile flatbed tarp with long sides and a back flap for full coverage against weather and debris. We carry a variety of lumber tarps in assorted sizes and configurations.

It’s important to know the type of cargo you do or plan to haul, as that will determine whether the lightweight flatbed steel tarps are better suited for you or if the lumber tarps for flatbed trailers will do a more adequate job at keeping your cargo safe!

What types of truck tarps are available at Mytee Products?

1. Coil Tarps

Coil tarps are specifically designed to keep coil loads tightly wrapped and protected against the weather. They are uniquely shaped to fit rolls of coil.

2. Machinery Tarps

Machinery tarps are designed for covering all sorts of machinery. They are similar to steel tarps except for being slightly bigger.

3. Smoke Tarps

Smoke tarps are smaller tarps intended to protect the front of a load from the smoke and soot of your exhaust stack. They are invaluable for certain kinds of sensitive loads.

4. Parachute Tarps

Parachute tarps are made from the same kind of ripstop nylon used to construct parachutes. They are made in a variety of configurations suitable for most loads. The top sections are made of vinyl to keep out water while the sides are constructed of lightweight ripstop nylon.

5. Bee Hauling Tarp

Bees make for sensitive cargo that has to be treated with care. Bee hauling tarps are made for that purpose. These are lightweight, mesh tarps that allow beehives to breathe but still protect them from flying debris and dirt.

6. Roll Tarp and Vinyl

Roll tarps are what you need for your dump truck or trailer. They can be mounted on standard rolling mechanisms for easy deployment.

There is a flatbed truck tarp for every job. Do not settle for just one kind of tarp. Consider the kinds of loads you normally haul, then make sure you have an adequate supply of tarps for each of those loads.

7. Lumber Tarp

One of the more common and popular flatbed tarps for sale, Lumber tarps are perfect for truckers that want to ensure they’re putting everything they have into keeping their load fully protected from roadway obstacles like debris and extreme weather. These flatbed truck tarps are large and heavy-duty, being able to fit over large or stacked cargo - such as lumber. Additionally, they’re very adjustable and can be heightened or shortened to cover different loads; don’t stress about whether you’ve bought the right-sized flatbed tarp for a new load with lumber tarps!

8. Steel Tarp

Mytee offers steel flatbed trailer tarps for the truckers that tend to haul cargo that isn’t heavy or sharp! Some steel tarps are made of lightweight materials, like our Parachute and Airbag tarps for flatbed trailers, meaning they’re also easier to haul and store!

9. More Flatbed Products and Accessories

At Mytee Products, we provide a wide variety of products and accessories for Flatbedders to help you on the road, such as our flatbed tarp kits! We know how important it is to have access to quality products without breaking the bank, so to help you make the most of your cargo control investments we offer the option of bundling products via flatbed tarp kits! These kits carry everything you’ll need when it comes to flatbed trailer tarps, including the tarp itself, bungee and ratchet straps, edge protectors, and much, much more!

There is a flatbed truck tarp for every job. Do not settle for just one kind of tarp. Consider the kinds of loads you normally haul, then make sure you have an adequate supply of tarps for each of those loads.

Protect Your Flatbed Tarp with Tarp Repair Kits

You are going to invest a significant amount of money in your tarps. You might just as well protect them while you're at it. We recommend a full supply of edge and corner protectors to do just that. We have corner protectors in multiple sizes and shapes. We also have different materials, including plastic and steel. And remember, there is a different corner or edge protector for every load as well.

Should you be unfortunate enough to damage one of your tarps, you might still be able to repair it. Take a look at our flatbed truck tarp repair kits and supplies; we know just how valuable your tarps for flatbed trailers are. They help make sure you do your job safely and quickly. Delivering damaged cargo can mean damaging your reputation as a hauler and possibly needing to pay to fix any damages sustained on the road. This can be especially harmful if you do use tarps, but they end up tearing while out on the road. Don’t take the risk of debris or weather ruining your cargo as you deliver it the rest of the way - our tarp repair kits ensure you can get your tarp patched up as quickly as possibly to avoid a major issue! These kits typically include repair tape, polyester fabric, frommets, cement - you name it!

If the damage is not so extensive as to require that you buy a new lightweight flatbed tarp, you can save quite a bit of money and time by repairing instead!

Choose the Right Tie-downs

Flatbed truck tarps are best used when paired with the right tie-downs. We offer you bungee straps, bungee rope, and a complete selection of webbing straps. All make great choices for keeping truck tarps in place. Note that our tarps come with built-in D-rings and grommets for easy securing.

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