Roll Tarps and Vinyl

Here at Mytee Products, we have everything you’ll ever need for your trucking needs, including roll tarps, vinyl tarp rolls, and sliding tarps. This flip tarping system essentially better protects your more difficult-to-contain cargo such as hay or sand from inclement weather and keeps it contained. Roll tarps can be used in just about any job setting, including the military and agriculture. These rolling tarps can be installed and removed within minutes without breaking a sweat. Cleaning them is even a breeze. More importantly, they help you stay compliant with DOT regulations and keep the police off your tail.

We offer great roll tarpaulins for truckers and dumpsters to choose from. You can bet your bottom dollar that Mytee Products’ roll tarps will help you get the job done faster, safer, and more efficiently.

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  1. Roll Tarp (10'6" Width)
  2. Dump Truck Tarps 18Oz Vinyl (Waterproof)
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Check Out The Roll Tarps We Offer

Tarps for Dumpster

To start things off, we offer our 18oz vinyl dump truck tarps. These sliding tarps can weather just about any storm, literally. Most dumpster tarps are made with waterproof technology and Mytee Products’s tarpaulin is no different. Its sturdy, vinyl construct helps protect it and your loose materials from any type of weather damage. Perhaps that’s why our roll-off dumpster covers come wind and waterproof and can handle extreme temperatures.

Additionally, our roll-up tarps are great for front-to-back tarping systems and have reinforced hems with 2” webbing. The good features don’t stop there though. Our dump trailer roll tarp comes in several different sizes, ranging from 7’x15’ to 7’6”x20’ pockets. What’s not to love about these roll tarps?

Roll Over Tarps for Open Trailer

The next style of roll tarpaulins comes with our 10’6” Wide Roll Tarp. Same as the dumpster tarp cover, these traditional roll tarps are made with black 10oz vinyl, allowing them to withstand just about anything. Additionally, they feature long pockets that run parallel to both the passenger and driver's side of your truck. Plus, there are webbing strips at every 5 feet. These Roll Over Tarps are perfect for open and grain trailers, as well as farm trucks. You can just simply roll them over and off your cargo. These tarpaulins also come in various sizes, ranging from 10’6”x20’ to 10’6”x44.’ Our rolling tarps will make your job easier in the long run.

Shop High-Quality Roll Tarps from Mytee

As you can tell, we have a great selection of roll tarps. We’ll even customize one for you if you have a particular size in mind. Paying the upfront costs for a roll tarp may be a bit pricey, but they’ll be worth the investment. You won’t have to waste money on several different replacements, especially when you shop with Mytee Products. At our company, we make high-quality and affordable flatbed tarps, dump truck tarps, roll tarps, and heavy-duty tarps that you won’t find anywhere else.