8 Ft Drop Lightweight Parachute Tarps

We sell 8ft parachute/airbag drop tarps that are designed to meet all your flatbed trailer needs. In fact, these tarps were made for working in the great outdoors, as they can withstand any type of inclement weather and UV sunlight rays. Their 14oz waterproof vinyl makes them all the more durable. While the tarp protects the top part of your load, it also protects the sides of your loads with a lightweight nylon fabric material.

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4 Items

  1. Airbag / Parachute Fabric UltraLight Lumber Tarp 24x27 (8' Drop) - Black
    As low as $294.49
  2. Airbag / Parachute Fabric Heavy Duty 14oz Steel Tarp 24x18 - Black
    As low as $208.99
  3. Airbag / Parachute Fabric Heavy Duty 14oz Lumber Tarp 24x20 (8' Drop with 8' x 8' Flap) - Black
    As low as $237.49
  4. 3 Pcs) 24' x 18' Black Airbag/Parachute Tarp for Flatbed - 14 Oz Vinyl on Top & 8' Drop
    As low as $721.99
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Lightweight 8 ft Drop Tarps for Sale

This tarp style has a whole horde of other features flatbed truckers will love. Made with the same material found in airbags, parachutes, and even backpacks. There’s plenty to love about the 8 footer. Their size lengths range from 24x18 ft to 24x27 ft, weigh anywhere from 52 lbs to 79 lbs, and come in all black. The 8ft lightweight parachute drop features 3 rows of D-rings stitched boxes, it has 2” webbing, and heat-sealed seams that make the airbag tarps all more water resistant.