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  1. Mytee Double Decking Beam System
  2. Mytee Double Decking Beam Track - Single
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  3. Mytee Double Decking Beam Track - Double
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  4. Double-Decking Beam 97-107" for 102 Trailers 2200# WLL
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  5. Double-Decking System Sliding Handle
  6. Tool Holder for E-Track and X-Track Systems
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Decking Beam System:

A decking beam system, sometimes called a double decker system, a decking beam system creates a second level, or deck, for additional cargo to rest on (much like the second deck of a double-decker bus can carry additional passengers).

With this system in place, you can haul twice as much cargo in a single shipment just by using the trailer’s full vertical potential. In general, a decking beam system lets you haul more without incurring any increased risk.

What Makes a Decking Beam System Different?

In a decking beam system, the beams cannot be removed from the interior track once they’re attached. They can be easily moved up and down the track, but they are locked in, or captive, to the track system they’re a part of. Since the beams are captive, it significantly reduces the chance any given beam will be lost or stolen.

Benefits of a Decking Beam System


Vertical logistic tracks can be E-tracks, A-tracks, or F-tracks, and these tracks are typically compatible with most end-fittings, including flat hooks and j-hooks. So you can work with the tools you already know.


High-quality aluminum and steel decking beam systems with sliding handle are designed to take a hit, and won’t easily dent or break.


Every decking beam has a Working Load Limit of 2200 lbs.


Make more money by hauling more crates per trip, and save money on the cost of replacing lost or damaged beams.

How to Install a Decking Beam System?

  • Install vertical logistic tracks along the interior walls of an enclosed semi-trailer. Space them evenly. Make sure the tracks are close-enough together that you will be able to create compact spaces for your crates and pallets.
  • Mark the spaces the vertical logistics tracks will be on your wall. Then, strip any trim panels where you’re going to mount your logistics tracks.
  • Place your logistics decking beam tracks parallel to one another, then temporarily attach them using wood screws.
  • Drill holes in the trailer wall for the vertical track fasteners. Then, use the fasteners that come with the track to permanently attach the track to the wall.
  • After installing the tracks, setting up the beams is fairly easy. The beams all have spring loaded mechanisms that are easy to adjust.
  • Move the beam where you need it using a cargo bar, and then let the mechanism spring back into the “locked” position. 
  • Use a cargo bar to place the beams in the configuration that’s best for your load. Make sure the beams are close enough together to create sturdy “shelves” for your second-level deck of cargo to rest on.
  • The vertical logistics decking beam single tracks are compatible with any kind of strap you want to use to secure your pallets and keep them from jostling. However, you can also use a beam to secure your loads if you wish.

Mytee’s Double Decking Beam System:

Need more beams? Or, want to replace a damaged track? Mytee’s aftermarket decking beams and tracks are exactly what you need at an affordable price. Mytee never uses middlemen, so we pass the savings straight to you, without ever sacrificing quality.