Ratchet Chain Binders

Ratcheting Chain Binders are top of the line when it comes to securing heavy-duty loads. Ratchet Chain Binders work by pulling together two separate chains to create a tight hold on your cargo, and with a Ratchet mechanism, you can get a more than hand-tight grip on your cargo so it doesn’t go anywhere. These load binders are very versatile and simple to use, they are able to be used on any load that requires chains, and we carry binders that can suit chain grades from 70 up to 120. Make sure your load isn’t going anywhere by getting and using a Chain Binder.

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16 Items

  1. Ratchet Chain Binder
  2. Ratchet Binder eXtreme
  3. Peerless Folding Handle QuikBinder Plus Ratchet Binder
  4. Torque Drive Load Speed Binder w/ Heavy-Duty Grab Hooks
  5. EZ Binder, Ratchet Lever Load Binder
  6. PRO Heavy Duty Chain Binder Ratchet Style w/ Grab Hooks
  7. Chain Binder Ratchet Style Made in USA Columbus McKinnon
  8. 5/16"-3/8" Ratchet Load Binder with 3/8'' Grab Hook and Eye - WLL 7100 lbs
    As low as $26.99
  9. Swaged Barrel Ratchet Chain Binders
  10. Durabilt Ratchet Binder
  11. Durabilt Folding Handle Ratchet Binder
  12. Durabilt Removable Handle Ratchet Binder
  13. 18-Inch Tire Checker Bat
  14. Mytee Steamboat River Ratchet Binder w/ Pelican Hooks, 24" Barrel, 1-3/8" Screw Dia
    As low as $79.99
  15. Durabilt Truck Tight Heavy Duty G70-G120 Ratcheting Load Binders
  16. Mytee Ratchet Pro Binder w/ 3/8" Grab & 1/2" Sling Hook, & 2' G8 Chain & 1/2" Sling Hook, 7100 WLL
    As low as $65.99
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Ratchet Load Binder for Cargo Securement

These are one the safest and easiest binders to use. To use a Ratchet Binder, first, turn the pawl to the neutral position. This ensures that the gear mechanism can move freely without interference from the ratchet. Keeping one hand on the chain hook, unscrew and fully extend the binder and be sure not to overextend it, depending on the application, you may only need a certain amount. Next, attach the binder hooks to your chains and make sure you’re taking up enough slack. The binder should hang in place between the two chains. Finally, ratchet the binder until there's little to no resistance when pulling on it.

Ratchet Chain Binder Construction

All of our Ratcheting Chain Binders are made out of heavy-duty forged steel, one of the strongest metals on the market. There is little to no chance of these binders warping or breaking unless it constantly exceeds the working load limits stated. Depending on the chain size on each binder, you’ll have varied working load limits. The highest working load limit on our binders is 13,000 lbs and that one fits ½” - ⅝” chains. The ratchet mechanism is recoilless, meaning after you’re done transporting your load, all you need to do is switch the pawl to the out setting and untighten the binder.

End Fittings and Types

Ratchet Chain Binders with Grab Hooks

Made out of Heavy-Duty steel, and coated red, we carry several different types of Ratchet Chain Binders with various working load limits and different size grab hooks at each end. All of the binders are clearly stamped with their working load limits and capacities meeting FMCSA and DOT Specifications.

Ratchet Binder eXtreme

The eXtreme variation of our chain binders comes with higher working load limits that are stamped with DOT and FMCSA specified working load limits and breaking strengths. Each end of these binders features gold chromate-plated hooks for resistance against rust and corrosion. Its open body design makes it easy to remove unwanted debris like snow, mud, or ice.

Steamboat River Ratchet

As the name suggests, this Ratchet Load Binder is made for one purpose only and it’s to pull together two river boats. It comes in a highly visible yellow, and has a working load limit of 30,000 lbs. It can extend up to 64” and features a pelican hook on each end.

At Mytee Products, we carry more than just these binders though, and if you’re interested in something other than our Ratchet and Load Binders, feel free to take a look at our Lever Binders. We also carry transport chains if you need more!