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High-quality moving supplies for professional movers and flatbed truckers make moving easy. We carry several different moving tools and equipment to make any move go smoothly. Each of the tools provides protection for your materials and even your truck. At Mytee Products, we offer a wealth of moving supplies and equipment to help you transport your materials safely and efficiently. We have everything from padded hand truck covers to moving straps and moving pads to meet your moving needs.

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Professional Moving Equipment For Movers

Transporting your materials in one piece and on time usually means more money in our pockets. Professional movers especially get paid the big bucks when moving a client’s materials. Using professional moving equipment, such as straps, moving boxes, wardrobe bars, and moving blankets, can reduce the risk of cargo damage.

They even keep the load safe from unfavorable weather conditions, debris from the highway, and even sun rays. Similarly, moving equipment supplies protects the walls of your moving truck or even the surface of a flatbed trailer. Clearly, there are many advantages to using moving tools. Here’s a quick overview of the type of moving products we offer at Mytee Products:

The Moving Equipment Mytee Products Sells

  • Moving Blankets: Commonly used by both movers and flatbed truckers, Moving blankets provide the ultimate protection for your cargo. Their thick, protective covering protects your furniture or appliances from dents, scratches, and even abrasions. Additionally, this moving equipment protects your cargo tarps from the sharp edges of your load. Moving Blankets are the way to go.
  • Moving Rubber Bands: Our Mytee Rubber Moving Bands are a vast must-have for movers and truckers as well. They’re the best tool to use for securing cargo. This moving equipment ensures your furniture stays together and your moving boxes are closed during transit. Additionally, they prevent your moving blankets and tarps from flapping in the wind.  
  • Load Lock Bar: Similarly, the Load Lock Bar secures cargo during transit. This heavy-duty steel bar packs tons of stability, and security and even comes equipped with a ratcheting mechanism. Simply position it between your cargo and the walls of your truck’s enclosed trailer to prevent your materials from shifting.
  • Moving Box Wardrobe Bar: On the other hand, our heavy-duty Moving Box Wardrobe Bar attaches to large moving boxes. Simply attach them to portable wardrobes or garment bags to provide an efficient way to transport clothing items during a move.
  • Padded Hand Truck Cover: The Padded Hand Truck Cover will prevent your furniture and appliances from being damaged when traveling between places. These moving supplies are durable, washable and made from woven polyester, giving them optimal strength.
  • Moving Straps: Moving Straps also secure and stabilizes cargo on a flatbed trailer and in a moving truck during transit. These straps are made of durable and strong materials, such as nylon and polyester, and come in a wide range of configurations that’ll work with all types of cargo.

Shop from Our Moving Supplies Inventory

At Mytee Products, we believe that a customer’s needs should be met every time. Our high-quality and affordable moving supplies can make moving feel less like a headache. Before your next move, shop online for our endless supply of moving equipment.