Decking Beams

Decking Beams or E-Track Load Bars sometimes referred to as shoring beams, are used on E-Track Systems to create a protective barrier between cargo and prevent shifting. Another use for these beams, as their name suggests, is to create decks within your trailer to utilize more space. Adding two or more shoring beams at the same height with the addition of plywood can create a second floor in your trailer so you can store more cargo.

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  1. Adjustable Decking Shoring Steel or Aluminum Beam
  2. 92" -103" E Track Adjustable Decking Shoring Steel Beam 3000# WLL
    As low as $37.99
  3. Yellow Rack 6 Bay Load Lock and Decking Beam Storage
    As low as $69.99
  4. 92" -102" Heavy Duty Adjustable Decking Shoring Aluminum Beam 3000# WLL
    Regular Price $59.99
    Special Price $54.99
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Decking Beam Uses as an E-Track Load Bar in E-Track System

Using E-Track end fittings, these beams attach to E-Track Systems in your enclosed trailer regardless of height. These beams can be extended up to 102”-103” to accommodate all sizes of trailers. Additionally, you can set up more than one beam evenly spaced between them to create a second floor in your trailer to utilize more cargo space.

Decking Beam Construction

We carry three types of decking beams all with E-Track fittings on each end with one adjustable end and durable exterior. Our Aluminum decking beams come in 95”-102” or 85”-94” lengths and have a working load limit of 2,200 lbs horizontally and vertically. The heavy-duty aluminum decking beams come in a length of 92”-102” and have a working load limit of 3,000 lbs. Finally, our steel decking beams' e-track load bar extends from 92” up to 103” and have a 3,000 lbs working load limit.

Accessories with E-Track Load Bars

Decking Beam Storage

This load lock can be attached to horizontal E-Tracks or vertical E-Tracks 24” apart. When not in use, you can store additional decking beams. It’s made out of a rubberized nylon polymer reinforced with steel for additional strength.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, we recommend getting a Double Decking Beam System installed! Beams are easily adjustable and can be positioned in many ways to best suit your needs!