Safety Apparel & Accessories

Safety Apparel & Accessories

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  1. 10" Green Bi-Level Bristles Car Wash Brush with Handle
  2. Warning Triangle 17" Sides DOT Approved (Collapsible, Set of 3 pcs)
  3. Safety Helmet - Yellow (Type 1 ABS Material)
  4. Safety Vest Class 2 Fluorescent Yellow w/ Silver Tape
    As low as $5.99
  5. Anti Scratch Wrap-Around Glasses (Clear Lens)
    As low as $2.79
  6. Plastic Truck Seal (100 pcs)
    As low as $9.49
  7. Leather Palm Industrial Gloves - X-Large
    As low as $3.79
  8. Safety Vest Class 3 Fluorescent Yellow w/ Orange Trim & Silver Tape - 3XL
    As low as $4.99
  9. Traffic Safety Cone 28" w/ Reflective Tape (Stackable)
    As low as $8.99
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Meaning of Safety Apparel

Safety apparel is any piece of clothing worn to “reduce road worker fatalities caused by motor vehicles,” according to the Department of Transportation (DOT). Typically, safety apparel comes in the form of leather palm gloves and high-visibility vests. For haulers, gloves are important to protect your hands from injury when binding and unbinding loads, while high-visibility vests are important if you ever have to load or unload at night.

Safety apparel also includes gear, including yellow safety helmets (also called construction helmets), and anti-scratch glasses with clear lenses, designed to protect people from physical injury.

What are Safety Accessories?

Safety accessories include traffic cones and warning triangles. These accessories create barriers traffic won’t cross in order to clear a space on the road to work, which is important if you need to tow a car or pick up a load in an area with traffic.

How to Use Safety Apparel and Accessories

When it comes to reflective vests, safety industrial palm leather gloves, and yellow safety helmets, make sure you’re using a size that fits you securely.

Safety vests are regulated by the American National Standards Institute, in compliance with the Department of Transportation. Safety vests must be either Class 2 or Class 3 in order to meet ANSI standards. ANSI classifies vests based on their visibility and fabric quality.

Before you buy any cones, make sure the cones you purchase meet the regulations set by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, as well as state-specific regulations.

Traffic Cone Regulations

Minimum Height Requirement:

If you’re working in a high speed area (where traffic is over 45 miles per hour), or if you’re working at night, you need traffic safety cones that are at least 28 inches tall.

Visibility Requirement:

All safety cones must be highly visible. They must be fluorescent red-orange or fluorescent yellow-orange; traffic cones used at night, in poor weather conditions, or during high traffic scenarios, need to have two white reflective bands that are 4”-6” wide, creating alternating orange-and-white stripes. Additionally, flashing lights may be added to the tops of the cones to make them even more visible.

Stability Requirement:

Cones need to be stable enough that they won’t accidentally fall down or get blown over. It’s fine to weigh down cones or double them up if that’s what it takes to keep them stable.

Importance of Safety Apparel

Safety apparel is mandatory. According to the Department of Transportation, “Any worker whose duties place him in a situation where he is on foot in the right of way on a federally funded highway must wear safety vests.”

Various Options of Safety Apparel and Accessories

Safety Vest Options

Class 1: 
This fluorescent lime green vest with vertical reflectors gives you extra visibility when you have to step out of your truck at night. It doesn’t meet DOT standards for working on a highway. Its one-size fits all.

Class 2: 
This reflective, fluorescent yellow vest is DOT-approved for working in conditions where traffic is 25 - 40 mph.

Class 3:
This reflective, fluorescent yellow vest has elastic sides and is one-size fits all. This vest is DOT-approved to wear when working on a road where traffic speeds are over 40 mph.

High Quality Safety Apparel and Accessories by Mytee

Reflective safety vests will note their ANSI classification. For other safety products, look at the quality of materials and see if their components meet DOT standards.