Tow & Recovery Straps, Slings, Shackles and More

Recovery straps, slings, and shackles are specially designed equipment to aid in the recovery and towing process of vehicles or heavy machinery. They are made with thick fabric drawn into heavy-duty loops which can wrap around the bottom of a piece of cargo or vehicle in order to help lift or tow the object. The unique design and strength of these recovery straps for trailers makes the towing and recovery of most vehicles easy and quick!

Buying heavy-duty tow straps and recovery slings for vehicle auto recovery should be the priority of all auto-haulers and tow truckers. Durable, safe, reliable, and high-quality towing accessories like slings, tow straps, shackles, and more are available at Mytee Products! Get recovery straps you can rely on!

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  1. Round Sling Hooks
  2. Eye & Eye Synthetic Super Slings
  3. Flat Eye & Eye Sling 2-Ply
  4. Twisted Eye & Eye Sling 2-Ply
  5. Mytee Products Custom Anchor Shackle Screw Pin, Carbon Steel Kit 6 Pieces

    As low as $179.99

  6. Anchor Shackle Forged Carbon Steel & Alloy Screw Pin
  7. CM Super Strong Anchor Shackle Orange Powder Coated
    As low as $4.40
  8. Oblong Master Link Grade 100, 4:1 Safety Factor
  9. G80 Coupling Link
  10. 2" Hitch Receiver w/ 3/4" D-Ring Shackle
  11. Towing Recovery Winch Snatch Blocks with the Capacity of 4-10 Ton
  12. Kinetic Energy Recovery & Tow Rope with Velcro Straps & Tote Bag For Traveling
  13. CM Herc-Alloy Grade 80 Alloy Wide Body 1-1/2" Master Link WLL # 53000
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What is Recovery & Tow Straps?

  • Recovery straps also called round lifting slings, recovery slings, eye-to-eye slings, or web slings, are designed with heavy-duty loops that wrap around the bottom of a piece of cargo or the undercarriage of a vehicle, which can then lift cargo vertically via crane or pull the vehicle safely to a repair shop or even terrain.
  • Heavy-duty tow straps can pull cargo and vehicles at an angle to haul them up a ramp or out of a ravine without the risk of damage to the vehicle or recovery strap.
  • Recovery straps or slings can be made of fabric-covered wire rope, heavy-duty reinforced polyester fabric, or heavy-duty reinforced nylon. The tough material is flexible enough to pull a vehicle or cargo from nearly any angle but will remain soft and lightweight enough to not cause denting or scratching damage during the recovery process.
  • Recovery straps are either closed loops themselves or are designed so the user can create a closed loop around the cargo easily, by running one end of the sling through the looped or closed end-fitting on the opposite end of the sling. This allows the user to ensure their heavy-duty tow straps can fit around their cargo or the underside of any vehicle for a proper and safe recovery, towing, or lifting.
  • The latter securement style is called a choker hitch or choker-style securement. Using the closed-loop as-is to lift a piece of cargo is called vertical-style securement or a vertical lift. In some cases, this style of hitch is safer or required to properly tow or lift your cargo.

How Are Recovery Straps Used?

  • Recovery straps are used in auto-hauling and recovery to secure cars and lift or pull them in a towing or auto-hauling job.
  • These eye-slings are also used to lift cargo vertically with a crane, which is useful to stack a tall cargo load, load cargo on a ship, or move materials necessary for construction.
  • That’s why these loops are sometimes called crane slings.
  • Recovery straps for trailers make the process of towing safer on the vehicle being recovered and the vehicle doing the tow job. Good, heavy-duty tow straps and shackles are able to evenly distribute stress and tension during the recovery process as long as the recovery strap is attached properly to the hitches.
  • Recovery straps are specifically designed for lifting and recovery jobs - compared to chains, they are the safest options as they will not scratch or dent your cargo during the process like a chain or hook end-fitting might.

What are Tow Straps?

  • Tow straps are made from high-quality, strong polyester that has less stretch and flexibility compared to recovery straps.
  • Unlike recovery straps and snatch straps, tow straps are designed for towing freely moving vehicles behind another vehicle.
  • Tow straps will traditionally include a metal hook end-fitting instead of the soft, flexible fabric loops of recovery straps.
  • Tow straps are NOT meant to be used for recovering stuck vehicles or machinery, as they lack the stretch and flexibility required to safely pull a vehicle up and out.
  • Tow straps are much more fragile when subjected to the pressure, stress, and tension of recovery jobs.
  • Tow straps have the risk of flying off when exposed to excess tension, which may cause injury or damage to anyone and anything nearby.
  • Tow straps should traditionally be used post-recovery and/or when a vehicle needs to be towed on even terrain to a shop or residential location for repairs. The lack of stretch compared to snatch straps provides a driver more control over the towed vehicle, which can avoid situations where the towed vehicle may sway or swerve behind the vehicle.

Benefits of Using Recovery and Tow Accessories?

  • Recovery straps, slings, and shackles can be used to lift cargo that is too heavy to be lifted by a G 70 or lower chain, a typical winch strap, or a ratchet strap.
  • While they may hold similar strength, recovery snatch straps also weigh less than Grade 80+ chains without sacrificing any of the durability and strength.
  • Lifting slings are soft enough that they won’t scratch or crush cargo, and they’re flexible enough that they can wrap around unusually shaped cargo, like motorcycles.
  • Plus, recovery straps for trailers are designed to get your vehicles out of tough or complicated situations compared to chains and winch or ratchet straps. Manufacturers have towing jobs in mind when creating these recovery slings and shackles, so you can get to work with the confidence that the tools you have are built to get the job done right.

Accessory Options with Recovery and Towing Straps

The two main accessories for recovery straps and tow straps are shackles and hooks. While both provide their own pros and cons, one recovery strap accessory may prove to be more valuable to you depending on the towing job you need to do.


  • Hooks can be anchored to recovery straps by their eye while their hooked end can readily hook and secure itself to the frame of a car or some other strong element of a piece of cargo.
  • Swivel hooks can pivot, while round sling hooks can latch instantly around the point of contact.
  • Swivel hooks will prove most helpful when attempting to recover a vehicle that may be stuck in an awkward position or facing away from the towing vehicle. Using a swivel hook, you can slowly adjust the stuck vehicle and turn it until the vehicle is properly lined up with the towing vehicle.
  • Round sling hooks are stationary, which can allow for easy, straight-line towing if the stuck vehicle is already aligned with the towing vehicle.


  • Bolt shackles sometimes called anchor shackles, lifting shackles, or trailer shackles are useful. Anchor shackles are used with heavy-duty tow straps to pull heavy vehicles or awkwardly shaped cargo with ease.
  • The sturdy and simple design comes in a variety of sizes and working load limits to ensure that there is a bolt shackle available to tow even the heaviest loads.
  • Shackles can anchor two slings at once, in order to lift an incredibly heavy or wide piece of cargo.
  • Crafted from forged carbon steel, most bolt shackles have a solid construction that will not warp or break under intense pressure and stress from towing jobs.

Webbing Protector

  • Another recovery strap accessory that tow truckers should consider investing in is a Protective Cordura Webbing Protector. Cordura is a heavy-duty, cut-resistant nylon fabric that is designed to protect your recovery straps and tow straps from abrasions, tears, and scuffs; thus, improving the life span and durability of the recovery strap! Inexpensive and worth the purchase, you can’t go wrong with extra protection.

Towing and Auto Recovery Accessories Buying Guide

  • As with all auto-hauling products, it’s important to note the working load limit of snatch straps, sling hooks, and heavy-duty shackles. Do not exceed this limit.
  • The amount of weight a recovery strap or shackles can handle will depend on the size of the accessory. If you’re going to haul or tow a large vehicle, make sure the recovery slings, two straps, and shackles are built to handle the new weight.
  • It is important to note that while a recovery accessories’ breaking limit may be greater than its working load limit, you should always follow the WLL limit.
  • It’s also important to follow OSHA guidelines and inspect your slings, hooks, and shackles thoroughly before lifting or pulling any cargo with them. This is the OSHA law regarding shackle and hook inspection.
  • Any damages - such as tears, rips, dents, or deformations - should be your sign to NOT use that recovery accessory and to purchase a replacement as soon as possible. Do not use any recovery strap, hook, or shackles that are damaged as you will increase the risk of breakage and injury.
  • Meanwhile, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has a step-by-step guide to shackle inspection and illustrations of potential, dangerous flaws.

Why Choose Mytee Products for Your Tow and Vehicle Recovery Straps

At Mytee Products, we never waste money on a middleman, so we can pass our savings on to you!

Our recovery slings, tow straps, shackles, and hooks are high quality and meet or exceed the exacting standards of the Web Sling and Tie-Down Association. However, each one is affordably priced.

Getting the job done fast doesn’t mean much if the vehicle or cargo you’re recovering becomes damaged in the process. Investing in heavy-duty tow straps and recovery straps means investing in the safety and quality of your cargo. Whether you are pulling a vehicle out of a ditch, towing cargo to its destination for repairs, or lifting cargo overhead, you want to know that the recovery straps, hooks, and shackles in your hands are reliable.

You can buy assured that Mytee Products prides itself on the quality and safety of its products. That’s why, when you buy from Mytee Products, you know you can haul safe and earn more.