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Cargo Control

Cargo Control Throwing a tarp over a flatbed trailer is just the start of protecting valuable cargo. Some kinds of cargo need to be protected from the tarp as well, and tarps need to be applied in ways that protect them from sharp edges, protrusions, and other means of damage. Cargo control products exist to meet that need. At Mytee Product, we do not limit our inventory to just the tarps truckers need. We also carry a full line of cargo control products truckers need to do their jobs correctly. Our cargo control inventory includes corner and edge protectors, bungee straps, ratchet straps, winch straps, chains, moving blankets, winches and accessories, and more. Everything you need to effectively secure your cargo and protect your tarps is available from Mytee. As always, our cargo control products are of the highest quality yet still reasonably priced.

Trust Mytee with Your Cargo Control

Effective cargo control neither begins nor ends with truck tarps. Every component of a trucker's cargocontrol system must be reliable and easy to use, or it quickly becomes useless. From winch straps to ratchets to chains and binders, the American trucker cannot settle for substandard equipment that may not hold up to the punishment of the daily grind.


Mytee works with reputable manufacturers and distributors across the country to provide our customers with cargo control products that they can depend on. We do not settle for anything less than the highest quality, nor do we attempt to cut corners just so that we can undercut the competition on prices. When you buy your cargo control equipment from us, you can rest assuredthat you are buying quality and reliability.


The Mytee name has become the standard for:


·         Chains and binders

·         Corner and edge protectors

·         E-track and load locks

·         Ratchet straps

·         Slings and shackles

·         Specialty binders

·         Turnbuckles and hooks

·         Winch straps, winches and accessories


We are proud to be an industry leader in cargo control and trucking supplies. But we are not satisfied to rest on the successes of the past. Therefore, Mytee is always exploring ways we can better serve our customers by adding new products to our inventory. To that end, please feel free to contact us if you need something related to trucking or cargo control you don't already see in our inventory. We will do our best to get it for you.


At the end of the day, how you secure your cargo determines your success as a truck driver. Don't leave your success in the hands of a supplier whose primary focus is not quality. Work with us here at Mytee Products.