Sliding C Track Winches

Winches are a must-have for cargo securement. Specifically, the most common winches, the Double “L” Sliding Track and Sliding “C” Track Winches, provide optimal support for any tie-down job. Whenever you need tension tightening over your flatbed trailer, these sliding winches are the perfect options for you. Though, depending on your flatbed needs, you might be more inclined to use the Sliding “C” Track Winch. Mytee Products offers a wide variety of styles of the Sliding “C” Track Winch, ranging from the Low profile to the Ratcheting Sliding Winch. No matter what you need, we have it in stock.

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  1. Trailer Winch - Standard Sliding C Track - Low Profile
    As low as $12.49
  2. Trailer Winch - Standard Sliding C Track - Deep Profile
    As low as $13.49
  3. Trailer Winch - Standard Sliding C Track
    As low as $12.49
  4. Slider Zinc Coated Winch For C Track
    As low as $14.99
  5. Slider Ratcheting Winch For C Track
    As low as $18.49
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Buy Sliding “C” Track Winches to Make Your Job Easier

Similar to the Double “L” Sliding Winch, the Sliding “C” Track Winches allow you to choose your tie-down points over your flatbed trailer. No matter the location, you have an instant anchoring point.

Even better, the C Channel Winches are made out of steel, meaning they can handle those extreme jobs like securing large and heavy appliances. Additionally, their zinc-plated or black powder-coated finishes make them long-lasting products. Unlike the Double “L” Sliding Winch, though, the Sliding “C” Track Winches are only compatible with steel trailers that feature an aluminum “C” Track. Check out the six styles of Sliding “C” Track Winches we have in stock.

Standard Profile

This style of the C Channel Winches can only roll up a typical 30 ft. winch strap. Though, don’t be fooled by this limitation. This lightweight sliding winch can be pretty powerful, as it has a WLL of 5,500 lbs and a breaking strength of 16,500 lbs.

Low Profile

Like the Low Profile Double “L” Sliding Winch, this sliding winch can’t roll up an entire 30ft strap. Truckers should only use it for low-clearance jobs. Also, avoid leaving your winch straps inside the C Channel Winch when not in use.

Deep Profile

Fortunately, the Deep Profile isn’t as limited as the previous styles. Its 5” opening and 7-1/2” height allows for more wiggle room for your straps. This sliding winch can certainly roll up a 44 ft. strap without any issues. Cargo securement has never been made easier.

Ratcheting Sliding Winch

This next sliding winch style can help give you that “tight fit” over your cargo without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the ratcheting mechanism featured on this winch allows truckers to crank it without removing their winch bar. Though, this C Channel Winch is tougher than the previous styles, as it has a WLL of 6,000 lbs.

Zinc Coated

The previous sliding winch styles offer everything from great tensioning to strength. However, they lack any type of fashion style. If you already have a steel trailer and an aluminum “C” Track, why not buy the matching Zinc-plated style? Even better, this sliding winch has a WLL of 5,500 lbs as well.

Mytee Products Offers The Best Sliding “C” Track Winches In The Business

Here at Mytee Products, we offer the most affordable and high-quality Sliding “C” Track Winches in the business. When you come to us, you’ll always “Haul Safe & Earn More.”