Height Stick for Trucks

Utilizing Height Sticks for Truckers to measure and ensure the safety of the truckload. This height stick for car haulers and heavy cargo haulers can help truckers meet clearance height standards anywhere. Here at Mytee Products, our Load Height Measuring Stick can make sure you know the exact height of your oversized load and ensure the safety of your materials. Regardless of trailer style, whether or Car Haulers, these height sticks for trucks can ensure that your oversized load meets clearance standards. We have all the equipment you need to make life on the road easier and safer.

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Height Measuring Sticks For Loads

There’s nothing more reassuring to a flatbed trucker than using Mytee Products’ Load Height Measuring Stick. Knowing the exact height of your truck’s load can help you meet clearance height requirements in every state. Our orange load measuring stick features both imperial and metric measurements that allow you to use it worldwide.

Speaking of measurements, the truckload height stick starts at the height of 53”. Mytee Products even offers them in sizes 15ft and 20ft, depending on your flatbed needs.

In addition to being a universal device, our oversize load measuring stick is made of heavy-duty fiberglass, which makes it resistant to corrosion and even non-conductive to electricity. Making a trucker’s life all the more easier, the height stick for car haulers and the like can be stored away in its matching black carrying bag. Lightweight and versatile, this vehicle height measuring pole can come in handy when hauling oversized equipment across states.

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Given all these neat features of our Load Height Measuring Stick, it’s no wonder Mytee Products remains at the forefront of the e-commerce trucking industry. Truckers will be guaranteed high-quality wide load signs, flatbed products, and trucking supplies that are sold at an affordable price.