Container Caster Wheels

Moving your goods has never been easier than using Mytee Products container caster wheels. These cargo container wheels help you easily move your Shipping Container and make loading procedures go by faster. Also, putting wheels on a Container will allow you to turn it into a storage unit.

We offer all kinds, including big or small caster wheels with double or single wheels. They all have high working load limits, ensuring they're able to support extreme cargo. We even offer our alternative option, the Container Skate Assembly with a Twist Lock, which allows you to move your Conex container within an enclosed facility. There's nothing better than having your Shipping Container on wheels. With tons of expertise in the e-commerce business, our company knows what goes into making great heavy-duty caster wheels.

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  1. Shipping Container Caster Wheels (Single Wheel)
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  3. Shipping Container Rugged Caster Wheel (Dual Wheel), 4000 lbs WLL
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  4. Container Dolly for Towing ISO Shipping Container - 32 Ton
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What Are Shipping Container Wheels?

The wheels for a Shipping Container come with a variety of uses. Their main function is to help give your container more maneuverability.

Let’s take a look at all the advantages that come with making your container more mobile:

  • Heavy-duty construction: Heavy-duty Swivel caster wheels can be used to help transport building materials and equipment such as concrete blocks and compressors across a construction site. It even streamlines the process, making you work more efficiently and faster.  

  • Fast Container Handling: Our Shipping Container Casters in general make it easier to transport your containers anywhere in your warehouse and even onto a truck. They especially play a critical role in moving your Conex Containers across shipyards, terminals, and ports. 

  • Time & Labor Savings: They also help you save time during loading and unloading procedures when transporting your cargo containers via a ship or truck. 

  • Easy maneuverability: Not to mention, conex container wheels will allow you to easily move your Cargo Container sideways or within confined spaces. 

  • Durable materials: Even better, these removable Shipping Container Wheels boast with strength. They’re made out of durable materials which include Nylon, Polyurethane, or Solid Rubber. A container caster wheel’s construction makes them resistant to any wear and tear and offers plenty of traction. Equally important, it gives them the ability to manage heavy-duty loads. 

  • Suitable For Industrial Use: Our iso container wheels' durability and high working load limits allow them to easily move your larger industrial equipment within a warehouse.

The Endless Features & Specifications

There’s a wealth of great features to love about our ISO Container Casters as well. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

The Types Of Caster Wheels We Offer

Our container caster wheels come with different working load limits, so you can move heavier loads easily. We have multiple options for caster wheels, have a look:

  • Caster Wheel with Single Wheel:  Our caster wheels with brakes can help you maneuver your container around a warehouse facility more efficiently. These container casters have working load limits that are 6,600 lbs and 11,000 lbs.

  • Caster Wheel with Dual Wheel: Similarly, these storage container casters have a WLL that goes from 6,600 lbs to 11,000 lbs. For a 4-unit assembly, that WLL increases to 30,800 lbs and 48,500 lbs. These heavy-duty caster wheels with brakes pack twice the power to help you move your Storage Container. These shipping container moving wheels offer better weight distribution and stability for your cargo boxes.  

  • Rugged Caster Wheel with Dual Wheel: On the other hand, our sturdier swivel rugged caster wheel boasts with strength with a WLL of 4,000 lbs and 11,000 lbs for a 4-unit assembly. This rugged style offers an entirely new level of stability for your Container. The solid rubber wheels and the small extra support wheel will ensure your container is balanced and can easily be transported onto a truck. 

  • Container Skates Set: Our skates assembly takes the heavy-weight champ title, with a working load limit of 70,500 lbs. Container skate assembly is great at keeping your container locked in place and offers effortless maneuvering of your container. Its 32 wheels even offer a greater level of stability than our container swivel caster wheels. The assembly is best used for indoor container usage.

The Wheel & Frame Material

As previously mentioned, our wide selection of caster wheels with brakes and a lock is made out of durable materials like Polyurethane, Nylon, and Solid Rubber. They each feature a steel frame as well, making them all the more durable. Shipping container wheels for moving your heavier cargo also come in selected colors, including yellow, blue, and grey.

The Wheel Dimensions

Additionally, our ISO container casters come in various dimensions suited to fit all your storage container needs. Their widths are 2 ½", 2 ¾", 3", 4" and 6-3/10". Our wheels to move your shipping container also have diameters ranging from 7-17/20" to 21-3/10". The heights can be as low as 15-¾" to 30" high.

The Twist Lock & Wheel Lock Mechanism

Shipping container wheels also feature twist and wheel lock mechanisms that help them easily attach and stabilize your ISO Containers. In particular, the twist lock is made out of casting steel that helps establish a secure attachment that won’t let go.

The Wide Range Of Container Caster Wheels Mytee Products Has!

Mytee Products has a wide selection of heavy-duty caster wheels with locks to choose from. Check out our inventory below:

  Single Wheel with 6600 lbs WLL Single Wheel with 11000 lbs WLL Dual Wheel with 6600 lbs WLL Dual Wheel with 11000 lbs WLL
  Single Wheel with 11000 lbs WLL Dual Wheel with 6600 lbs WLL Dual Wheel with 11000 lbs WLL
  Single-wheel casters with a WLL of 6,600 lbs are built to support your heavier loads. These shipping container caster wheels may only have a single wheel but they can pack some serious strength. They can easily move your container around a shipyard or across a construction site without any issues. This double-wheel style means twice the durability and flexibility for your Sea Containers. It features a twist lock and two brakes. Dual shipping container casters also offer better weight distribution and balance for your Containers.
Color Yellow Yellow Yellow Grey
15-3/4 Inches
17-3/10 Inches 15-3/4 Inches 15-3/4 Inches
Frame Material Steel Steel Steel Steel
Wheel Width 2-3/4 Inches 4 Inches 2-1/2 Inches (Single Wheel) 3 Inches (Single Wheel)
Wheel Material Polyurethane / Nylon Polyurethane Polyurethane Nylon
Wheel Diameter 8 Inches 7-17/20 Inches 7-17/20 Inches 7-17/20 Inches
Working Load Limit 6600 lbs per Unit 11,000 lbs per Unit 6600 lbs per Unit 11,000 lbs per Unit
WLL 4 Units Assembly - 48,500 lbs 30,800 lbs 48,500 lbs
Wheel Configuration Single Wheel with Brakes Single Wheel with Brakes Dual Wheels with Brakes Dual Wheels with Brakes