G70 Transport Chains

Flatbed trucking requires using several types of equipment to transport cargo safely to its final destination. In particular, G70 transport chains help tie down and secure heavy-duty loads such as cars or tree logs. Our top-selling chain, the G70, is known in the trucking world as a “truckers chain.” This grade is a high-quality, strong carbon steel chain that’s been heat treated and used for load securement. Oftentimes, they’re used to tie-down trailers.

Here at Mytee Products, we make sure our truck tie-down chains meet NACM standards. Customers can be reassured that our tie-down chains will provide everything from the traceability code, the manufacturing ID Symbol, and the Weight Load Limit (WLL). Not to mention, our transport chains have a much higher load rating. Additionally, they have a unique elasticity that allows them to move with your cargo without breaking under pressure.

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  1. Grade 70 Transport Binder Chain (Different Sizes Available)
  2. Transport Chains G70 NACM Long Link Made in USA Columbus McKinnon
  3. Grade 70 Transport Binder Chain Bulk (Uncut / No Hooks)
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Transport Chain at Mytee Products

We offer a wide variety of G70 transport chain sizes to choose from such as 1/4  inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. Even better, we are able to get better pricing from our manufacturers and pass those savings on to our customers. We carry both domestic, made in USA transport chains as well as import cargo chains. Mytee Products believe truckers should “Haul Safe and Earn More,” where they can buy high-quality equipment at an affordable price.

Our Popular Transport Chains

Secure Your Load Using The Right G70 Transport Chain

G70 transport chains can be used for almost any and all your essential flatbed needs. However, when it comes to load securement, it’s best to know the specifications of the chain. Unfortunately, this cargo chain isn’t designed for overhead lifting. Rather they’re best used for cargo securement only. Furthermore, Mytee Products use processes like minimum breaking force and proof testing to ensure that your G70 chain can withstand the weight of your cargo.

Chain Binder

Though, it’s always best to check for yourself which G70 tie-down chain is best suited for your load on a flatbed trailer. First things first, making sure your chain is free of damage or rust can guarantee your materials arrive safely. More importantly, when using the above chart, checking for the correct embossed markings and the size of your G70 chains will tell you the weight load limit each one can withstand.

Also check out our G80, G100, and G120 Chains options and our chain binder inventory to secure your load more safely.

Buy Single Tie-Down Chain or Choose In Bulk

Our G70 transport chains come packed with all the essentials you need to secure your loads. These load-securing chains have two hooks on either side, marked with their WLL. Additionally, they come in certain cut lengths that can range from 12, 16  to 25 feet.

On the other hand, if you’d rather cut the chains and put the hooks on yourself, be sure to purchase them in bulk. These come in barrels and are sold as one single length. All in all, these transport chains can make a great addition to any flatbed trucker’s arsenal.