4-Inch Winch Straps

Mytee Products’ 4-Inch Winch Straps can make trucker life easier. These tie-down straps are designed to secure any heavy-duty cargo, whether that be appliances, tree logs or even pipes. We sell a wide variety of 4-inch winch straps with a variety of end fittings, such as flat, wire and even D-ring hooks. Additionally, our winch straps come in different colors and sizes to fit your flatbed trucking needs.

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12 Items

  1. 4" Winch Strap with Flat Hook
  2. 4" Winch Strap with Flat Hook - Kinedyne
  3. Kinedyne K Force Winch Straps 6670 WLL
    As low as $19.99
  4. 4" x 30' Winch Straps w/ Flat Hook, 6,670 Lbs WLL
  5. Kinedyne Winch Strap 4"x30' w/ Flat Hook Rhino Max Abrasion Webbing 6670 WLL
    As low as $22.99
  6. Kinedyne 4 in. x 30 ft. Winch Strap with Chain Anchor
    As low as $21.99
  7. Winch Strap with Chain Anchor
  8. 4 in. x 30 ft. Winch Strap with Delta Ring
    As low as $11.49
  9. 4" x 30' Winch Strap w/ Sewn Loop WLL 5400 lbs
    As low as $10.49
  10. Winch Strap 4" x 30' with Flat Hook WLL 5400 lbs with Cordura Sleeve - Black
  11. 4" x 30' Winch Strap w/ Flat Hook Webbing (Reflective Yellow)
    As low as $10.99
  12. 4" x 30' Winch Strap with Wire Hook, Flatbed tie down straps WLL 5400 lbs
    As low as $10.49
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4-Inch Winch Straps to Protect Heavy-Duty Cargo

Matching up your 4-inch winch strap with the weight of your cargo can play a huge role in cargo securement. Be sure to refer to the WLL printed on each winch strap to determine if it’ll be strong enough to support your cargo.

Additionally, we recommend truckers use plastic corner protectors to protect your 4-inch winch straps. More importantly, they can prevent cargo crushing and promote better load distribution. The better your winch straps are, the safer your cargo will be.

Our 4-Inch Flatbed Straps Construction

Made out of heavy-duty, polyester webbing, our 4-inch winch straps are made to handle any type of heavy-duty cargo. In particular, the webbing keeps your load secure because of the minimal stretching. Additionally, the polyester material makes them resistant to early wear and tear. These tie-down straps can withstand any type of inclement weather.

Take A Look At Our Inventory

Since 4-inch Winch Straps are in such high demand, we’ve gone the extra mile to provide customers with a list of all the different types, sizes, colors and end-fittings we offer:

4-inch Winch Straps With Flat Hooks

  • Winch Strap With Flat Hook: First off, comes our 4-Inch Winch Straps with a flat hook. The end fitting’s steel composition and black powder-coated finish give it a long-lasting quality. Truckers should keep in mind that this winch strap has a WLL of 5,400 lbs.
  • Winch Straps With Flat Hook 6, 670 lbs: On the other hand, these winch straps with a flat hook are stronger than other winch straps and a G70 3/8” chain. Though, these 4-inch winch straps are made with a special poly Urethane-coated webbing that makes them resistant to abrasion. Additionally, they have a WLL of 6,670 lbs and come in the colors yellow or orange.
  • Winch Strap With Flat Hook Webbing (Reflective Yellow): Another 4-inch winch strap belonging to the flat hook family, comes in this reflective yellow style. The reflective center line creates higher visibility during severe weather storms. Falling on the lower side of things, this 4-inch winch strap with a flat hook has a WLL of 5,400 lbs.

4-inch Winch With Chain Anchors

  • Winch Strap with Wire Hook: Similar to the previous style, these 4-inch flatbed straps have the same WLL, breaking strength and coloring. More importantly, this flatbed strap winch is 30 feet long, providing the best protection for your cargo.

4-Inch Winch Straps With Delta Rings

  • Winch Strap With Delta Ring: These tie-down straps also come with the same WLL, coloring, breaking strength and 30-foot length as the previous style. More importantly, they offer both strength and versatility for any heavy-duty job. Specifically, the delta rings offer you a wide variety of anchoring points for any type of load.

4-Inch Winch Straps with Sewn Loop

  • Winch Strap With Sewn Loop WLL: Weighing in at only 5,000 lbs, these 4-inch straps for flatbed trucking aren’t like the previous ones. Rather, this style comes with a sewn loop as an end fitting. We recommend using this style for towing applications.

We sell the best, high-quality products in the e-commerce trucking industry. Our 4-inch winch straps offer the greatest strength, versatility and durability for your flatbed trailer. As always, “Haul Safe, Earn More” when you shop at Mytee Products.