Ground Protection Mats & Accessories

Are you driving heavy equipment over lawns, loose surfaces, or concrete? Then you need heavy-duty Ground Protection Mats from Mytee Products. Using these temporary roadway mats is easy. Simply lay them on any surface you need to drive heavy machinery on and get to work. Our Ground Protection Mats have a working load limit of 120,000 lbs and a crush rating of 240 PSI. Basically, our heavy-duty Protection Mats can withstand extremely heavy machinery. At the end of the day, you’ll keep your lawn and surfaces safe from harm. Here at Mytee Products, we have several heavy equipment mats for sale. Shop high-quality surface protection mats and provide extra safety to your construction sites, lawns, equipment, and outdoor activities.

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  1. Ground Protection Mats - Black, Double Sided Diamond Plate Tread Design
  2. Ground Protection Mats - Tan, Diamond Plated/ Smooth Plate Tread Design
  3. Heavy-Duty Ground Protection Mat - White, Diamond Plated
  4. 48"x16"x1/2" Recovery Traction Mats for Snow, Mud - Black
    As low as $79.99
  5. Heavy-Duty Curved Ground Protection Mats - Black Diamond Plated
  6. Single Connectors for Ground Protection Mats, Two way Locking
    As low as $3.99
  7. Double Connectors For Ground Protection Mats, Four Way Locking
    As low as $8.99
  8. 4' x 4' Ground Protection Mat 6 Strips w/ Chains - Black, Diamond Plate Tread
    As low as $124.99
  9. Mytee Medium Outrigger Pad - Black
  10. Round Outrigger Pads
  11. Heavy-Duty Outrigger Pads w/ Recessed Radius - Black
  12. 5' X 4' X 6" UHMWPE Crane Mat w/ Removable Lifting Shoulder Eye Bolts - 80 Ton Capacity
  13. Cribbing Block Stacker 6" x 7" x 24" - Black - High Density Polymer Material
    As low as $139.99
  14. Black Cribbing Block Base Plate 2" x 24" x 24" - High Density Polymer Material
    As low as $88.89
  15. 34" Chrome Fifth Wheel Pin Puller w/ Lifting Hook
    As low as $8.99
  16. (4 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats Kit w/ Single Connectors - TAN, Heavy Equipment Mats
  17. (4 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats Kit w/ Single Connectors, Heavy Equipment Mats
  18. (4 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats Kit w/ Single Connectors - White, Heavy Equipment Mats
  19. (6 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats Kit w/ Single Connectors - Black, Heavy Equipment Mats
  20. (6 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats With Single Connectors - Tan, Heavy Equipment Mats
  21. (12 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats With Single Connectors - Black, Heavy Equipment Mats
  22. (12 Pcs) Ground Protection Mats With Single Connectors - Tan, Heavy Equipment Mats
  23. 12 Piece Super Stacker Cribbing Block w/ 2 Base Plate Set - High Density Polymer Material
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What are Ground Protection Mats, Lawn Protection Mat, and Track Mats?

These Protection Mats are commonly found in the construction and landscaping industries. Oftentimes, they’re used to drive heavy vehicles and machinery onto the worksite. These grass mats for construction protection will stabilize the weight of your BobCat and prevent it from sinking into the ground. If you’re not careful, these vehicles can leave a path of destruction wherever they go.

Additionally, crew workers need a secure pathway to carry their supplies back and forth to the work area. At the end of the day, they keep you and your materials safe on a construction job.

In relation to home life, heavy-duty mats can even protect your floors during a home renovation or a big move. All you have to do is lay them down on the surface you want to protect and start working. During an outdoor home project, these floor protection mats can protect your lawn and garden bed from unwanted damage. Basically, Construction mats for heavy equipment keep your worksite, and lawn grass safe at all times.

Various Uses of Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment

These HDPE mat's versatility makes them useful for any job. Let’s explore the different types of mats and how they can be utilized:

Landscaping Lawn Protection Mats Construction Sites Ground Protection Floor Protection Mats

Landscaping Lawn Protection Mats

Construction Sites Ground Protection

Floor Protection Mats

Landscaping Lawn Protection Mats are best at protecting your lawn and the environment in general. Here are just some of the ways they can help preserve Mother Nature’s greeny:

  • This landscape rubber mat can prevent soil erosion

  • They can be used for tree pruning, maintenance, and fences. 

  • Landscaping Mats can help establish watercourses and ponds

  • Additionally, they’ve helped aid the relocation of underground irrigation systems in agricultural areas.

  • Lastly, these protection mats for grass have aided the construction of playgrounds and public parks.

For a construction job, these mats create a stable platform to travel along and protect your equipment. Here are examples of how they can make your worksite safer:

  • Surface protection Mattings allows you to carry your supplies to and from your worksite 

  • Their anti-slippage construction keeps you from having an accident

  • They prevent your construction vehicles and machinery from falling into a pit

  • These HDPE mats also prevent rutting and soil compaction.

  • These construction mats are chemical oil-resistant and perform well at worksites.

As mentioned previously, these heavy-duty mats protect the floors of your home during big moves and home projects. Let’s look at just some of the ways these mats can save your floors:

  • You can carry your furniture and appliances inside your home without scratching up the floors. 

  • Floor protection mats also keep your floors safe from harm during home improvement projects.

Temporary Access Pathway Tree Removal & Trimming Waterproof Mats for Drilling

Temporary Access Pathway

Tree Removal & Trimming

Waterproof Mats for Drilling

Often referred to as Track Mats, these mats primarily provide an access pathway over the ground. Here are just some of the ways Track Mats are used:

  • They create a secure platform over fragile, wet, or muddy soil

  • These mats protect fragile ground

  • This Turf Protection Mat prevents soil compaction

  • Most importantly, they help you transport materials to and from your worksite

Additionally, these heavy-duty mats act as a protective barrier for the surrounding areas of your landscape during the tree removal process. Check out the ways in which they can help keep you and your landscape safe:

  • These 4'x8' High-Density Polyethylene Ground Mats can ensure the safety of the workers and their equipment. 

  • Also, they help create a stable platform for workers to carry felled trees and branches in a safe manner. 

  • They can stabilize the soil and prevent runoff. 

  • Before you start cutting down trees, use the mats to protect underground structures from unwanted damage. 

  • These Mats have flexible material and a Diamond Pattern Tread Design that provides a stable platform to replant all new trees and shrubs.

The next type of mat, referred to as Waterproof mats, provides a secure work surface for drilling operations in water-based areas. Let’s check out some of their benefits:

  • These specialized ground mats are eco-friendly and protect your lawn

  • They promote a safe working environment

  • Even better, this type of mat helps yield successful drilling operations.


The 5 Key Features of Ground Protection Mats

Here are 5 key features that’ll make you love these Mats from Mytee Products even more:

  • Made up of 100% HDPE.

  • It weighs only 40-60-95 lbs (varies according to the dimension).

  • Capable of enduring extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

  • Working Load Limit is 60-70-80 Tons capacity with a high crush rating of 240 PSI. 

  • Diamond Plate Tread/Smooth on Bottom Pattern for excellent traction

 7 Key Features of Ground Protection Mats


Here Are Some Options For Ground Protection Mats

Variety of Options for Ground Protection Matting

Though, the swoon-worthy features don’t stop there. Our Grass Protection Mats also come in various colors, sizes, weights, and load capacity. Take a look:

  • Offered in sizes 2’x8’, 3’x8’ and 4’x8’

  • Color - Ground Protection Mat in Tan & black

  • Weight - 40 lbs, 59 lbs, 95 lbs 

  • Working Load Limit - 60 Tons, 70 Tons, 80 Tons

Other Accessories for Turf Protection Mats

Mytee Products Ground protection mats come with connector accessories which are used to connect two or more together for ample area. Each connector has a top & bottom plate with inbuilt nuts. The bottom plate comes with inbuilt threaded nuts so no need to worry about tightening the nuts. Available connector types are listed below: 

All the metal Connector plates & screws come with a galvanized coating to prevent rusting. Kindly remove the connectors before washing them to prevent a forced rusting process.



 Why Mytee Products Ground Protection Mats?

Ground Protection Matting from Mytee Products offers you superior strength, and durability and ensures safety and protection more than Plywood and other ordinary mats. These heavy-duty protection mats are manufactured with a Diamond Plate Tread that gives you better traction for your vehicle. Our ground construction mats are flexible and can support up to 60 tons of loads easily.

Mytee Products Ground Protection Mats Features

Care & Maintenance

Mytee Products Ground Protection Mats are pretty sturdy and rugged material but still, it requires a little maintenance & care. After usage of Protection Mats, Wash it using the tap water with mild detergent if required and store it in a Rack after drying.

Note: Kindly wash the mats after removing the connectors as it prevents rusting of connectors.

  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight; it may heat up to a hot temperature & make it difficult for you to carry it by hand. 

  • Avoid using sharp pointing objects often because it can cause some wear & tear to the mats.

  • Do some regular inspections at certain intervals of time for wear & tears.

  • Stackup the mats after usage & store them in a rack.

Free and Speedy Shipping

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Questions & Answers

How Do I Use Ground Protection Mats?

Using temporary roadway mats is as simple as it gets. Simply lay them down on any surface you need to work or drive on. If you have a large work area, connect several mats together. Once the job is done, use water and mild detergent to clean your Mats for heavy equipment.

Will A HDPE Mat Break If It’s Bent?

Given its durable construction, lawn mats for heavy equipment can handle just about anything. For one, these HDPE mats have a crushing rate of 240 PSI. In other words, they come pretty sturdy. You can bend them and they won’t break, even under extreme pressure.

What Are Track Mats?

On the other hand, Track Mats are rubbery platforms designed solely to create a stable surface for your industrial vehicles and equipment to travel along. In greater detail, their rugged design provides traction and helps evenly distribute the weight of your machinery over the ground. This stops it from sinking into the ground.

How Can You Protect The Ground From Heavy Equipment?

As previously mentioned, Ground Protection Mats protect the ground from heavy machinery. Specifically, Protection Mats will prevent your footprints and vehicle tires from leaving a permanent indentation on the grass. With a 0.5’’ thickness, you won’t have to worry about damaging the environment.

How Much Do Ground Protection Mats Weight?

A standard Ground Protection Mat at Mytee Products weighs about 40 lbs. These heavy equipment mats are a portable, lightweight option and a terrific investment for all industrial projects. Easy to install and remove, Ground Protection Mats are a must-have.

Can we use Ground Protection Mats as ramps?

It is important to note that Mytee Products Ground protection mats don't have the structural strength of ramps & it is flexible. So you cannot use its ramps.

Which size of ground protection mats should I choose?

Mytees products have ground protective matting in three different dimensions. You should choose a certain dimension of the mat according to the requirements given below. 2ft width x 8ft length: This size of mats can be used for domestic purposes such as pavement area, underneath home appliances in homes to protect floorings, etc. 3ft width x 8ft length: This size of the mat can be used on a temporary working floor inside the room or hall. 4ft width x 8ft length: This size of mat is majorly used for industrial purposes such as to create a temporary working floor or a temporary roadway to transport heavy vehicles.