D-Rings and Tie Down Anchor Points

Knowing and utilizing tie-down anchor points on your trailers or trucks is essential to properly secure your cargo! Most trucks and trailers already have anchor points in the front and back, which are sufficient when using tie-down anchors like S-hooks. However, when you have cargo that requires extra security or anchor points, D-rings come in handy! D-Rings and their accessories allow you to customize your trailer for specific loads or tie-down anchors! However, choosing the right D-rings and tie-down anchor points for you depends on the functions required of your trailer.

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15 Items

  1. 1" Bent Forged D-Ring w/ Weld On Clip
    As low as $11.99
  2. Heavy Duty Weld-On Forged D Ring
  3. 5/8" Forged D-ring Anchor Point - Bolt-On
    As low as $13.49
  4. 1/2" Bolt-On D Ring - White Blue Zinc
    As low as $2.29
  5. Flush Mount D-Ring Tie Downs w/ Plastic Pan Fittings - 1,000 lbs WLL
    As low as $1.69
  6. 1/2" Extended Forged D-Ring w/ Weld On Mounting Bracket
    Regular Price $4.99
    Special Price $3.19
  7. 3/8" Floor Chain Tie Down for Trailers
  8. G70 3/8" Weld On Floor Tie Down Assembly - Made in USA
    As low as $28.49
  9. Bolt-On D-Ring Lashing Points for Shipping Containers
    As low as $10.99
  10. J-Plate Aluminum Extruded Tie-Down 7200 Lbs WLL (Compatible with East Trailers)
    Regular Price $19.99
    Special Price $15.99
  11. Mac J-Plate Aluminum Extruded Tie-Down 7900 Lbs WLL (2015 or newer trailers)
    As low as $22.99
  12. Reitnouer J-Plate Aluminum Extruded Tie-Down 6700 Lbs WLL
    As low as $17.99
  13. Benson J-Plate Removable Tie Down Aluminum Extrude, 6600 lbs WLL
    As low as $12.99
  14. Recessed D-Ring with Plate, 6000 lbs Capacity (4 Packs)
    Regular Price $16.99
    Special Price $12.49
  15. Utility Trailer Bolt On Stake Pocket Bracket
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What are D-rings and Anchor Points?

Trailer D-rings and tie-down anchor points are built to help you secure straps or chains to your trailer and truck, and are essential for ensuring the safety of your cargo! With so many types of anchor points, choosing the right tie-down system heavily depends on the type of loads you are hauling or wish to haul.

For example, recessed tie-down rings and folding D-rings won’t get in the way of cargo as you load or unload it from your trailer while rotating anchor rings let you secure straps or chains from multiple angles to fit the size or type of load!

A D-ring is a piece of hardware generally molded and shaped like the letter D and can be secured to a D-ring strap or directly to the surface of a truck or trailer. When it comes to truck anchor points, there are two types of systems:

  1. Single-point anchors are made to mount to flat surfaces or truck bed pockets. These include anchors such as moveable, stake pockets, cleats, surface mount anchors, recessed anchors, and welded D-rings.
  2. For haulers who transport multiple or a variety of loads at once, track systems are built for you! Track systems are versatile and installed on flat surfaces to provide a row of attachment points for tie-down straps. There are two types of track systems: O-track and E-track. While O-tracks are commonly installed on a pickup truck or UTV rails and floors, E-tracks are easy to attach and remove, keep a low profile and take up little space, and provide a lot of options when it comes to building your custom tie-down system.

Benefits of D-Rings and Tie-Down Anchor Points

  • Aluminum tie-down and D-rings have better corrosion resistance than steel and are perfect for high chloride environments!
  • Stainless steel D-rings with clips can be used if the same cargo will be secured in the same position over and over, to increase your loading efficiency.
  • D-rings available in forged steel have a variety of sizes for a variety of cargo types! Working Load Limits up to 47,000 lbs are possible with forged steel D-rings!
  • Their simple designs, flat tie-down anchor points, and folding D-rings allow for an easy surface for quick and easy mounting.
  • Sold in convenient packs, having several D-ring anchors allows you to install extra tie-down points in the best locations on your trailer or truck for maximum security and fixing points.
  • Break-tested time and time again to ensure our trailer D-rings and anchor points live up to their load limit and break rating!
  • Surface treated to be rust-proof and durable for a long-lasting, worthwhile commitment!
  • With the easy installation of our truck anchor points, purchase and use our D-rings and tie-downs with confidence and peace of mind that your cargo will remain safe and secured to your trailer or truck bed!

How D-Rings and Tie-Down Anchor Points Are Useful in Cargo Control

  • According to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, debris deposited on roadways contributed to an estimated 25,000 crashes in 2001, with a significant amount of debris coming from items that weren’t properly secured in truck beds. Ensuring your cargo is tied down tightly and properly is not just important to the safety of your load but to the safety of other drivers on the road.
  • Without quality tie-down points you cannot guarantee a load is secured. Using truck anchor points makes your job and transportation easier and stress-free. Properly designed tie-down anchor points have a rated capacity and working load limit, and using up to six anchor points will spread out the working load, reducing the amount of strain put on each anchor and thus increasing their reliability and lifespan!
  • Hauling is one of the most demanding, stressful jobs out there. Haulers have to deal with obstacles like traffic, weather, and other drivers; worrying whether or not your cargo is safely secured shouldn’t be more weight on your shoulders! Taking the time to safely and properly secure your items to your trailer or truck bed with tie-down anchor points and D-rings will ease your mind on the road!
  • Fastening D-rings to your truck or trailer helps create an extra tie-down point so you can transport more or heavier cargo safely!
  • Periodically checking that your D-rings are properly secured, the screws or bolts have not loosened over time, never exceeding the working load limits, and removing D-rings that show signs of damage, wear, or tear ensures that your tie-down application doesn’t weaken over time.

Good, strong anchoring points are the foundation of good tie-down techniques. At Mytee Products, you can haul easy knowing you aren’t settling for weak products! Our high-quality D-rings and anchor points are break-tested in-house, and will hold if you follow the proper working load limits!

When outfitting a D-ring trailer, consider all tie-down points and determine if it would be cost-effective to buy our D-rings in bulk. And if you don’t see a tie-down point you need for your cargo needs, don’t fear! Contact us today to discuss custom D-ring, E-track, and tie-down solutions!