Cargo Net

Cargo Net

Cargo Nets are the perfect solution for hauling cargo in the back of your pickup truck or van. Stop your haul from moving or falling out with a heavy duty cargo net from Mytee Products. Constructed from heavy duty polyester webbing, and featuring multiple D-Rings Cargo Nets are strong enough to hold large items and can be anchored down at several points for extra security. These are the best cargo nets for trucks on the market.

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What is a Cargo Net?

Cargo nets are like any other net, only their main purpose is to secure heavy duty cargo. They are crafted from heavy duty polyester webbing which gives them a high breaking strength. Cargo Nets are most commonly used to secure cargo in the back of a pickup truck, but they can also be used in vans, trailers, or really just about anywhere. Cargo Nets for trucks can also be lined with other materials so they can be used to keep cargo protected from weather.

Whether you need to secure bags of dirt for a landscaping job or simply tie down a couch you’re moving across town, Cargo Nets from Mytee Products are the perfect option for securing cargo in your pickup truck bed.

Important Features of Cargo Nets

There are some important aspects which are associated with cargo net. Let’s discuss the features of cargo nets in detail.

1. Heavy Duty Polyester Webbing:

Heavy Duty Polyester webbing is also used in our heavy duty ratchet and winch straps. Its impressive breaking strength of 10,000lbs will allow you to haul cargo with peace of mind that our net won’t break. The webbing grid leaves 8 Inch squares in the net.

2. D-Rings:

We’ve lined our tarps with several D-Rings so you can tie down the net from all sides. Mytee Products understands that the tie down point is crucial, so we use high quality D-Rings you can depend on.

3. Different Materials for Weather Protection:

We offer our standard truck cargo net which has open squares throughout the webbing. This will be fine when hauling one large item in nice weather, but hauling isn’t always so simple.

4. Mesh Cargo Net:

We offer a Mesh Cargo net which traps small, loose items within the net, but also allows for airflow between the external environment and the cargo.

5. Vinyl Cargo Net:

We also offer a Vinyl Cargo Net which employs the same heavy duty 18oz vinyl we use on our waterproof flatbed tarps. This material is waterproof so your cargo will stay completely dry. When it comes to cargo nets from Mytee Products, we offer multiple materials to suit your specific needs.

6. Tie Downs:

Our cargo nets come with either S-Hook Ratchet Straps or Cam Buckle Straps so you can tie down your Cargo Net to your anchor points.

How to Use Cargo Nets?

Cargo Nets are extremely simple to use. Simply drape them over the cargo you want to secure and tie them down. We have several videos demonstrating how to use them so please go check them out!