Farming Supplies

At Mytee Products we have a neat selection of farming equipment and agriculture supplies to choose from. Our company offers everything from sickle guards, hay tarps, grease, and fluid, to even cowbells for the everyday farmer. Whether you need help tracking your livestock, harvesting your crops more efficiently, or extending the life of your harvester combine, Mytee Products has you covered. Our agricultural products will enhance your productivity, allowing you to work faster and safer on your farm.

Farm Supplies & Equipment

 We have worked extensively to offer an enormous collection of farming equipment and agriculture supplies ranging from sickle guards, hay tarps, grease, and fluids to even cowbells for covering the daily requirements of the farmer. All our products are certified and align with the industry standards, ensuring you maximum productivity and letting you perform your agricultural operation with sheer perfection. Check out our extensive inventory of high-quality agriculture tools and equipment that’ll make your life on the farm easier: 

Farm supplies & Equipments

Storage Buildings

If you need help storing your hay bales, protecting your crops and your farming equipment, take advantage of our various hay storage buildings: 

Shipping Container Building Shelter Hay Storage Building Single Truss Hoop Shelter Double Truss Building Shelters 30'(W) x 40'(L) x 22'(H)

Shipping Container Building Shelter

Hay Storage Building-Single Truss Hoop Shelter

The Double Truss Building Shelters

Our Shipping Container shelters come in handy for several uses, such as providing a storage unit for your farming supplies and tractors, setting up temporary offices, and housing your livestock. Specifically, our farm equipment covers (without end walls) feature a 21 oz 610 gsm PVC. These sturdy structures are great at protecting your farming tools and machinery from inclement weather. This 20' x 30' x 12' hay storage building is designed to house your farming machinery and hay bales. Its frame is created of Heavy Duty 17 Gauge Galvanized Steel, protecting your hay from getting destroyed during rainstorms or high winds. It is an ideal choice to protect your hay from wind, rain, sun, and snow as its cover is constructed of PVC fabric, which is waterproof, UV resistant, and fire retardant. Our 30' x 40' x 22' Double Truss Building Shelters offer more of a homey feel and look for your farming materials. Their frame is made of galvanized steel pipe, the cover constructed out of PVC fabric and it can hold up against extreme weather conditions. Even better, this farm storage building features a unique mechanical rolled-up front door and zipped Rolled back door.

Hay Tarps

At Mytee Products, we understand just how valuable your livestock and crops are to your line of work. We’ve decided to make your job easier by adding Hay Tarps to our farming catalog. These shelters are inexpensive and simple to use. You’ll have adequate shelter for your hay bales.

Heavy-Duty Waterproof Hay Tarps Hay Tarp Side Walls and Underlayment

 Heavy-Duty Waterproof Hay Tarps

  Hay Tarp Side Walls and Underlayment

When it comes to Hay Covers, this style is a must-have for any farmer. This tarp is made with heavy-duty fabric, has 14 x 14 weave, 1600 Denier Thread, comes UV treated, and is waterproof. Even better, these agriculture tarps come in either silver or black coloring. Our Hay Tarp with side curtains and underlayment can help make your hay more valuable and reduce waste. This hay cover tarp is perfect for establishing a barrier between your haystack and moisture on the ground. Additionally, our farm tarps have a thickness of 11 mil, a 14 x 14 weave, and come UV-treated. It’s also featured in black or white coloring.

Skid Steer Loader Attachment

We also offer a wide assortment of Skid Steer farm attachments. These farming parts attach to your tractor loaders and skid steer loaders, allowing you to complete several tasks at one time. You can do anything from breaking up solid ground, laying down pipes, removing snow to moving around hay bales.

Skid Steer Quick Attach Steel Mount Plate Backhoe Thumb Excavator Bolt On Universal Claw Attachment 2 Ball Mount  Receiver with Clamp On Trailer Hitch for Tractor Buckets

Skid Steer Quick Attach Steel Mount Plate

16-1/2" Backhoe Thumb Excavator - Bolt On Universal Claw Attachment

2" Ball Mount Receiver w/ Clamp-On Trailer Hitch for Tractor Buckets

This universal skid steer quick attachment offers both compatibility and durability for your farming machinery. It’s made out of G50 steel, comes in black powder coating, can be welded on, and has a universal fit. It allows for quick, hassle-free attachment and can fit any tractor loader. More importantly, these attachments keep corrosion and rust down to a minimum.  On the other hand, this skid steer attachment comes with a wealth of great features. This style has five adjustable positions, a user-friendly bolt-on design, and is made with heavy-duty G50 steel. Our Backhoe Thumb Excavator attachment offers both compatibility and effortless control. Our 2" Ball Mount Receiver with a Clamp-On Trailer Hitch for Tractor Buckets is also a perfect blend of versatility, compatibility, and durability. It features a "baffle" that keeps your hitch firmly attached to the loader bucket. Also, it comes with a removable nut, a steady receiver, and a red coating that keeps the rust away. This farming equipment can be used across several different industries as well.

Moisture Testers

Having a moisture tester will ensure the quality and overall freshness of your grass, soil, and even the concrete. This farm hardware helps you store, grow, and provide food products. Check out some of the great Moisture Testers we have in stock:

Moisture Testers

  • Agratronix Portable Hay Moisture Tester with Calibration Clip HT-PRO:

    Agratronix Portable Hay Moisture Tester has some great features that you can’t miss out on. It includes a calibration clip, 10-inch to 20-inch probe lengths, and a backlight LED display for low-visibility work areas.
  • Agratronix Moisture Tester MT-Pro 08125:

    This Moisture Tester features many of the same qualities as the previous ones but still offers some unique features. It has a direct readout for 40 different grain scales, a multi-language display, and an advanced circuit system that improves accuracy.
  • Agratronix Moisture Tester MT-Pro 08125:

    This Moisture Tester features many of the same qualities as the previous ones but still offers some unique features. It has a direct readout for 40 different grain scales, a multi-language display, and an advanced circuit system that improves accuracy.
  • AgraTronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester Meter: 

    On the other hand, this farm equipment measures any loose hay and forage from the windrow, before baling. Depending on the hay being tested, moisture levels can range from 13% to 70%. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long for those test results to come in as it only takes 30 to 60 seconds for them to show.

Steering Linkage Components

Another agriculture equipment you’ll need on hand is Steering Linkage Components, which direct the rotational motion of the steering wheel. They help provide a smooth and precise steering experience for the driver. Check out our catalog of Steering Linkage Components:

Steering Linkage Components, Trailer Hitch Pins with Locks

  • Trailer Hitch Pin with Lock

    One of the most important steering linkage components you’ll need for your agriculture vehicle is trailer hitch pins with locks. This industrial farming equipment will protect your vehicle and trailer from thieves. Our trailer hitch pin with a lock comes with a 5/8" hitch lock that will fit all standard 2" to 2 ½" receivers and a 1/2" Hitch Pin with Lock fits 1-1/4" Receiver. Not to mention, it comes with an advanced design that’ll stop thieves from detaching your trailer to steal your cargo. They’re great for just about any hitching job, allowing you to transport everything from a boat to a camper.
  • Steel Hitch Pin With A Box End

    Our Steel Hitch Pin with a Box End can make any hitching job possible. Made of high-quality steel, featuring a usable length of 4" to ⅞" and a clip, this farm hardware is made for transporting and protecting your cargo.
  • AgraLink Lynch Pins

    We also have in stock our AgraLink Lynch Pins which offer a little extra protection for your trailer. While steel pins also feature spring steel snap rings. They also come in 4 to 10 packs and range in sizes 3/16" to 7/16".
  • AgraLink Red Head Forged Hitch Pins

    These hitch pins are one of a kind. They are forged in tensile steel and come with a red vinyl-coated handle. Our hitch pins come in a black powder-coated finish, and have a usable length is 6½" and a diameter of  ¾" to ⅞".

Sickle Guards

When it comes to protecting your farming equipment, such as tractors and combine harvesters, you’ll need a first line of defense. Our Sickle Guards keep the blades of your machinery safe from rocks and debris, all while providing efficient cutting of your crops. They’re also compatible with many top-name brand mower parts. See what we have to offer:

Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your MacDon Parts Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your New Holland Parts Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your John Deere Parts

Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your MacDon Parts

 Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your New Holland Parts

Combine Platform Sickle Guard For Your John Deere Parts

This crop harvester is compatible with your MacDon parts. Its black, bident shape will easily attach to your finger beams, help facilitate the movement of your blades along your crops, and even provide protection over your cutting component. On the other hand, this sickle guard is compatible with the New Holland combined harvester parts. It also comes in a black, bident shape, and has been double-heat treated. This Sickle Guard is a must-have. Our green, three prong, or Trident shaped Sickle Guard offers much of the same qualities as the previous ones. Though, it has settled differences such as long-short-long and short-long-short patterns. It’s also compatible with your John Deere combined harvester parts.

Undercarriage Parts

We also sell a wide assortment of undercarriage parts for your steer skid loaders or mini excavators. Both our replacement and aftermarket parts will ensure your farm machinery runs for years to come:

Undercarriage Parts

  • Casted Track Sprocket For Your Kubota Parts:

    Our steel-based sprockets are great to use for your mini excavators as they help propel them forward and can put it in reverse. These farm supplies can even withstand extreme working conditions, heavy loads, and conquer any environmental obstacle thrown at them. Even better, our Sprockets can operate anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 hours.
  • Forged Top Roller For Your Caterpillar Excavator Parts:

    On the other hand, our top rollers prevent grime from seeping inside the bearings of your farm machinery. These agriculture parts increase the service life of your excavator, while also reducing the instance of wear and tear. Our Top Roller is compatible with your Caterpillar Excavator parts and other models. You’ll have both improved stability and mobility for your heavy machinery.
  • Casted Track Sprocket for Your Mustang,Takeuchi & Gehl Parts:

    This small farm equipment has compatibility, durability, and stability for your heavy machinery. It is compatible with your Mustang, Gehl, and Takeuchi skid steer loader parts. Other great features include its 16 teeth and rust roof.
  • Forged Excavator Track Bottom Roller for Your Bobcat Part:

    Similar to our Top Rollers, our Excavator Track Bottom Roller offers a high level of stability, safety, and efficiency for your farm vehicle. It’s made from heavy-duty steel and has a rust-proof and smooth finish to give it a sleek look. Our Bottom Roller is also compatible with several Bobcat Excavators, making it the perfect undercarriage part.

Farming Accessories

We have tons of farm accessories on hand for you to take advantage of. Choose from our extensive catalog of additional hardware for your steer skid loaders and excavators.

Farming Accessories

  • A Lever Handle & Pistol Grip Grease Gun, With Blaster Extra Heavy Duty Grease:

    If you need to lubricate the parts of your machinery or farm equipment parts in a fast and efficient manner, then you’ll need these grease guns on hand. Some unique features include a maximum working pressure that ranges between 5,000 to 10,000 PSI and provides a high resistance to early wear and tear over your equipment. The grease gun also offers three-way loading, which involves a Filler Pump, Cartridge, and Bulk.
  • NLGI Cartridge Blaster Grease:

    Similarly, this blaster grease offers tons of protection for your heavy farm equipment and ensures its longevity. It features an NLGI Grade 2 and a 14oz Cartridge.
  • AgraLink Kentucky Cow Bell:

    Looking to keep track of your livestock? Our 2"-3½" Cowbell produces a dull tone that can be heard at a far distance, even during sporting events. You won’t have to worry about losing your cattle.
  • AgraLink Red Hay Hook:

    Moving your hay just got easier with our 11" Red Hay Hook. This farming tool helps you move your hay barrels in a quick and efficient manner. We also sell them in bulk, coming in 1 to 10 packs.