Dump Truck Tarp Motors, Switches and Wires

Mytee Products supplies dump truck tarp motors, switches and wires. Dump truckers have to use everything from tarps to hardware parts like electric tarp motors, tarp switches and motor wiring to make your dump truck more efficient. These parts are necessary for transporting your load. Mytee Products carries these high-quality parts that are needed for dump truck tarp systems. Even better, these parts will make your dump truck run a lot smoother and your job easier in the end. Truckers like you want to go home knowing that a day's worth of work has been done right.

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12 Items

  1. Dump Truck Tarp Motor (1 Year Warranty)
  2. T-Apache 50:1 Dump Truck Tarp Motor
  3. T-Enforcer 90:1 Dump Truck Tarp Motor
    As low as $214.99
  4. T-Tomahawk 60:1 Dump Truck Tarp Motor
  5. Weatherproof Reverse Polarity Super Switch Kit
    As low as $46.43
  6. Tarp Motor Rotary Switch
    As low as $13.09
  7. Mytee Products 150 Amp Circuit Breaker, Auto Reset
    As low as $15.64
  8. Mytee Products 60 Amp Circuit Breaker, Auto Reset
    As low as $14.42
  9. 12V Grounded Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid, 150 Amps, Grounded Coils
    As low as $30.29
  10. 12V Grounded Winch Motor Reversing Solenoid Kit, 150 Amps, Rocker Switch, Terminal Rings & Mounting Hardware
    As low as $51.22
  11. T-Drone 60:1 2Hp Spur Gear
  12. Tarp Motor Rotary Switch Kit | Replaces Buyers Part # 5540710
    As low as $25.29
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Motors & Switches are Important Components of Dump Truck Tarp System

The dump truck tarp motors, wires and switch panels are an integral component of the dump truck tarping system.  Essentially, they are the driving force of your dump truck tarping system. These dump truck tarp parts enhance the performance of your dump truck, whether electric motors and controller switches be deploying the tarp over your cargo or controlling the electrical circuits of your tarping system. These components allow for better loading and unloading situations, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Our Dump Truck Tarp Motors

Dump truck tarp motors have the power to deploy and retract the tarp over a dump truck. Essentially, the motor shifts the tarp back and forth over the cargo area, depending on if you plan to cover or uncover your materials. Here at Mytee Products, we sell a wide variety of durable, manual or hydraulic motors that can also act as a replacement for other brands. In the end, a dump truck tarp motor can make your job easier. 

  • Mytee Products Dump Truck Tarp Motor: Our very own dump truck tarp motor is reversible and is suitable for dump trucks that are 28’ in length. Other neat features include an electrical current ranging from 41 AMPS to 54 AMPS, RPMs that go from 37 to 68, a 5-Hole Mounting Pattern, and it comes packed with a 30 N. M. - 55 N. M. Torquing system. All the motor gears work like a well-oiled machine should. Even better, our dump truck tarp motors have a 1-year warranty.
  • T-Apache 50: The T-Apache 50 dump truck tarp motor packs tons of power for your dump truck tarping system. It has several neat features, such as a Chrome Motor Cover, a Mounting Bracket, Mounting Hardware, a Universal ¾” x 4” Shaft, a 12 Volt Direct Drive and a 3 Year Warranty. It can only accommodate 28’ dump bodies. The T-Apache 50 can even act as a replacement part for various brand names such as Aero, Mountain Tarp and Buyers.
  • T-Enforcer 90: The T-Enforcer 90 has many of the same features as the previous motor, though there are some differences. For instance, the T-Enforcer is more compatible with 40’ dump bodies than 28’ ones. Also, the T-Enforcer 90 has a 600 Volt Direct Drive, a Worm Gear, a 5-year warranty and a 50 RPM. This dump truck tarp motor can replace name brands like Roll Rite, Buyers, and Donovan.
  • T-Tomahawk 60: Comes with a 3-year warranty T-Tomahawk 60. This electric tarp motor for your dump truck has similar features as the other dump truck tarp motors. Though, a few differences include a 40 Amp Draw and 75 RMP. It can also act as a replacement for other motors made by Pull Tarp, Tarping Systems Inc., and the Mountain Tarp brand names.

Our Switches & Wires For Dump Trucks

While the motors are the main driving force of dump truck tarping systems, control switches are just as important. They’re primarily used to control the electrical components of the tarping system. Though, should your control switches or panels become damaged or worn out, it’s best to invest in replacements.

  • Weatherproof Reverse Polarity Super Switch Kit:  This tarp switch for a dump truck features a Rocker Style Switch, Weatherproof Solenoid Terminal, Terminal Rings, Mounting Plates, and all the Mounting Hardware you could need. Not to mention, the dump truck tarp motor wiring component bears a “streamlined appearance” giving the cab of your truck a more distinguished look. The weatherproof switch kit can also replace several name brands and even a few individual parts, such as Buyers Products Part #5541100. This switchboard kit has it all.
  • Tarp Motor Rotary Switch Kit: The Tarp Motor Rotary Switch Kit provides a cab-mounted control switch for dump trucks. This dump truck tarp motor kit comes equipped with a Circuit Breaker, Universal steel rotary style switch, Uni-directional light that signals tarp movement and a Durable low maintenance design. Additionally, it features a 60:1 Gear Ratio, Spur Gear, and a 50 AMP and can replace Buyers Products # 5540710.
  • Tarp Motor Rotary Switch: This switch doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as the previous two. Though, it still packs a punch. The Tarp Motor Rotary Switch has the same features as the kit but only comes with the switchboard. It can replace Buyers Part Number SW710 as well.
  • 6 Gauge Wire: The 6 gauge wire connects the batteries to the tarp motors. We sell this dump truck tarp motor wiring in both 20ft and 50ft sizes. They feature copper wiring and use black and yellow coloring to identify both positive and negative leads. This electric component can replace brand names like Tarping Systems Inc., Aero, and Mountain Tarp.

Why Choose Mytee Products For Your Electric Dump Truck Tarps Component?

Here at Mytee Products, we have what you want, when you want it. More importantly, we listen to our customers' needs. We know that dump truckers like you want high-quality and affordable electric dump truck tarp components that’ll get the job done right. Our dump truck tarping systems, parts and hardware are made with a level of craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Motors & Switches For Your Dump Trucks Are Worth It

Our dump truck tarp motors and switches are also made with a sense of integrity and transparency. What you see, is what you get. At Mytee Products, we believe that truckers should buy high-quality and affordable hardware that’ll make trucking easier on them.