Truck Safety Flags - Red & Orange

Flatbed truckers haul a wide variety of materials, including extreme cargo. Any cargo that extends beyond the truck bed’s 102-inch limit, must use warning signage to indicate that it’s an oversized load. Using oversize load signs, truckers should utilize safety flags. Truck safety flags are often used to draw warning attention to oversized materials and keep the road safe. At Mytee Products, we sell a wide assortment of safety flags for trucks and trailers, including Vinyl Mesh Flags with Grommets, Wooden Dowel, Wire Loops, and Rubber Bungees in red and orange colors.

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9 Items

  1. Safety Flag w/ Dowel and Jersey Mesh Construction - 18" x 18"
  2. Safety Flag w/ Rubber Bungee and Jersey Mesh Construction - 18" x 18"
  3. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Wooden Dowel
  4. EZ Mount 18" x 18" Jersey Mesh Safety Flag DOT Compliant
  5. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Grommets 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  6. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Rubber Bungees 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  7. 18" x 18" Jersey Mesh Safety Flag for Mounting Kit, Replacement Flags - Red
    As low as $4.49
  8. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Wire Loop 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  9. 18" x 18" Vinyl Mesh Safety Flag w/ Bungee Cord & Reflective X
    As low as $5.49
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Truck Safety Flags

Vinyl Mesh Safety Flags are often used to make drivers aware that a truck is hauling oversized material and to ensure the safety of the road. Truck safety flags are more often used in construction and mining sites. Though, these mesh flags have commonly been used in the trucking industry as well.

Often used in strenuous work environments, these trailer safety flags come pretty sturdy. At Mytee Products, our warning flags for trucks are made of durable, high-visibility vinyl mesh material that prevents the flags from early signs of wear and tear, making them long-lasting. Additionally, our safety flags for trucks abide by the standards and regulations set by The Department of Transportation (DOT), making sure that everyone stays safe on the road.

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  • Vinyl Mesh Flag With Wooden Dowel: First on our list, comes this safety mesh flag that measures 18” x 18” and features a 30" x 5/8" wooden dowel. Additionally, the trailer safety flag comes individually shrink-wrapped, and in the colors red and orange. 
  • Vinyl Mesh Flags With Grommets: Next comes our Vinyl Mesh Flags with Grommets. Similar to the first style, these safety flags for trucks are 18” x 18”, shrink-wrapped and come in colors red and orange. 
  • Vinyl Mesh Flags With Bungees: These safety flags are also very similar to the first two styles in terms of size - 18” x 18” DOT Compliant, color range and shrink-wrappage. Rather than featuring a wooden dowel and grommet, they come equipped with a sewn in Rubber Bungee.
  • Vinyl Mesh Flags With Wire Loop: We offer these truck safety flags in 18” x 18” DOT compliant sizes, shrink-wrapped and color range. Though, they come equipped with a wire loop.
  • EZ Mount PVC Mesh Safety Flag: Saving the best for last, this mesh flag can easily be installed and removed from your truck bed. Its quick-release mechanism allows you to easily mount it on a staff and take it down at the push of a button. We sell this trailer safety flag with a mounting bracket, they come in colors red and orange, are free of markings and they’re durable PVC mesh material that reduces early signs of damage. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about replacing these safety flags as much.
  • PVC Vinyl Mesh Safety Flag for Mounting Kit: While most of our vinyl mesh flags are pretty durable, sometimes accidents happen. We offer this red safety, replacement flag to help keep you prepared on the road. In addition, this 18” x 18” PVC mesh safety flag is compatible with a mounting kit but it’s sold separately.

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Here at Mytee Products, we’re here to provide our customers with the best, high-quality wide load signs and mesh safety flags in the business. We’ll save truckers like you tons of money.