Auto Towing & Hauling Supplies

From vehicle transport to repossessions and broken-down vehicle recovery, car haulers have a responsibility to protect their precious cargo and vehicles. That's why auto towing and hauling jobs need reliable towing equipment and auto hauler supply that will keep cars secure from start to finish. Mytee Products offers high-quality auto hauling and towing equipment inventory. Browse our selection of towing chains, hooks, claws, wheel chocks, winch cables, vehicle loading skates, hitches, auto-hauling straps, winches, and more towing equipment. We have professional tie-down accessories to safely haul cars on tow trucks, flatbeds, or car hauler trailers.

Auto Towing & Hauling

Tow truck operators are some of the hardest working people in the U.S. by doing a very dangerous job under conditions that could put them in harm's way. We do our very best to fully stock equipment and supplies that tow truck operators need to do their jobs safely and efficiently no matter what you’re using to recover. The better equipped you are, the more quickly and safely you can complete your job and get out of harm's way. We provide all auto haulers with high quality equipment such as chains and straps ideal for any kind of recovery.

Electric Winches and Winch Cables

Among our most popular items for tow truck operators are electric winches and winch cables. An electric winch can truly be a game-changer during recovery operations. Tow operators need reliable winches they know are up to the task. They want winches that will not burn out or quit working after just a few jobs.

You will find a variety of electric winches and accessories here at Mytee Products. Are you looking for a workhorse with a 12000-pound capacity? We have it. We also have wireless remotes, wiring harness, mounting systems, and winch cables. We have both wire rope and fiber core winch cables with locking swivel hooks

Straps and Chains for Auto Haul and Tow

Keeping recovered vehicles securely in place is a job best left to auto hauling straps and towing chains. We understand that tow trucks and flatbeds come in a variety of configurations, requiring different kinds of straps and chains for each recovery job.

Take a look at our auto hauling straps for general auto recovery. If you routinely tow more sensitive cargo, check out our wheel nets. They secure a car in place using the wheels. That means no straps come in contact with frame or body. For other jobs, you might need chains and hooks that are available at Mytee Products.

Some More Towing and Hauling Accessories

We think you will find Mytee Products to be your one-stop solution for all things towing related. Above and beyond straps and chains, tow truck operators rely on us for a complete line of accessories including loading skates, positioning jacks, tire skates, outrigger pads, and so much more.

Towing Lights

Remember that the laws in your state likely require specific lighting configurations for tow trucks. Please check with your state authority, and then see our complete selection of towing lights to find what you need to comply. Even lighting hasn't escaped our attention.

Strobe Bar

A heavy-duty strobe bar with 360-degree view works well on top of your truck to alert other drivers of your presence. For the cars you are towing, consider a tow light with built-in turn signal indicators. A DOT marker light is also an option for the back of your recovered cars – to make sure drivers following you actually see them.

V-Strap Bridles

We carry an assortment of V bridle tow strap that are perfect for your towing needs. Chains are usually the go-to when it comes to towing but the rough and metal build of the chain can cause some irreparable damage to the vehicle and that’s where V-Strap Bridles come in. Ours have equal security to a chain while being made of heavy duty polyester that won't cause any damage.

Recovery Straps

These straps are made out of a thick, heavy duty, fabric drawn into loops that can wrap around the bottom of whatever cargo needs to be lifted. These are perfect for all cargo including heavy machinery. They come in different sizes and colors to help differentiate working load limits and needs. Recovery straps are durable, safe, and reliable for recovery and towing needs.

Wheel Chocks

Chocks are vital to the towing process. They help prevent the vehicle on the trailer from rolling back while in transit. Wheel Chocks can be used for any kind of wheel size and application from chocking a standard sedan to a pickup truck, and special machinery. They also come in different sizes and materials to best suit your needs.

Covered All Tow Operators Equipment

No matter what you require for your towing needs, we have you covered. Whether you’re recovering a broken down or crashed vehicle, or a repossession on a car in great condition, that recovery needs to go smoothly and safely.

Mytee Products has you secured with a full inventory of all the auto hauling supplies you need for a safe and successful tow. From Wheel Chocks to Winch Cables, From Skates to Straps, we made sure you have everything you need to haul vehicles with a tow truck, flatbed, or car hauler.

If you have any questions or need something you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to contact us at either 1-888-705-8277 or by email at [email protected].