E-Track Tire Straps

Truckers have to deliver various pieces of cargo, including cars by using E-Track Tire Straps. When truckers haul cars, ATVs, UTVs, or dirt bikes, a trucker needs equipment like E-Track Tire Straps. These straps ensure that the vehicles stay protected within an enclosed or open trailer.

At Mytee Products, we carry three styles of E-Track Tire Straps; the Over The Tire Wheel Strap, E-Track Wheel Chock and Strap Kit and the 2” x 7” Ratchet Strap w/ Cluster Hook. Additionally, we offer tons of accessories to help customize your straps and make securing your vehicles as stress-free as possible.

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3 Items

  1. Over the Tire Wheel Strap w/ E-Track Fittings 2" x 10'
    As low as $19.99
  2. 2" X 7' Ratchet Strap w/ Cluster Hook, HD E Fitting and Ratchet and Wear Sleeve, 1335 lbs WLL
    As low as $18.99
  3. E-Track Wheel Chock and Strap Kit
    As low as $22.99
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Our E-Track Tire Straps Configurations

When it comes to making sure you’ve properly secured a vehicle, ATV, or even a dirt bike, truckers should have a few E-Track Tire Straps on hand. Made out of 2” polyester webbing, our E-Track Tie-Downs will prevent your vehicle from being damaged during transit. They have working load limits up to 3,333 lbs., meaning that our E-Track Tire Straps can withstand some pretty heavy cars. Often coming decked in bright colors, like bright yellow, you’ll be able to spot these tie-down straps a mile and away.

Though, no E-Track Tire Strap is complete without its fittings. Knowing which E-Track End-Fittings work well with the floor or side anchor points of your truck will go a long way in securing the vehicle. Additionally, choosing the proper end-fitting can ensure that your E-Track wheel straps can connect to your trailer without any issues.

E-Track Tire Straps for Auto Haulers

Utilizing E-Track Tire Straps and their matching e-track accessories can really take the stress out of hauling a vehicle. Not only do these tie-down straps aid with securing your vehicle, but they also protect it from damage.

The use of the straps prevents the car from shifting around too much in your open or enclosed trailer. To ensure this, truckers often lay the E-Tracks on the floor of their trailer, drive the car onto the tracks and secure the straps over all four wheels. It’s critical that drivers use the four points of car trailer strap securement on the vehicle to ensure it’s ready for transit. Throughout the whole drive, the E-Track keeps your cars anchored to the floor, preventing any movement.

You can also explore our inventory like E-Track Rails and E-Track Straps which are helpful to utilize with tire straps.

Secure Cars, ATVs, and UTVs by Using Mytee Products’ E-Track Tie-Down Tire Straps

All in all, auto-hauling requires protecting your vehicles at all times. Though, expensive and foreign vehicles require a bit more special attention. While most cars are transported in open trailers, these specialty-made vehicles are often hauled in enclosed trailers. Similarly, Hobbyists often opt to have their ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes and even golf carts transported in toy trailers. This way, truckers can protect these vehicles from debris, toxic elements and other hazardous material from the highway. The last thing any driver wants is to deliver a specialty-made car dented and damaged to the customer.

Our Products Make Your Job Easier

We know how to provide truckers with the right tools for auto-hauling. In particular, our E-Track Tire Straps come at the highest quality and the most affordable price around. By choosing from our selection of E-Track Tire Straps, you’ll have better securement of your vehicle and get the job done faster.