Dump Truck Tarps

Our dump truck tarps are tarps specifically designed to protect the dump truck and trailer cargo load. There are several different products dump truckers can use to protect their cargo. When it comes to hauling loose materials like gravel and dirt, you have to get a little creative with your cargo securement. A dump truck tarp can make all the difference in protecting your cargo. A dump truck tarp cover keeps drivers safe on the highway. Here at Mytee Products, we offer a wide range of dump tarp, systems and their matching parts for dump trucks.

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  1. PVC Mesh Tarp for Dump Trucks - Double Pocket
  2. Dump Truck Tarps 18Oz Vinyl (Waterproof)
  3. DTR DUMP Trailer PVC Mesh Tarp Kit w/ PVC Mesh Tarp
  4. Dump Truck Tarp Kit Asphalt Vinyl Tarp w/ Double Pocket & Grommets 18Oz
  5. Heavy-Duty Dump Truck Tarp Kit, with Rear Anti-Sail Bow Set (Double Pocket - Waterproof Tarp)
  6. PVC Mesh Tarp Double Pocket w/ 4-Spring Dump Truck Tarp System
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  9. Roll Tarp (10'6" Width)
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Uses of Dump Truck Tarps

Dump truck tarps are primarily used to secure cargo and prevent it from falling out of the truck during transit. They’re usually attached at the sides of the truck bed and can be easily rolled over the top of the cargo. Once locked in place, the tarp is secured with different types of fasteners, like bungee cords. These tarps are your best option for cargo securement for dump trucks.

In Stock Dump Truck Tarp and Accessories

Though, every dump trucker needs to have the right dump truck tarp to get the job done right. We offer everything from tarp frames, arms, bows, tarp fasteners and even rollers. Overall, dump truck tarps eliminate the risk of getting a hefty police fine and prevent fatal accidents from happening. Mytee Products strives to make sure you have all the tools needed to make your dump truck tarp system work more efficiently, safer and most importantly, faster.

What We Have To Offer

In addition to using the right dump truck parts, you also need to know which dump truck tarp is right for you. The type of dump truck tarping system you’ll require depends on a number of details, such as the kind of loose material you’re hauling. Refer to the list of dump truck tarps we offer:

  • PVC Mesh Dump Trucks Tarp: This dump truck cover is great for protecting your materials as well as other drivers. Most dump trucks feature an exposed top, allowing for debris to blow away and hit other drivers. The mesh dump truck tarp provides sustainable coverage. It also allows for airflow, ridding of smelly toxins and prevents moisture buildup that could damage your load. In particular, our heavy-duty 11” x 11” grain truck tarps come equipped with mesh pockets for the grommet, mesh coating and hems enforced with 2” thick polyester webbing. That’s a tarp you’ll want on your truck.
  • Waterproof 18 oz Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps: Next comes Mytee Products’ waterproof and wind resistant 18 oz dump truck tarp. These grain truck tarps are best suited for front-to-back tarping systems and come in double or single-pocket styles. Similar to the previous dump truck tarp, our 18 oz version features reinforced 2” webbing. If you’re planning to haul loads of asphalt, this dump truck cover will maintain its warmth throughout the day.
  • DTR Dump Trailer PVC Mesh Tarp and Kit: Though, if you’re more interested in our all-inclusive products, check out our DTR dump trailer mesh tarp kits. They feature durable aluminum tarp roller telescopes that’ll fit the exact width of your truck, a 7-inch folding crank, a tarp roller, a 20ft pull-rope, rope tie-down hooks, and 2 rubber tarp straps with S-hooks. However, keep in mind that the DTR series dump tarp kits are best suited for simple dump truck jobs only.
  • Roll Tarps: Likewise, roll tarps cover and protect your materials as well. Specifically, roll tarps can secure your cargo by preventing it from shifting or falling off the trailer during transport. Roll tarps can be easily rolled up and stored away when not in use. We carry a wide variety of vinyl roll-over tarps to suit the needs of your grain trucks.

Why Choose Mytee Products For Your Dump Truck Tarps?

With so many products to offer for your dump truck, there are several reasons why customers choose us every time. For instance, our dump truck tarps and hardware are made of heavy-duty and durable materials that make it possible for them to get the job done. We sell all our dump truck tarps and parts at unbeatable prices.