OVERSIZE LOAD Mesh Banner with Bungee Cords

  • Size: 12" x 60" and 18" x 84"
  • Print: Ink
  • UV-resistant
  • Color: Yellow-Black
  • Features 12 Letters
  • Letter Size: 3.1/10 x 7.2/5
  • Banner Fabric: Vinyl-coated PVC Mesh
  • Weave Pattern: Knitted (Warp Knitting)
  • End Fittings: Heavy-duty Adjustable Bungee Cords
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oversize_caution_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees full_view_mytee_products
oversize_caution_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees full_view_mytee_products oversize_caution_12x60_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_grommets._yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees_6_grommets._mytee_products oversize_load-_18_x_84_mesh_with_bungee_straps oversize_caution_12x60_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_grommets._yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees_6_grommets._corner_view_mytee_products oversize_load-_18_x_84_mesh_with_bungee_straps_left_side_close_view oversize_caution_12x60_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_grommets._yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees_6_grommets._middle_view_mytee_products oversize_caution_12x60_mesh_banner_with_bungee_cords_grommets._yellow-black_pvc_mesh_adjustable_bungees_6_grommets._hook_view_mytee_products oversize_load-_18_x_84_mesh_with_bungee_straps_on_truck_front_side_view oversize_load-_18_x_84_mesh_with_bungee_straps_on_truck_view

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Weight (Lbs) 1.00
End Fitting Heavy-duty Adjustable Bungee Cords
Color Yellow-Black
Material Vinyl-coated PVC Mesh
Type Wide Load Signs & Accessories

What’s the best way for truckers to communicate on the road? Banners!

It plays a significant role in ensuring the safety, visibility, and identification of special loads. Additionally, displaying a banner is necessary as per regulatory compliance. We offer banners/ warning signs with different specifications and characteristics. Here, we are highlighting the key features of our OVERSIZE LOAD Mesh Banner with Bungee Cords. Explore below:-

  • High-quality Material: Our oversized load banner is made of vinyl-coated PVC mesh—a rough and tough material that lasts thousands of miles on the road.

  • Best for Outdoor Applications: Our banner is a UV & heat stabilizer and withstands environmental conditions, like sunlight, rain, wind, and others, without significant degradation. 

  • Adjustable Bungee Cords: Both the end fittings have 2 heavy-duty adjustable bungee cords with 4 hooks to secure and snug the banner on the truck/bumper or place you want. Stretch the cord to maximize the length.

  • Double Stitching: The borders of the banners are distinguished with black PVC material and double stitched to prevent the bungee and banner from coming apart. Thus, making it fray resistant. Also, the cord is sewn into a reinforced pocket on the sides of the banner for extended wear.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The yellow and black color banner has ink printing that ensures high-quality print visibility. People from distant can easily see it. The ‘OVERSIZE LOAD’ word is printed in black color over a yellow background.

  • Compliant: The sign features large black OVERSIZE LOAD letters that comply with DOT specifications. The material used in the banner meets the safety standards.

    DURABILITY, FLEXIBILITY, & RESISTANCE are our banner’s keywords. It’s a sturdy attachment to bumpers and is perfect for trucking needs. DON’T WAIT UP! Buy your warning sign today!

**We have tagged the WLL of all the winch straps to meet the DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards.

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