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Hay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay TarpsHay Tarps
Hay Tarps
Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps Hay Tarps

Hay Tarps

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Heavy Duty 8 Oz Fabric
UV Treated & Waterproof
1600 Denier Thread (14x14)
Silver / Black in color

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Product Description


      • Thickness: 14.5 Mill
      • Thread: 1600 Denier (14x14)
      • Fabric: Made with heavy duty 8 Oz Polyethylene Fabric. UV Treated.
      • Webbing Loops every 4' along the length for easy pipe insertion.
      • Color: Silver on outside to reflect light and Black on inside to absorb heat
      • Hems: All hems re-enforced with 2" webbing and double stitched for extra strength
      • Grommets: Fabric Reinforced Solid Brass Grommets clinched every 2' all around
      • Our Heavy Duty Hay Tarps protect your hay bales from the weather elements such as rain, wind and snow. These tarps are silver on top to reflect the harmful UV rays and black on the inside to absorb the heat. Each hay tarp is re-enforced on the hems with poly rope. The tarp's heavy duty construction ensures it will last through harsh weather conditions. In order to get maximum life out of your tarps please ensure proper tied down. Tarps should be tied down securely over the hay bales and not left flapping in the wind.


    Use our free online calculator to estimate the size of hay tarp you need given your hay bale size and stack configuration. Also estimate the number of Hay  Bales you would be able to store.

    SKU SizeWeightPriceQty Discount
    HT15-54 15 x 5449 lbs$139.00$132.00 for 5+
    HT18-54 18 x 5460 lbs$164.00$156.00 for 5+
    HT20-48 20 x 4859 lbs$159.00$151.00 for 5+
    HT23-48 23 x 4866 lbs$184.00$175.00 for 5+
    HT25-33 25 x 3349 lbs$139.00$132.00 for 5+
    HT25-48 25 x 4872 lbs$189.00$180.00 for 5+
    HT28-48 28 x 4879 lbs$219.00$208.00 for 5+
    HT30-48 30 x 4886 lbs$229.00$218.00 for 5+
    HT33-48 33 x 4897 lbs$249.00$237.00 for 5+
    HT35-48 35 x 4899 lbs$260.00$247.00 for 5+
    HT45-48 45 x 48126 lbs$339.00$322.00 for 5+
    HT33-54 33 x 54110 lbs$274.00$260.00 for 5+
    HT25-54 25 x 5484 lbs$219.00$208.00 for 5+
    HT45-54 45 x 54142 lbs$405.00$385.00 for 5+
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  • Looking at the HT28-48, wondering the expected delivery date?

    1 - 5 business days depending on location and inventory.

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  • On the 25' x 33' tarp, are the webbing loops along the 25' side or the 33' side?

    The webbing loops are on the 33' long side and you will have grommets all the way around.

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  • how many rolls 5 1/2 tall and 5 wide would the 45x48 tarp cover or your recommendation

    for 5' wide bales we recommend a 33' wide tarp in a 4-3-2-1 hay stack configuration. You should be able to accomodate 80 bales if they are 5.5 feet long. Please call us at 888-705-8277 if you have any questions. 

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  • Is the 8oz hay tarp a Sunshield product?

    No, they are a private brand.

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