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Duratex Load Lift Slings Eye & Eye

Duratex Load Lift Slings Eye & Eye

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Ply: 2
Web Width: 1" - 4"
Length: 6' - 30'
Weight per Foot: 0.13 - 0.50 lbs
Vertical Rated Capacity: 3200 - 11,500 lbs
Choker Rated Capacity: 2560 - 9200 lbs
Basket 90 degree Rated Capacity: 6400 - 23,000 lbs
Basket 45 degree Rated Capacity: 4524 - 16,260 lbs
Basket 30 degree Rated Capacity: 3200 - 11,500 lbs
Eye Length: 10" - 12"
Eye Width: 1.22" - 2.20"

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Product Description


    • The EYE & EYE sling may be used on all hitches. It is recommended for choker style hitches because of design.
    • The contoured Twisted & Tapered Eyes allow for better fitting in the cradle of the hook.
    • Duratex superior tensile strength is the core standard of the load bearing yarns.
    • Tags allow for clear identification of rated capacity, material type, & serial number designed to outlast the life of the sling as required by OSHA.
    • Dura-Edge web protecting structure provides optimal abrasion & cut resistance.
    • Full-wrapped & buffered Eyes aid in preventing damage to the sling. This is critical due to heavy loads, enabling a longer life of the sling.
    • Red core warning yarns provide a visual warning to remove slings from service immediately.
    • Duratex "Value Added Quality" is built into the longer life of the web slings.
    • Web slings should not be twisted, shortened, lengthened, tied into knots or joined by knotting.
    • When slings are not in use, they should be stored in a cool dry and dark location. Slings should be stored in an area free from environmental or mechanical sources of damage such as: weld spatter, splinters from grinding/machining, heat sources, UV or chemical exposure, etc.
    • Slings should be kept clean and free of dirt, grime and foreign materials. Mild soap and water can be used to clean slings, but be sure to let the sling dry completely before using it again. Do NOT machine wash, it will result in significant loss of strength.


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    SKUWorking Load Limit SizeWeightPriceQty Discount
    LLS-EE-16 6400 lbs 1"W x 6'L0.78 lbs$5.73
    LLS-EE-18 6400 lbs 1"W x 8'L1.04 lbs$6.81
    LLS-EE-110 6400 lbs 1"W x 10'L1.3 lbs$7.70
    LLS-EE-26 12,800 lbs 2"W x 6'L1.5 lbs$9.12
    LLS-EE-28 12,800 lbs 2"W x 8'L2 lbs$11.05
    LLS-EE-210 12,800 lbs 2"W x 10'L2.5 lbs$12.95
    LLS-EE-212 12,800 lbs 2"W x 12'L3 lbs$14.85
    LLS-EE-216 12,800 lbs 2"W x 16'L4 lbs$18.68
    LLS-EE-220 12,800 lbs 2"W x 20'L5 lbs$22.50
    LLS-EE-230 12,800 lbs 2"W x 30'L7.5 lbs$31.35
    LLS-EE-38 18,600 lbs 3"W x 8'L3.04 lbs$17.59
    LLS-EE-310 18,600 lbs 3"W x 10'L3.8 lbs$20.70
    LLS-EE-316 18,600 lbs 3"W x 16'L6.08 lbs$30.06
    LLS-EE-320 18,600 lbs 3"W x 20'L7.6 lbs$36.28
    LLS-EE-46 23,000 lbs 4"W x 6'L3 lbs$17.91
    LLS-EE-410 23,000 lbs 4"W x 10'L5 lbs$25.81
    LLS-EE-420 23,000 lbs 4"W x 20'L10 lbs$45.57
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