Container Lashing Rods 94" (2400mm)

  • Container Lashing Rod
  • Size: 94" (2400mm)
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Container Lashing Rods 94" (2400mm)
Container Lashing Rods 94" (2400mm)
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  • Container Lashing Rods are used on the ends of the containers while aboard the ship to secure the container stacks to the ship.  Short bars of about 98" (2500mm) go to the bottom of the 2nd container tier. Long bars of about 177" (4500mm) to 196" (5000mm) go to the bottom of the 3rd container tier.
  • The container lashing rods have a swivel head on one end that can fit into the end of the container corner casting. The other end is to be used in conjunction with the appropriate turnbuckle which in turn is secured to a D-ring or lashing Eye plate which is welded to the ship's deck.