Top 11 Must-Have E-Track Accessories For Better Cargo Securement

Securing your cargo doesn’t have to give you a headache. It can be made simple with the use of an E-Track and its accessories. These industrial rails are pretty popular with the enclosed trucking industry, as they offer unique ways for truckers to secure their cargo. 

An E-Track System can help you save space within either your dry van, shipping container, semi-trailer, or box truck. Their E-fitting slots also create various attachment points for various securement tools, such as E-Track Straps. Accessories like J-Hooks and Cargo Nets can help you organize and separate your equipment so you can access it quickly. Best of all, E-Track systems are pretty easy and quick to install. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, or in a criss-cross fashion, allowing you to secure your cargo from multiple angles within your enclosed trailer.

Not only will your materials be protected, but you can also carry various pieces of cargo at one time. After all, you get paid by the number of loads you haul. Organization within your dry van will ensure you work more efficiently, safer, and faster. More importantly, you’ll make more money on the job.

11 Must-Have E-Track Accessories Needed For Cargo Control

There are tons of E-Track accessories to use to optimize the space of your enclosed trailer and provide security for your cargo. Here are the top 11 E-Track accessories needed to keep your cargo and hardware tools safe and secure:

  • Cargo Nets
  • Over-The-Wheel Straps
  • E-Track Wheel Chock
  • Tool Hooks
  • J Hook & U Hook
  • Tool Holder
  • Spare Tire Holder
  • E-Track Bag & Basket
  • E-Track Straps
  • E-Track Rails
  • E-Track Fittings

1. E-Track Straps

Of course, an E-Track system is only as good as its E-Track Straps. They can be attached to your already-installed E-Track rails and provide a higher level of protection for your cargo. Furthermore, the straps are made out of high-strength and flexible polyester webbing that can handle heavy, shifting cargo. Typically, they’re color-coded to indicate their varying lengths and labeled with their load capacities. E Track tie down straps can even be paired with various end fittings, enhancing your cargo security.

Even better, there are tons of E-Track straps on the market to choose from. Let’s take a closer look at some of these styles:


1. E-Track Ratchet Straps

A popular E-Track Strap, these straps feature a ratcheting mechanism that helps secure your cargo in a fast and efficient manner. No matter if your E-Track Rails are installed horizontally or vertically, these ratcheting straps will provide optimal protection for your cargo. Our straps have a WLL of 1,333 lbs and a breaking strength of 4,000 lbs. Our E-Track Ratcheting Straps also come in various configurations, such as lengths 12’,16’, and 20’. You can secure everything from your farming equipment to your bikes using an E-Track Ratchet Strap.


2. E-Track Cam Buckle Straps

The second most common type, E-Track Cam Buckle Straps, uses a simple pull-to-tighten method rather than a cranking motion. You won’t have to worry about applying too much tension over your fragile cargo as you’ll be able to tell if it’s too tight or not. Our Cam Buckle Straps are compatible with all Horizontal, Vertical, and Cross E-Tracks with End Fittings. Equally important, they come weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and can handle hefty loads without any issues. They have a Working Load Limit of 833 lbs with a breaking strength of 2,500 lbs. Available in 12’ and 16’ lengths.


3. E-Track Straps with E-Fitting and Wire Hook

Also, known as Double-J Hook Ratchet Starp. The Wire Hook style just adds another level of security for your cargo in your trailer. Not only do they feature a ratcheting mechanism, but also come equipped with E-Track fittings and wire hooks. In particular,  Wire Hooks can be secured to the D-rings over your E-Tracks or other fittings. All that’s left to do is to ratchet your strap. Mytee Products E-track with Wire Hooks comes in 2”x12’ and 2”x16’ sizes, has a WLL of 500 lbs, and a load capacity of 1,500 lbs. That’s one tough strap.

How To Use E-Track Straps

Using an E-Track Strap doesn’t have to be hard. On the contrary, the installation process is quite simple and will take you under five minutes to complete. Check out the step-by-step guide we’ve created for you: 

  1. When fully opening the lever, press down on the release latch. 
  2. Pull the feed end through until the strap hangs loose. Press the release latch once more and close the lever. 
  3. For the next step, you’ll want to insert the E-Track fitting into the E-Track slot and attach the adjustable side afterward. 
  4. Pull the strap on the looser end and continue to do so until there’s no more slack. 
  5. Now you can start ratcheting. Make sure there’s enough room to fit your finger between the ratchet and your cargo. Otherwise, you’ve overdone the tension.
  6. Once the strap is secure and tightened over your cargo, fold up any excess webbing and tuck it under the strap.

2. E-Track Rails: The Horizontal, Vertical & Cross Styles

An E-Track System will make your enclosed trailer more versatile. Not only will you be able to secure your cargo, but also haul several loads at one time. Made out of a 12 gauge high-strength steel, with a galvanized finish, these rails can withstand the force of even your heaviest cargo. These 2 ft to 8 ft rails will turn your truck or van into the ultimate hauling machine. 

Even better, these E-track rails can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even in a criss-cross fashion, creating multiple anchoring points in your van. Installing E-Track Rails along the walls and flooring of your trailer can help you utilize the space of your trailer, all while protecting your materials. 


1. Horizontal E-Track Rails

As the name suggests, Horizontal E-Track Rails can be bolted or screwed in along the walls, ceiling and even the floors of your trailer. This style of E-Track rails allows cargo equipment to be installed and removed within seconds. Moreover, our Horizontal Rails are made out of hot rolled steel, range in length from 2 ft to 8 ft and width 5-¼”, and have slots sized from 2-⅜” top to bottom.


2. Vertical E-Track Rails

Though, the Vertical style provides the best results when it comes to protecting your cargo. They prevent the instance of your freight from being damaged by double-stacking pallets. They’re commonly used in dry vans with various pieces of hardware such as Ratchet Straps and Cam Buckles. This style can be installed along the walls of your trailer or up and down. Mytee Products’ E-Track Vertical Rails come in two lengths 5ft and 8ft, provide several anchor points every 2” and come with a long-lasting quality. 


3. Cross Style E-Track Rails

On the other hand, the Cross Style E-Track Rails can go either way. They create an “x” shaped slots, allowing for tons of versatility, more so than the other styles. Our Criss-Cross E-Tracks come in three lengths 8 inches, 2 feet, and 5 feet can be used in conjunction with various pieces of E-track hardware. This style of rails is commonly used in enclosed van trailers. Most importantly, they allow you to optimize the space of your trailer and haul more cargo. 

How To Install E-Track Rails On A Flatbed Trailer Or A Van 

Installing your E-Track Rails could mean the difference between delivering your cargo in mint condition or damaging it. Here are a few steps to help you properly install your E-Track Rails:

  1. First, map out, measure, and mark where you plan to place each section of your E-Track rail. To do this, find your trailer’s studs and joists to know where to place your rail. You’ll have a stronger E-Track installation if your rail hits up against several joists and studs. 
  2. Make sure each section is straight and level before you start drilling. 
  3. Next, start bolting down your E track. You can use longer screws to drill through thick plywood. 
  4. Drill at a slow and steady pace to prevent any stripping of the screw’s thread. 
  5. Underneath the trailer deck, add a washer and nut to help lock your screws or bolts into place. 
  6. Now you can start hanging your tools and securing cargo to your newly installed E-Tracks.   

3. E-Track Fittings

We have a wide range of e-fittings for securing and organizing your cargo. Understanding which E-Track end fittings work well with the floor or side anchor points of your enclosed trailer will go a long way in protecting your cargo. Choosing the proper end-fitting can ensure that your metal barrels and ATVs remain locked in place. 

Let’s take a look at Mytee Products’ E-Track Fittings: 

  • E-Track Tie Down Fitting With O Ring: First on our list comes the E-Track end fitting with O-ring. It allows you to use ratchet straps with S-shaped hooks with the E-Tracks installed on your trailer. Our O-ring end fittings have a WLL of 1,335 lbs, a Breaking Strength of 4,000 lbs, come in a pleasing Gold Chromate finish, and only weigh ½ lbs. The E-Track Tie-Down Fitting with a O-ring will provide a fast and simple way to secure your load in your trailer.  
  • E-Track Roller Idler Fitting: On the other hand, E-Track Roller Idler Assembly Fitting adds a bit more flexibility for helping you secure your cargo. It’s best used for securing loads to the floors of your enclosed trailer, which will most likely include tires or a vehicle. They create tension closer to the wheel, allowing your ratchet strap to fit snugly around your tire. The swivel end fitting has a 3,000 lbs load capacity comes in a gold chromate finish and weighs only 1 ½ lbs. 
  • E-Track Rope Tie Off: Next on the list, comes E-Track Rope Tie Off end fitting. Similar to the O-ring, this accessory also allows you to use ratchet straps with S-hooks with the E-Tracks on your enclosed trailer. It comes with a WLL of 1,000 lbs, weighs ½ lbs, and is 6 inches long. Additionally, the rope tie-off end fitting comes in a nice gold finish, adding a little style to this accessory.  
  • E-Track Threaded Fitting: These E-track end fittings are easy, versatile, and customizable, making the perfect tool to use to secure your cargo. They help you transport anything from goods to personal items. Getting to specifics, these bolt-on fittings have an unibody design that makes them a reliable base for your attachments. Even better, their steel construction affords them a WLL of 1,330 lbs and a breaking strength of 3,990 lbs. The E-Track Threaded Fittings Gold Chromate finish also makes them invincible against corrosion and early signs of rust. 
  • E-Track Wood Holders Beam Socket: We also carry Wooden Holder Beam Sockets for E-Track Systems. These zinc-plated, G50 steel end fittings feature a heavy-duty spring, with a loaded latching trigger and lock. They’re often used to replace load locks or metal beams. Though, they’re most compatible with an E or A style track with 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” commercial-grade lumber. Additionally, they’re lightweight, weighing in at only 0.90 lbs, and come in a gold chromate finish.
  • Sleeves for E-Track Load Bars: Another great E-Track end fitting to use is our Sleeves for E-Track Load Bars. This product gives you anchoring points on your E-Track rail wherever you need it. The 4-sided E-Track sleeve is 4-1/2″ tall, 3-3/4″ wide, and has a depth of 4 inches. Additionally, other end fittings and ratchet straps can be used on all four sides. It comes pretty lightweight, weighing just 1.90lbs. If you’re looking for versatility and flexibility to secure your cargo, then this is the end fitting for you. 

4. E-Track Cargo Nets

There are hundreds of different accessories that can be used in conjunction with your E-Track systems, including Cargo Nets. These Cargo Nets will keep your loads locked in place and prevent any movement from inside your enclosed or toy trailer. Our E-Track 42”x 82” Cargo Nets are designed specifically for your enclosed trailer rail systems, as they feature different attachment points for an E-Track System. Additionally, they have ratchet and cam buckle tensioning points. These heavy-duty, polyester nets also feature 3 E-Track style ratchets and 6 end fittings, such as a hook. 

Our E-track Cargo Nets come pretty strong as well, with a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs and a WLL of 1,467 lbs. Even better, they’re lightweight, only weighing roughly 10 lbs, making it easy for you to secure your load. No matter if you’re hauling furniture or fragile items, our E-Track Cargo Nets make your job easier.   

5. Over-The-Wheel Strap

When it comes to securing extreme cargo like a vehicle inside your trailer, you’ll need to use tire straps. In particular, an Over-The-Wheel Strap works perfectly for foreign cars or ATVs being transported via an enclosed trailer. Just simply put the Lasso Wheel Strap up and over your tire, then tension your straps. 

Our 2”x 10’ Over-The-Wheel Strap With E-Track Fittings and Ratchet Strap styles are prime examples of strength and security for your vehicle. They both feature 3 rubber pads that fit snugly onto an E-Track System, have a WLL of 3,333 lbs and a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. They even use a block and tensioning ring to help the straps provide a snug fit over your car’s tires. With these Lasso Wheel Straps, you can rest assured your vehicle will remain secure. 

6. E-Track Wheel Chock

E-Track Wheel Chocks are also great for stabilizing and securing your vehicles, especially when it comes to motorcycles and bikes. The Chock’s E-track connection design allows for easy placement on your rails. Not to mention, the rubber padding on the bottom of your wheel chocks protects the floors of your utility trailer and the bikes themselves. You can even easily adjust and move your Chocks from one E-track slot to another without any hassle. At the end of the day, our E-Track Wheel Chocks are great at protecting your two-wheel vehicles.

7. J Hook and U Hook

Our J Hook and U Hook accessories can add another level of flexibility to your E-track system. More importantly, they keep your enclosed trailer organized. Mytee Products’ J Hook and U Hooks are great at hanging all kinds of hardware tools, such as tubing, pipes, and power cords. Additionally, our E-Track U Hooks can be used to create shelves from your wooden planks, while the J Hooks are perfect for hanging your larger items.

8. Tool Hanger Hook

Our E-Track Heavy Duty Shovel or Tool Hanger Hook will keep your enclosed trailer organized and clutter-free. This E-track accessory features a solid 1 piece construction and a two-prong design that’s ideal for holding your tools. There’s a 1-¾” space between the prongs, allowing anything from your ropes, shovels, hay forks, and brooms to fit snugly between them. Our steel-based tool hook acts as the perfect storage accessory for your dry van. 

9. Tool Holder

Tool Holders for E-Track and X-Track Systems offer a dual purpose for your hardware. It allows you to stabilize the lower part of a long-handled tool and it can be used as a regular storage holder. It can hold several tools, such as a broom, store away pry bars, and pipe wrenches. Getting down to the specifics, our Tool Holders are made out of polyurethane material and are 3” tall, 2-½” wide, and 2-¼” deep. As the name suggests, they can be used for both E-Track and Cross-Track railing styles, making them one versatile accessory.

10. Spare Tire Mount or Holder

You won’t even have to leave your Spare Tire lying around the floor of your utility trailer when you use a Spare Tire Holder. This E-Track accessory acts as a storage unit and hanger for your spare tires. Like almost all of our cargo control tools, this holder is easy to install and remove. You can move it higher, lower, or across your E-Track rail, providing you plenty of flexibility. 

11. E-Track Bag and Basket

Lastly, you should invest in our E-Track Bag, Bins, and Baskets to use as another storage unit for your tools. Our 14”x 24” carrying bags feature spring-loaded snaps with several E-Track points, while our storage bins are compatible with x-shaped and horizontal E-Tracks. On the other hand, Medium Wire Storage Baskets are portable and can be installed anywhere along your E-Track rail. Moreover, our Bags, Bins, and Baskets can be used to store away straps, hooks, cables, and even work gloves. 

At the end of the day, E-Track Systems and their accessories can make your enclosed trailer feel a lot less cluttered and more organized. Everything from E-Track J Hooks, Cargo Nets, O-ring end fittings, ratchet straps, and Cross Style rails can help secure, store, and protect your cargo. At Mytee Products, you’ll be able to save more money on our high-quality products, all while completing your job safely. “Haul Safe, Earn More”, that’s the Mytee Products way.