Air Filters

Heavy Duty Air filters safeguard your truck’s inner working and enhance its performance and longevity. Read about its types, benefits and cleaning instructions to get complete information about Air Filters.

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  1. Cabin Air Filter for Peterbilt Truck, Replaces OEM 5S014010, S-28152
    As low as $13.49
  2. Cabin Air Filter, Replaces OEM: 3839-141-C
    As low as $8.99
  3. Cabin Air Filter 7-7/8" X 6-7/32" X 25/32" Replaces OEM: ABP-N10G-91595
    As low as $5.49
  4. Cabin Air Filter For Mack CXU, CXP, CHU & GU Truck, Replaces OEM 3543H9638
    As low as $9.99
  5. Cabin Air Filter White Kenworth T2000 Models Replaces OEM: 525507BSM
    As low as $17.99
  6. Cabin Air Filter for Peterbilt & Kenworth Truck, Replaces OEM 23-15619
    As low as $11.49
  7. Cabin Air Filter for Freightliner M2, M2 106 Class Truck, Replaces OEM ABPN10G36000006
    As low as $7.49
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How Air Filters Safeguard Your Truck’s Inner Workings

How Air Filters Safeguard Your Truck’s Inner Workings

Having heavy-duty air filters on your truck will ensure it runs smoothly. These protective barriers make sure your truck’s engine and ventilation systems are free of road debris. In turn, they provide proper air flow. More importantly, your truck air filters will keep your truck running for a long time. It’ll enhance your truck’s performance and provide you a clean bill of health.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Air Filters?

There are a magnitude of ways our semi truck air cleaners can benefit you and your semi truck. Here are some of the biggest advantages to having an air purifier for your semi truck:

Engine Air Filter

  • Better Performance: Investing in a new semi truck air filter means your engine will run like brand new. No harmful particles like debris, dirt, or dust will clog up the intake system in your engine. Your truck will have better fuel economy and accelerate when you need it to. A better truck performance makes for a more successful and safer transport. 

  • Extends Lifespan: Speaking of your truck’s performance, our engine air filters protect your engine from early signs of wear and tear. It extends the lifespan of your engine and even minimalizes repair work. 

  • Less Emissions: You won’t even have to worry about your truck giving off harmful toxins that could wreak havoc on Mother Nature. Mytee Products air filters will lower your truck’s emissions of pollutants.

Cabin Air Filter

  • Breathable Air: Our cabin air filters can also remove any toxic particles from affecting your truck’s cabin. That way you’ll be able to breathe in healthier air from within your truck’s cabin. 

  • A Smooth Ride: A newly installed cabin filter can also act as a car air freshener by eliminating any smelly odors. That way you’ll have long-lasting freshness and a comfortable transport.  

  • Shields Your A/C System: They also play a critical role in protecting your truck’s air conditioning and heating systems. You’ll have cool and hot air running properly all season.

How To Clean The Air Filter For Your Semi-Truck

How To Clean The Air Filter For Your Semi-Truck

Having a clean air filter can do everything from ensuring your HVAC systems are up and running to promoting better fuel economy for your truck. Here’s a small step-by-step guide on how to clean your air filters properly:

  1. Get Prepared: Make sure you have all the proper tools to clean your air filters. This includes a screwdriver, clean rag, soft brush, vacuum cleaner, a bucket of water and some mild detergent. 

  2. Find Your Air Filter: You also need to know where your truck air filters are located. They’re more often than not located under the hood near your truck’s engine. In case you’re unsure what it looks like, it’s the box-shaped item with all the wires and clips hanging out. 

  3. Take Off The Covering: Next, use your screwdriver to remove your air filter’s covering. Use it to loosen the bolts or screws and lift up the covering. 

  4. Check For Debris: Perform a thorough inspection of your air filter before cleaning it. If the air filter appears severely damaged or if there’s too much dirt buildup, it might be time for a replacement. 

  5. Clean It: Though, if there's minor damage and your air filter is in good condition, you can start cleaning it. Use a brush and vacuum cleaner to remove any surface debris. 

  6. Use Water & Soap: After you’ve gotten rid of all the dirt, use warm water and mild detergent to remove that stubborn debris. Afterwards, allow your filters to air dry before reinserting them. 

  7. Reinstallation: Once you’ve reinstalled your air cleaners, make sure that everything is nicely secured. Crank on your truck’s engine and listen for any unusual sounds. If everything sounds good, drive on.