Everything to Know About E-Tracks and Accessories in Trailer or Van

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If you’ve ever used a closed trailer to transport cargo, you know that the movement of the vehicle on the road can cause the items within to shift in the trailer. Shifting cargo may create a disorderly mess out of your trailer, and it also can damage the cargo itself. Whether you are a professional trucker or a general consumer, keeping the cargo intact is of the utmost importance. The last thing you need is to damage valuable items, hurt your pocketbook, and wonder why you chose to haul this cargo in the first place. For that, you are required to get an idea about the e-tracks system and e-track tie-downs.

things to know about e-track

However, Mytee Products sells a versatile, strong, and completely customizable tool that can completely transform the inside of your trailer, making it far more hospitable to cargo and far more useful for you. E-tracks are long pieces of hot rolled 12 gauge steel with attachment points that can be screwed into either the walls or floor of your trailer. E-track creates anchor points in your trailer so you can use your favorite cargo control equipment to secure items within the trailer, preventing them from shifting in transit and getting damaged.

Important Things to Know About E-Tracks

E-track is inexpensive, strong, and completely customizable. Everyone hauls different things and e-track gives you the flexibility to secure any kind of item within a closed trailer. Here’s everything you need to know to start using e-track in your trailer.

1. Horizontal vs Vertical E-Track

There are: vertical and horizontal. Vertical e-track has slots that run parallel with the track, whereas horizontal e-track has slots that run perpendicular. Both have their pros and cons depending on what you may be hauling. Horizontal e-track gives you more tie-down points per foot, however, vertical e-track mounted on the wall lets you attach items perpendicular to the floor of the trailer.

Vertical E-Track

Both styles can be mounted either on the ceiling or the wall. It all depends on what kind of items you’ll be transporting in the trailer. Mytee Products has seen our customers use e-track to mount a shelving system, and we’ve seen them mount spare tires to the wall, simply by installing e-track. That goes to show just how versatile e-track can be. It is sold in a variety of lengths for different sized trailers too.

2. E-Track Accessories

E-track is a blank canvas for you to build your own custom cargo control setup. There is a myriad of accessories made specifically for e-tracks that you can use to secure cargo. Mytee Products sells ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, d-rings, o-rings, and more. They work the same as any normal cargo control item but are designed to specifically fit into the slots on the e-track. You could use some ratchet straps on a floor-mounted e-track to secure an ATV. You never want tools rolling around your trailer, so we sell e-track j-hooks you can use for hanging your tools.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to e-track and the power of their cargo control accessories. Mytee Products is also proud to offer special items specifically for e-track setups. We sell an e-track spare tire mount so you can store several tires in your trailer without them shifting in transit. We even sell storage buckets that mount to e-track for smaller items. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of accessories available for e-track and the wide array of cargo control solutions available when e-track is installed in your trailer.

The best part is that nothing installed on your e-track is permanent. You can remove or install any straps or rings at any time, and customize your cargo control setup for each job, all without causing any damage to the trailer itself.

3. How to Install E-Tracks in Trailer or Van

Installing e-track must be done carefully and with precision. You want to minimize any damage to your trailer which means getting the installation right the first time. Additionally, any cargo you want to control is only as secure as the e-tracks are.

Every trailer is a different size and each consumer has different needs, so you’ll need to record measurements yourself. E-track is strongest when it is installed into the wall or floor studs of your van or trailer.

  1. First, find your studs and begin to measure where each piece of e-track will go.

  2. Once your measurements are made, it’s time to bolt down the track.

  3. We recommend some self-drilling screws. Longer screws can be used if you have to drill through thick plywood.

  4. When drilling the screws through the studs it’s crucial to drill slowly so as to not strip the threading and lose the strength of the screw.

  5. You’ll also want to make sure your e-track is straight and level when you install it.

Now that the e-track has been successfully installed, you can begin to mount your accessories. E-track accessories are designed to simply latch into the slots on the track and hang tight. Although you may be excited to install your track and mount your custom cargo control setup, it’s important to be patient and thorough so you don’t make any mistakes. Properly installing heavy-duty e-track is something that if done correctly will last for years to come and won’t need adjustments.

4. Where is the Best Place to Buy E-Tracks?

E-track has become one of the hottest items in the cargo control space. Their usefulness, customizability, and simplicity make them very attractive. There are a ton of different companies selling track and accessories and it can be hard to cut through the noise and find exactly what you need.

Mytee Products has simplified the e-track buying experience in a number of ways. First of all, we only sell the highest quality e-track that will remain strong and reliable years after purchase. It’s worth it to invest in a strong, robust e-track setup. Additionally, our accessories have detailed descriptions and photos that show you exactly what each accessory can be used for in your trailer. Mytee Products also sells comprehensive e-track bundles which include e-track tie-downs, rings, and more. That way you can get everything you need in one purchase. Lastly, Mytee Products has an extremely knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions and give recommendations. Also, guide you on your quest for the perfect e-track set up for your trailer.

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